The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs

With all the time and money at their disposal, you would think that celebrities who decide to get their breasts done have access to the best cosmetic surgeons out there who at least have an idea how to go about performing a boob job. As it turns out, too many female celebrities enter a plastic surgeon’s office and come out looking like they’ve been forced to swallow coconuts (or in some cases, watermelons) only to have them lodged inside their chests. Some celebrities also find their implants eventually rippling, and the effect, to say the least, is absolutely gross.

Here are the Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs ever. (Bad boobs not your cup of tea? Check out the ones that made the Good Boob Jobs list, and if you're curious I dug up some good ol' informational type stuff on the subject of breast augmentation.)

10. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump

It’s unfortunate that someone as smart and gorgeous and of course, rich, as Ivanka Trump would go for implants that would rival that of a number of pornstars. OK, they would have looked fine if not for the fact that the right one seems to be bigger than the left.

9. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

I’m not really sure if Janet Jackson had a boob job, but this cleavage-baring pic of hers kinda grossed me out. The skin surrounding her right breast looks a bit saggy, but the breast itself looks rock-hard. If that isn’t a bad boob job, then I don’t know what is.

8. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Call them what you will: tennis balls, soccer balls, half coconut shells. They pretty much accurately describe what her boob job looks like.

7. Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

She could have used a nose job or chin surgery or maybe even a facial transplant, but noooo, Tori Spelling had to have a boob job that doesn’t do anything for her looks. They’re just a tad too big, and a tad too fake.

6. Courtney Love

Courtney Love

A lot of things about this woman can be categorized under “gross”, and the rippled left breast that she seems to enjoy flashing is just one of them.

5. Susan Ward

Susan Ward

Don’t know much about this actress, except that she was a former teen star who is now married to a movie studio executive. But this much I know: she needs to put some of her husband’s money to work by having her right breast, which seems to be going south on her, fixed.

4. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

It’s only just recently that Christina has sort of come clean about having had breast implants (duh!). Perfect timing, because this recent picture of hers shows the implant on her right breast starting to look like a burger patty that’s about to burst. I think it’s time for refill or whatever it is plastic surgeons do to fix bad boob jobs.

3. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Owner of what are probably the most-viewed fake breasts in history, Pamela needs no introduction. What she needs, however, is someone to fix her left nipple, which appears to be the end result of her nth boob job. Ewww.

2. Tara Reid

Tara Reid

Her botched plastic surgery was tabloid fodder last year, and so was this picture of her drunk and not noticing she was showing everyone at P. Diddy’s birthday bash how botched her plastic surgery was.

1. Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox

Perez Hilton scribbled what everyone was thinking upon seeing this picture of Vivica A. Fox inexplicably displaying what is unmistakably a dent on her right breast. She could have worn something more modest to cover it up, but she had to gross everyone out with the worst bad boob job I’ve ever seen.

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79 Responses to “The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs”

  1. Janet has a fab boob job. she doesnt deserve to be on this list.

  2. To be honest, Vivica’s boob dent looks like tape.

  3. I’m so happy to see Susan Ward on the list. I worked for her a couple years ago and she is the bitchiest, most self-obsessed pathological liar I’ve ever met. She was never a teen star; her first role was on a low rated daytime soap when she was 21, a couple years later she met and started sleeping with her now-husband (despite her engagement to another man which she pimped out to the press) who gave her her only lead movie role to date, in a flop erotic thriller. Apart from that she’s done a few cable/video movies (mostly playing strippers and hookers) and posed for men’s mags a whole bunch.

  4. This picture showing Vivica Fox’s chest issue has been discussed before ad nauseum, and if you really look at the area, you can tell that it’s a piece of narrow clear duct tape. Look real close. You can follow the parallel lines of either side of the tape up to what is the straight edge of the top of the tape. Only tape does that. It is what it looks like. Celebs and regular girls use this method all the time. No big mystery, but yes, she still has a real bad boobs.

  5. Marc,

    Agree, you’re most likely correct. However, since you still said she has a bad boob job… we’ll leave her in the list ;-)

  6. Why would she put tape that high on such a low cut dress? Doesn’t make any sense.

  7. No way in HELL that’s tape. I’d stake money on it. First of all, she’d be wearing a dress that would show her cleavage in a subtle manner, not one that shows off the entire space between her breasts. Who in their right mind would wear tit tape that’s totally visible to everyone? Like she’d be in her dressing room or wherever, trying on dresses to see which one exposed the tape the MOST? Give me a break? Besides, botched implants can take on many unusual shapes…look at Courtney Love’s for example. If a boob can ripple and sag like that, it can sure as hell appear dented and misshapen.

