The Ten Hottest Fat Celebrities

Growing up in a household whose female members aren’t exactly the skinniest of women sort of screwed up how I judged what is hot and what is not. My sisters may not be supermodel-thin, but I consider them beautiful nonetheless. And even after being exposed to a world where thin is always considered in and stout will always be out, I still see through anybody’s layers of fat and see how beautiful they really are. I’m not even talking about any of that “beauty lies within” crap. I’m talking about how physically gorgeous some women are, even when they’re tubby enough to go sunbathing on the beach and get mistaken for a beached whale, like these women in the list below who I consider the ten hottest fat celebrities these days.

OK, that was a bit too much. And calling them fat is rude and politically incorrect. These women are just “big-boned”. And as far as I’m concerned, hot.

1. Nikki Blonsky


She’s boning Hairspray co-star Zac Efron. Enough said.

2. Liza Snyder


Even with a hot-bodied Jean Louisa Kelly sharing TV time with her on the now-defunct sitcom Yes Dear, Liza Snyder manages to pry my eyes away from Kelly and onto the side of the screen that she filled (that would be the entire half of the screen). She is that beautiful, and I believe remains that way to this day, even when I read somewhere she’s already lost a hundred pounds or so.

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3. Marissa Jaret Winokur


Long before Nikki Blonsky, there was Marissa Jaret Winokur. Actually, I had no idea what her name was until I did this post. I just thought of that very chubby but cute girl who was Drew Barrymore’s high school friend in Never Been Kissed and the rest came easy.

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4. Jennifer Hudson


Big bones, big dresses, big voice, big presence, big awards. What’s not to like about this American Idol?

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5. Queen Latifah


OK, so she looks weird with this hair, but Queen Latifah is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous big women out there. Tell her she’s not and she’ll probably grab you by the neck and smother you between her breasts until you die of asphyxiation.

6. Kirstie Alley


Any fat actress who stars in a show called “Fat Actress” and therefore demonstrates a healthy self-deprecating sense of humor will always be tops in my book. And she’s what, 50? She still looks great.

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7. Raven Symone

The fattest, and of course, PHATtest parts of Raven Symone started getting that way even when she was still Eddie Murphy’s daughter in Dr. Doolittle. Then the rest of her body caught up. But even with all those extra pounds, she still looks real nice.

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8. Jordin Sparks


She isn’t legal yet, so I won’t say much about this talented big, big girl making waves in this big, big world. Suffice it to say that for a girl of her size, she is “too cute”, to quote acerbic judge Simon Cowell.

9. Jennifer Coolidge


Any fat but hot list will never be complete without Stifler’s Mom, the original MILF.

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10. America Ferrara


Going by one of the most misleading TV show titles of all time, America Ferrara, in my opinion, is the most beautiful ugly girl in the world.

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33 Responses to “The Ten Hottest Fat Celebrities”

  1. You sir, are a chubby chaser! Back to the big boob posts!


  2. I like the list, some of the girls in there can hardly be called chubby, much less fat. Like Jordin Sparks and America Ferrara. Sorry… but calling *them* fat just goes to show that most of us have been totally brainwashed by the media where it comes to what a normale female body looks like.

  3. America is a size 6? How is that construed as fat?
    What about Camryn Manheim, Velvet, Roseanne,
    Elizabeth Taylor, and Mia Tyler? And, don’t forget Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren? Their plus size beauty is still remembered despite the vapid, waifish celebrities of today.

  4. Stupid, and sad. “sort of screwed up how I judged what is hot and what is not” why do you say screwed up your judgement.

    Simply beauty comes in all sizes, period. No, distortion in that…the media wants you to believe otherwise, know why? It’s a big money making business, where is your self-esteme people!

  5. the onli chick on there i would even consider fat is kirsty alley i love my girls big and beautiful i wish there was more big celebs!

  6. Yeah, “big bones” ? Also big meat and big gravy …

  7. IMO there is no such thing as a hot fat girl, they need to have washboard abs in order to be attractive in my eyes. Though Jordin Sparks has an attractive face and she would be very pretty if she were skinnier.

  8. nikki is not dating zac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or boning him for that matter

  9. Honorable mentions, Fat Sara Rue and Fat Anna Nicole.(well, maybe not her….)

  10. Thanks for loving the bigger sized women too. I feel so insecure for being bigger than most women (though I’m smaller than these celebrities), especially when you’ve got types like David Gest and Steve in the comments here on the world.

  11. YUMMY!

  12. HAHAHHAHAHA Nikki looks like a monster that’s ready to attack. That face, that nose. & Poor Zac, she would squash him in a second, good thing after the movie promotion was over he stayed away from that obsessed freak that constantly likes to talk about him. Also she is the only actual “obese” one on your list too. The others are fine.

