Winona Ryder Sex Tape!

This could have been the mother of all celebrity sex tapes, if only Winona Ryder isn’t having sex with a dummy. Not the kind of dummy you see Paris Hilton et. al. ride in their own sex videos, mind you, but the wooden kind, a ventriloquist’s dummy, to be exact.

Yes, the Winona Ryder sex tape that hit the net recently is as much a sex tape as the Eva Longoria sex video is. It was made to make people laugh, although how many people actually did is subject to debate.

Actually, the Winona Ryder “sex tape” is a promo clip for Winona’s upcoming movie “The Ten”. In it, you’ll see Wino clad in a bra humping a ventriloquist’s doll in bed complete with the requisite moans of ecstasy, as well as giving it a handjob while driving. Maybe it’ll be more of a turn-on if we close our eyes and just listen to Winona scream like she’s actually having fun. Come to think of it, maybe she really is having fun. After all, that dummy is made of pure, hard wood.

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