  8. This picture of Tori could have been taken while she was pregnant, that would explain why they are sooo huge.

  9. Tori Spelling is nepotism gone bad. For God’s sake, isn’t there something, anything at all that we can do so that I never again have to suffer her hideous visage on my big screen, or little one, or any screen at all?!!! It would not be so bad if those television “deciders” would only cast her as . . . I don’t know, say, a scary clown. But no, they always shove her down our throats as some beautiful beach babe, or cutesy thing which she is most assuredly not. I do not mind ugly, but I like my ugly to be honest. Do not lie to me about ugly, damnit! I knows it when I sees it. And, when I sees Tori, I sees uuuuuuuugly!

  10. K –

    I’ll bet you $20. It’s tape. It is what it looks like. You need a better monitor maybe. No implant would ever make a dent shaped like a piece of scotch tape. You can even see how it is pulling down on the breast and bulging the skin around it a little bit. It makes the tape go down in a little dent. And that dent is square. You can see the edges. IT’S TAPE !! :) It’s a trick done all the time — but this time someone went too far !!!

    If you have access to a pair of breasts, try it !!! Put on a piece and pull down on it a little bit —- and you too can make a boob look Frankenstein!

    And I hear your argument about wearing tape that would be visible . . . she just didn’t realize. She couldn’t have. Taping yourself is not something done every day (and it probably wasn’t even put on by her). You hear of most celebrities getting much help with their look, outfit, getting dressed, etc.

    I’ll tell you one thing — there’s a celebrity dresser who’s looking for a new client . . . .

  11. whats really sad is that a bunch of genuinely attractive women are that desperate to be celebrities they will shove literally anything in their bodies and pay good money for the pleasure of looking like a freak! nature doesnt make a boob that sits on your chest like half an orange for good reason….it looks terrible!

  12. Poop Vivica!!! She just looks shocking!! an not a professional to disscuss those tape things or whatever, but not only does her boob-job look disgusting, but what the hell has she done with her face. Look at her pics 2 years ago and compare with what she’s looking now!!!!
    maybe that’s how her doppelganger looks, but that’s a horrible one.
    Poor, poor Vivica!!!
    and to those plastic surgeons, who performed this: SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Can someone explain: what thenhell happened with Pam’s nipple? Am a huge fan of her, but that’s scarry!
    And what about Cortney Love’s breast??
    am not her fan (thanx God), just interested who could perform this joke with her-blind surgeon or what?

  14. Vivica is wearing a kind of ‘see through’ half cup that is meant for use with revealing dresses just like the one she is wearing.
    Everyone knows this. That pic shouldn’t even be here.

  15. I really thought Vivica was a victim of bad taping until I saw her picture on Perez Hilton’s site. I think she has tape covering up something else check out the link.

  16. Christina, why, why, why?
    You were so pristine before letting those butchers “fix” you….
    sad reality when the beautiful need a butcher’s help….

  17. Jeeez, you guys wonder why they got boob jobs in the first place? Maybe because they’ve become insecure because people like you talk about their every flaw?They’re human beings too with their own insecurities and just because they have had boob jobs doesn’t make them bad people. So maybe you should go find something better to do with your time, like playing in traffic perhaps…

  18. Oh pleeze anna — you need to go on Oprah !!! These people deserve everything that they get !! Don’t cry for them Argentina . . .

    And Alex, you might be right — the additional shot of Vivica Fox that you reference does make it seem like lightning striking twice in the same place.

    And I don’t think that lightning is tape — I now think it’s the square edge of an implant gone horribly wrong, sticking out!!

  19. I actually don’t think Ivanka should be on the list– her’s is a pretty good boob job compared to SOOOO many others!

  20. Anna, how “insecure” can a person be to want to show off themselves like so many of these celebs do, or rather, show off their bad surgeries. How insecure can someone be when they’re posing so proudly, exposing themselves for millions to see?

    Why do we reply to stuff like this? It’s easy. We appreciate feminine beauty. Personally, I appreciate all aspects of femininity, not just the breasts, torso, hips, legs, and posterior, but face, voice, hair–everything feminine about a beautiful woman. When I see a beautiful woman destroy what she was blessed with, I can only roll my eyes heavenward, and ask “WHY?”