  13. Haha Nikki is totally boning Zac. Have you seen pics of them performing on the Today Show? He was very excited, if you catch my drift. ;)

  14. :) This is great. I’m sitting here with red eyes from all the crying I did about the fact that someone just called me fat, and said that my outfit didn’t fit fit me. So, I googled ‘Fat celebrity beautiful’ and found this. This makes my day :) I’m about the size of Marissa Jaret Winokur and I have no problem with it. Everyone else seems to have. As long as I can be me, and happy, it’s okay. Thank you.

  15. If Liza Snyder lost weight tell her to put it back where it was. She holds the title of most beautiful female on tv and should keep it that way. Skinny girls are just that,,,skinny girls.No substance.

  16. You know… Raven would be smoking hot if she wasn’t such a fattie.

  17. While I do get what you are trying to do, calling America Ferrera “fat”, or any other celebrity is not ok, even if you are trying to flatter them. Ferrera has shed her baby weight she had in “real women have curves” and obviously has a healthy BMI, which is rare in LA, and I don’t agree people calling people with healthy BMIs chubby/fat, even if you mean well.

  18. I like chubby women–always have. Stopped for a brief moment but then I didn’t like women at all. Now I’m back. I’m not a big fan of extremes in either directions but every so often I want to dabble.

  19. None of those girls are fat or even big boned, they are voloptous and full-figured! Being full-figured as I am, i could compete with a skinny girl any day– and really, who wants a stick of a girl but a puny man who’s got self esteem issues himself? Real mean can handle those extra-curvy chicks.

  20. You forgot Calista Flockhart!!! XD XD

  21. hahah these girls arent that fat but i wouldnt bang aany of of em no matter how famous they are.. fat girls CANT compete with slim hot peices of ass sorry !!

  22. [...] safety. And since the Defensive Line (in a group effort) couldn’t even put enough pressure on Jennifer Coolidge to make her put down the Twinkies and reprise her role as (The original MILF) Stifler’s Mom [...]

  23. FAT??? was considered BEAUTY when i was painting as a child!

  24. fat? raven, jordin and america are all a size small. thats fat? since when? im a medium so i must be HUGE.. wow, seriously. i have a pic of me and jordin sparks together and i have bigger legs. im a size 7 and i aint fat. im thin and healthy. you’re psycho. get a life.

  25. Niki is a fat piece of crap, she’s not attractive at all. A lot of the girls you listed aren’t that fat, like america. Nonetheless fat women aren’t attractive, go to the gym go for a run, and don’t say iuts not your fault that doesnt work. People as fat as Niki are pathetic. Shes probably worth hundreds of times as much as I am financially and I still wouldn’t trade lives with her.

  26. you stretched raven simone out a lot.

  27. Although i don’t think most people would find extreme obesity attractive, i agree with the people on here that say these women, for the most part, are not unhealthily large. Im a guy who is 5’6″ and about 165, and many times ive found women my height who were (im guessing) 20 pounds heavier than me extremely attractive. There has also been studies that show slightly “overweight” people to be healthier than people towards the lower end of the normal range. Food for thought, i think.

  28. I’m laughing at the posters who are insisting that none of these women are fat. Denial obviously isn’t just a river in Egypt. Some of them, such as Kirstie Allie and Nikki Blonski are fat to the point of being morbidly obese.

  29. America and Jordin, for sure, have beautiful bodies and cannot be called fat.

  30. American Ferrera and Jordin Sparks are CURVY not FAT! Curvy does not mean fat!!!! When will people get this through their thick heads? And speaking of thick….America Ferrera is not even THAT! Shes just not an anorexic waif! AND as far as Stiffler’s mom goes? NOT even chubby! Just REALLY REALLY big breasteses!!! Im not saying any of this in defense of myself like some may think…Im a tiny girl, but come ON now…..The only ACTUAL FAT (as in Obese) ones here are Kirstie Alley and Nikki Blonsky (Whom I think is absolutely BEAUTIFUL).

    But It is true, you dont have to look like Giselle to be hot. (I think shes ugly anyway)

  31. Calling these women fat isn’t rude or politically incorrect, if you’re putting it in the context of “I think they’re hot /because/ they’re fat”. The fat acceptance movement totally supports calling fat women fat in a positive context, because that’s what we are, and it’s time to stop using lame euphemisms to describe something that is clearly visible. We’re here, we’re fat, and we’re still awesome.

    And this list is great! :D

  32. Surpised Sara Ramírez didn’t make this list…..especially over Nikki Blonsky. BUt maybe the list was for people who were larger and less attractive than just slightly to the heavier side and still damn sexy.

  33. How in the world can you forget Christina Hendricks, the redhead hottie of Mad Men and Firefly?! Seriously, she is so hot and sensuous and curvy and yummy. Check her out!

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