    I do not think that we have problems with women with boob-jobs, per se. I think that some breast augmentations can be done tastefully and attractively. However, when they’ve got so much sillicone in there that it stretches every amount of skin on their chest like a hammock, and they protrude as though someone had two halves of a bowling ball superglued to themselves (like Ms Beckham’s)–in other words: TOTALLY UNNATURAL–guys like us have to ask “WHY?”

    And part of the problem is that these women have TERRIBLE fashion sense. They do not have the slightest idea of what looks attractive on themselves. These ARE beautiful women, but I swear, they do their damnedest to make themselves ugly, and the guys who fawn on them are morons. It’s got to be something in the Hollywood/LA water…

  21. That thing in Vivica’s breast is not tape…It’s an encapsulated implant, they turn a concave shape when they contract and the skin becomes rock-hard. And yes, it becomes shiny. I’ve seen plenty of them in celebs and cancer victims who had their breasts removed. I just don’t know why the hell she would show it.

  22. I’m not too up-to-date on American pop culture, what with all the promiscuity and disatisfaction with appearance. These celebrities, in a sense, deserve to be insulted. They try to appeal to their audiences by elaborating upon their appearances, even to the extent where biology cannot keep up with medicine. Hence the overdone, crappy-looking boob, nose, everywhere jobs.
    Plus, they’re the ones dressing themselves in revealing outfits. They wanna show it, we can critique (and hate) it.
    Hell, I’ve seen prettier men in dresses, sans breasts.

    It only matters for technical reasons regarding what’s messing up Fox’s boob. It is ugleh, regardless whether it’s an implant or tape. -shudder-

  23. Tara’s breasts look fantastic to me. She recently had surgery when the picture was snapped. I think when the scarring went away her breasts appear normal.

  24. I think you left off a MAJOR contender for the title. Look at Hunter Tylo’s botched boob job on Not only are her boobs too large, they are placed too low!

  25. I disagree with several of the choices for “worst” boob jobs, because I am not bothered at all with Ivanka Trump’s or Tera Reid’s breasts. Not that they look natural, but they do not look totally and horrifically fake either, IMO. Victoria Beckham’s boob job looks totally and horrifically fake. They look like two halves of a cantalope that were glued to her chest, and putty and spraypaint was used for cosmetic effect to make it look like it’s all a part of her physique.

    One boob-job that I’d nominate would be Jessica Simpleton’s. She first just got her breasts lifted, and they looked outstanding, but now her breasts are totally messed up with implants. She just couldn’t leave well-enough alone, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the dimmest bulbs in the universe.

  26. Vivica’s boobs are bad, I agree. But, thats not a dent you see in that photo with the red dress, it’s tape pulled a little to tight. It’s usually used with dresses like that and is supposed to be kinda invisible. When a bra can’t be worn, as in Vivica’s case the tape helps give the “girls” a lift!

    But the photo is a little gross thought. ;-[)

  27. Tara’s breast are beautiful. what is wrong with you people.

  28. YIKES! These are some friggin scary pictures

  29. Tara Reid’s breasts look great? I didn’t know an irregularly shaped nipple was so attractive. Ew. The only reason women get breast implants is so other people will admire them. Spare us all the “so they can feel better about themselves” routine. If two plastic sacks filled with liquid make a woman feel better about herself, she has bigger problems than a flat chest.

  30. OK tara reid has just scarred me for life. she is so beautiful (trashy … but beautiful) but those boobs are horrific!! aaaaahhh!!

  31. Some are bad some are good/still like to spend a night with each one…spend more time somewhere else…

  32. Are you kidding me?! Tara looks like she breastfed a wolverine. That is not natural or “beautiful.”

    And regarding Vivica’s “tape,” isn’t the point to secure the boobie to the garment, i.e., you wouldn’t leave a random piece of tape where no material is touching the boobie? Just a question.

  33. Well, I guess it’s like cheap haircuts give the REAL hairdressers more job security, since someone’s got to fix the cheap haircut, these bad boob jobs give the GOOD plastic surgeons more job security because someday they will want to fix the problem.

  34. Tori Spelling’s isn’t a boob job…it’s called pregnancy and having a baby. Your boobs fill with milk and get giant. Geez.

  35. These ladies should feel REAL stupid maiming themselves for beauty’s sake. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? “Let me mutilate and scar what men find most attractive…ATTRACTIVE??”

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  37. ALL boob jobs are hideous. The above pics are very common side effects of boob jobs that happen to a LOT of women, sooner or later. And guess what, implants have to be changed every few years otherwise they end up looking like the above. No plastic bag can EVER compete with the look and feeel of a natural breast. These women are morons to risk their health and looks for the sake of vanity and especially since they hardly ever end up looking any better. Breast implants are a hideous disease, an epidemic that I wish would stop spreading.

  38. Che brutte quelle di Pamela Anderson !

  39. Pamela’s nipple is scary….

  40. oh my gosh!!! Pamela and Courtney Love are the scariest

  41. Yes I agree that “looks like tape”. HOWEVER, I have used the “skin tape” that almost all celebs use. (BTW ladies it works great.) when wearing a low cut top or dress.
    I have natural D boobs and TRUST me the tape does NOT make an indentation like that. AND it is super super super sticky ( hence its usefulness) . If anything it irritates your skin when you take it off it’s so sticky.
    There is No WAY it would unstick that easily unless she like fell, or got hit by a train or something but even then… PLUS she’s a racist B**ch so let the mocking continue!

  42. Gawd, Tori Spelling is starting to look like her father in drag, and she’s had more plastic surgery in her life than most people. Just goes to prove that it doesn’t last.

  43. like you guys have nothing better to do then argue on the internet

  44. Actually, I think Tera Reid’s breast looks finel; albeit the areola is wee bit big, but that’s actually quite natural for women with normally large breasts.

  45. whenever i know of a person that claims to want a boob job, i just refer them to this page. if celebs can’t get better work than that for THEIR money, imagine what the average joe gets done…scary.

  46. Vivica has had a boob job. Go to the IMDb web site and view some photos of her in a low cut teal dress. More tape? Or bad boobs? It’s a shame that attractive woman think they have to mutilate themselves to…look attractive(?) when they already start out that way. Shame, shame, shame. Give it up Vivica before you look like Michael Jackson. By the way, has anyone seen his nose? I heard he’s offering a reward.

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  48. HI…..Nice Boobs these are……….

  49. wow…i was just looking up BA for myself, and all these pic put together, made me realize…i am perfect…thx for this page….

  50. i feel weird inside now.. i always hated fake boobs but something unholy has erupted…



  51. You know I don’t know if you can count her as a celebrity but Amber Smith’s boob job is the absolute worst in my book.Really nasty scars,shape is unnatural,nipple looks it’s been thrown on from some distance.Just disgusting,I’d wear really big sweaters if I were her,even in summer,but she had to do nude roles

  52. [...] A. Fox, she of the big tush and the really bad boob job, reportedly has a sex tape where she can be seen on all fours, apparently drunk as hell, and orally [...]

  53. wow even though im a teenage girl, some of the girls on here have nice breasts. BUTTT…R U KIDDING!!!?
    Pamela Anderson’s boobs look like fuckin plastic dude!!
    u gotta get new pics on this website!

  54. Posh Beckham’s are the worst. Sure, Tori Spelling had a baby but she had ugly fake boobs when she was on 90210.
    Best boob job I’ve seen is on a porn star named Riley Shy. She’s a small girl who had her A- turned into small, bouncy Bs by Dr. Calabro.

  55. I think Victoria Beckham’s tits are hot… what straight man wouldn’t wanna see those nice round titties bouncin up n down… ;)

  56. Marc, et. al.
    Downloaded the Vivica “tape” photo and opened in Photoshop. Not sure what the hell you’re looking at but there is no definable edge by any means, as you suggest. What it does look like is a big-ass thumbprint/bruise with a ” chalk outline”. Whatever it is, it certainly isn’t the duct tape to hold up the boobs trick..

  57. wish my gf would get some fake 1′s even if they look like these, at least she would have something then not just bumps, dion look like he got some 4 pila

  58. I’ve always thought Victoria Beckham is awful to look at and boring to read about but for some reason in the UK everywhere I go her pig nose face and bodged up fake boobs are staring out at me from everywhere. I have even had to stop buying women’s magazines as she sells an interview every week. Then I can’t walk into the chemists as she’s selling some perfume and when I turn on the TV she’s on some advert. She’s always using more talented and attractive people to hook up with to get her picture taken with, as people would have forgotten about her before all the other spice girls as she was the only one who didn’t have any solo singing parts.

  59. O.K. How about equal time? When are we going to see a string of photos featuring celebrity penis implants?
    I’m waiting!

  60. all fake breasts are ugly??…how narrow minded!i have breast implants and no one can even tell, people are always shocked when i tell them theyre fake!…theyre not bolted on and really soft..i really looked in to it and chose my surgeon very carefully!

    i know there can be bad bob jobs,,,but it your responsible enough to have surgery,your responsible enough to look after your boobs…and take it easy afterwards the op!aftercare is where i think thats where half these women go wrong!

  61. If it were up to me, except for re-constructive surgery, I’d outlaw all breast surgeries. Only insecure, self involved, morons get bigger boobs, often for the crassest of purposes. Generally, the only men who like big, fake, boobs are pigs. Most men are pigs, but these swine give pigs a bad name. Why would any self respecting woman care if some pigs think their boobs aren’t big enough? All they see is the boobs. The woman is just a clothes hanger for the rack. If I liked big fake boobs, I’d go out and buy my own pair and dispense with the woman altogether.

    Boobs are beautiful in all sizes. What matters more to most men is how gals show them off. My boobs are at least twice as big as Keri Russel’s, but loads of guys find her (and other small breasted women) hot irrespective of her boobs. Real is always better. If I wanted plastic, I’d go make it with a mannequin!

    I don’t know who a couple of gals on the list are. Of the ones I know, NOT A SINGLE ONE of them is looks better for it and most of them look worse, even the ones who weren’t mangled due to their own shallow stupidity. Meanwhile, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has lost considerable respect in my books because they clearly don’t think they can make it on their talent.

    At the end of the day, that’s what fake boobs are all about, trying to use “special effects” to cover up for a lack of “talent”, be it ability, looks, brains, personality, etc.

  62. dude it sounds like a chick posted this. those are some of the only celebrity boobs jobs and half of them are fuckin phenomenal. susan ward- awesome tits. pamela anderson- hall of fame boobs. christina aguilera- glorious round and white boobies. and victoria beckham has thee best fake tits ever!!!!! whoever wrote this article is prolly a fat girl who got made fun of a lot in highschool. final statement: those girls on this list have amazing tits and with the exceptions of tara reid, janet jackson, and maybe tori spelling this list should be renamed to: glorious new celebrity boobs

  63. all u women out there who think men are pigs for liking big boobs, think about this….girls like decently sized penises on a man right? well thats how it is for dudes but with boobs and possibly a good stomach or at least a lack or rolls

  64. go brooke. p.s. keri russell has insanely small boobs sedate me. too small to gain any respect for a winning comparison to her. nice try boobie hater

  65. “gobills”, just the way you word your statements shows that you’re a pig. “Awesome tits”? “chick”?
    Yeah whatever how many bad penis enlargements have you seen? Men don’t main themseleves to please womae, they have small penises, get out of shape, refuse to bathe, or whatever and just pretty much tell the women to take it or leave it. Women on the other hand (insecure ones) will practically sell their souls for a wolf whistle, or to keep a man who doesn’t even deserve to wipe her ass, and I’m thinking you’re one of those types of guys.

  66. Not sure why I viewed this ‘List’, but I want to add something.
    YOU JUST contributed to something which you have NO IDEA you did…there are TONS of women out there who’ve gotten ‘BOOB JOB’S’ due to breast cancer. As in RECONSTRUCTION. And, unfortunately, for those of us who HAVE HAD THAT DONE, you’ve basically helped to make US FEEL WORSE about it! In the case of RECONSTRUCTION, Boobs will often look like Christina Aguilera’s and Courtney Love’s Boobs. WHY? Because there is NO real tissue left and it’s unavoidable that you will see ‘RIPPLES’ and the ‘OUTLINE’ of an implant.

    In reconstruction, those UGLY features you so eloquently pointed out….well, they CAN’T be helped and you just added more insecurity to women who’ve already dealt with a horrible disease!!!!! It’s BAD ENOUGH we have to try and accept what we now have, but to point out HOW UGLY those side effects are, well….THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT, so kind of you to not even think about that fact!! Shame on YOU!

  67. theres nout wrong with victorias boobs i think they look lovely!

  68. Am I the only one who thinks small breasts are lovely?

    Real funbags on an 18 year old may be great, but after that, small breasts win hands down, as it were.

  69. cry moar lisa. cry moar.

  70. I was just looking at celebrity sites and just to even things out a bit more felt I should make a contribution

    I’m glad to see some posts supporting breast implants on here, peope alaways write in about how they hate this but my advice for girls considering plastic surgery would be go for it

    I have F cup breast implants, gluteal (ass) implants and have had a nosejob and my lips done and getting breast and ass implants in particular was the best thing I ever did. I was once a petite shy girl with no prospects and now I am on top of the world

    I was always the cheerleader that was looked down on in school but as soon as I got them I had renewed confidence and with some work was my varsity cheer squad captain. I no longer study as I am engaged to an incredibly rich man now who works long hours which allows me to live off him and spend time with my many other male admirers ;-) , I literally have to turn away the party and social invites and i can wear very revealing clothing with out beung even slightly self concious, In fact I often notice people staring at me in public places.

    Bear in mind this site is the exception not the rule, think of how many celebrities there are with plastic surgery and only a few look bad, And I might add that mrs beckham and miss reid look smoking hot, I dont know why they are on this list. Pamela anderson normally does too, this must just be a bad pic of her. most of my old cheer squad and my friends have had extensive plastic surgery and none of them have had the problems shown on this site. With their new images they have gone on to great success and are young professionals in many fields suych as marketing, PR, event management etc etc, jobs they never would have applied for if they had not had their current image.

    The main complications to plastic surgery are very minor and nothing like shown here, every now and again an implant might leak but this rarely causes major damage and is normally picked up by your surgeons, if you are unlucky they sometimes can squeak in certain circumstances which can be a bit embarrasing if you are trying to get hot and heavy with a new lust, my advice would be to use situations such as loud parties to mask any noise if you have this problem. sometimes if you go large quickly from nothing like I did your boobs can fuse together at the base and the implants can become visible through the skin but this too can be fixed. One of my friends went rom a C cup to an HH and she had this problem at first but now her body has stretched she is now perfect looking. Its not all doom and gloom as ths site would have you believe. I suspect the photos on this site were just taken at inopportune moments after operations.

    My only advice as to the risks would be research your surgeon before choosing one as some WILL try and rip you off, especially if you live in the L.A or Orange County areas. Check they are qualified for what they are doing and make sure that if they were in a hospital rather than their own clinic would they still be allowed to perform the same operations

  71. Lisa Newboobs,

    Reconstruction is fine, it’s understandable, but NONE of these celebs got a reconstruction. It makes you wonder, really. Why go through the hassle of stuffing perfectly healthy breasts? If I had suffered breast cancer, I would be even more pissed at vain celebs who get boob jobs just for the sake of size! Boob jobs are great for women who’ve lost their real breasts to cancer. That’s respectable, and it takes a lot of courage. But messing with healthy breasts? Why?

    Nobody here is talking about women who’ve lost their breasts to cancer. I mean, Courtney Love? She’s a drug addict, has issues with alcohol, is not a very good role model and frankly can be gross at times, and you’re comparing yourself to her? No, no Lisa, honey, you’re WAY above her!

  72. Meme, it seems as though Lisa’s problem was with people unjustly ridiculing the appearance of breast implants – considering how, as she described, not everyone has a choice. In trying to console her, you ironically put her down more, by implying that breast implants are ridiculously less attractive than real breasts. You also described your issue the apparent vanity of breast implants, when in actual fact, breast reconstruction is effectively just as vain.

    It seems to me that most of these celebrities got their implants (and other cosmetic surgeries) due to their own insecurity, not necessarily to try and appeal to men – with which there is nothing wrong (even for sufferers – there’s nothing wrong with wearing make-up to hide a scar). Is this not just a more expensive form of make-up? Realistically, if any of you women have a problem with breast implants, to avoid being hypocritical, you should never brush your hair, brush your teeth, wear make-up, wear expensive clothes, drive a nice car, speak politely, etc.

    In this evolutionary society in which we live, no-one is who they appear to be. Nor need they be. It is a primal and personal adaptation of our species in attempt to ‘woo’ a partner for sexual reproduction – thus maintaining a stable increasing population to prevent the extinction of our race. In fact, why don’t you just never have children, and we can all extinguish our own species?

  73. I think Janet’s boobs are great. I don’t think she should be on this list.

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  75. I DISAGREE totally with what is regarded to be the worst boob job… I have one that TOPS all of these…
    Go to

    and have a look at this mammary disaster. They look like “lick n’ stick” boobs, but she seems very proud of them. Why do women MUTILATE themselves like this??

  76. Yeah. Vivica has something called Red carpet tape. A lot of celebs use it to boost their boobs without a bra. (: She has very nice boobs. No dents.


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