The Ten Hottest Celebrity Boob Jobs

After posting a list of The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs, I think it’s only fair to come up with something about celebrities at the other end of the spectrum. Whatever people say about plastic surgery, there are plastic surgeons who are good at what they do, and the 10 celebrities listed below as having the hottest boob jobs in showbiz appear to have benefited from their skills. Learn more about breast implants here.

Now some on the list I’m not really sure had a boob job, mainly because they never confirmed or denied having one. But rumors about them augmenting their breasts have been very persistent, and with numerous pics taken of them sporting suddenly ample bosoms, can you really blame people for speculating?

From where I’m sitting, these are the Ten Hottest Celebrity Boob Jobs:

10. Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra

Of all the celebrities who went for big breast implants, she’s my favorite. OK, her implants may be a little big for her frame, and she herself has expressed some measure of regret about them. But as far as I’m concerned, they look real good on her. At least there’s nothing freaky-looking about them.

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9. Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear

Richie Sambora’s gotta be banging his head to the wall, literally, upon seeing his ex-wife sporting breasts that put Denise Richards’ own boob job to shame.

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8. Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag

After getting a boob job and a nose job at the same time in April, this reality TV star has gone on a media blitz, posing in a number of photo shoots that showcase her newest purchases. And she has reason to be proud of them.

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7. Gisele Bundchen

For someone touted as the world’s richest supermodel with a net worth of $150 million, it’s only fitting that she got the best boob job money can buy.

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6. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

This Brazilian supermodel claims to be a virgin. Fine, she may still be a virgin down there, but her breasts are definitely not. Some plastic surgeon obviously laid his skillful hands on her upper assets and apparently did a great job.

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5. Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth

Probably the single most defining moment of her film career is that topless scene in American Pie, where she showed that breast implants don’t have to be massive to look great on someone. Has one of the hottest bods I’ve ever seen by the way.

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4. Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke

She’s had more than one boob job, yet unlike some multiple breast implant-receivers, she doesn’t look like a freak. Far from it. She remains one of the hottest moms on Earth, and it's not difficult to see why.

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3. Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen

Over the years, many guys have had a major jones for Tiffani Thiessen. Can’t blame them, really. With that china doll face, those beautiful blue eyes, and a pair of amazing breast implants, millions of guys never stood a chance.

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2. Erica Durance

Erica Durance

I wouldn’t have known that the melons Erica Durance teases us with on TV’s Smallville were actually fake if a friend hadn’t shown me a DVD of an ultra-crappy movie called House of the Dead. She has a nude scene in that pre-Smallville movie, and judging by the way her chest looks now, her plastic surgeon did a hell of a job.

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1. Salma Hayek

People are still debating whether the currently pregnant Mexican star had her boobs done. If she really had a boob job, other celebrities who want to inflate their chests should be lining up outside her door and ask the Academy Award-nominated actress for her plastic surgeon’s phone number. Salma’s breasts have a life of their own, definitely one of the best pairs in Hollywood, boob job or no boob job.

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27 Responses to “The Ten Hottest Celebrity Boob Jobs”

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  2. Very nice on the boob jobs, gotta agree with you. They do look like their ranked correctly. Selma… definitely number one :) I’ve got the same about the ass…. :)

  3. Erica Durance’s boobs looks “natural” & could be “real”, ‘cos she has given birth to couple or more children. Breast feeding are known to enlarge breasts.

  4. Adriana Lima’s Boobs are real. She’s sporting one of those cleavage enhancing bra’s from Victoria Secret. If you look at other pics of her you’ll see she’s not busty at all.

  5. What about Helen Hunt? (I saw an early movie of hers where she was flat as a board-that’s the only reason I even know she has implants.)

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  7. Adriana Lima didn’t get a boob job, she’s just constantly wearing cleavage enhancers.

    And Salma Hayek definitley did not have a boob job…she’s always been naturally curvacious ( check out Desparado or Fools Rush In if you don’t believe me). Now that she’s pregnant, she’s just filling up a bit more.

    I’m a woman, and I definitley have to agree with you, Salma Hayek=hottest boobs.

  8. What about Halle Berry? I’ve heard lots of rumors.

  9. I’d like to nominate British TV personality Melinda Messenger. When she first showed off her assets on page 3 of The Sun Newspaper, everyone thought they were natural…

  10. Selma Hayek did in fact have a boob job. She has also had her nose done. A few years back, in Vogue, she claimed to have never had anything done. Check out and to see the difference in her ‘noses’ watch the video on this link:

    She is beautiful, but she should not lie about it (plastic surgery) in Vogue.

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  12. what about lindsay lohan and halle berry?? and scarlett johannsen? and heidi’s don’t look that good at all.

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  18. wish my gf would get a boob job she no more even little bumps right now everybody tink i dating 1 boy

  19. enlightening…. and dissapointing. I wanted to hear that Erica Durance was natural. But also nice to see that Selma’s guns are still in the evidence locker.

  20. Salma Hyaek did not get a boob job no matter what web site you have claims. Those are 100% natural. The victoria secret model? she is wearing thier bras famous for busting up the non busty you really need a nude to tell.

    Now Salma may have had a nose job although just because it’s on some website (Whose link now leads to nothing) says so doesn’t make it so.

    I did not know about Tiffany though that makes me sad.

  21. I do not care if Helen Hunt had a boob job or not. I’d ride a pogo stick through a mine field just to play twister with her one time!

  22. What about Mariah Carey? Her boobs job is fantastic.

  23. I’m pretty sure Erica Durance’s boobs are real. She said on Howard Stern that doing bench press exercises increased her bust size, and I believe her. In the Butterfly Effect 2, her boobs looked pretty real, and amazing.

    Ftr, I think Pamela Anderson’s earlier boob job was pretty damn good.

  24. Salma Hayek’s boobs—best in Hollywood, maybe the best in history—totally outstanding!!!

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  26. Barbi Benton? This may mean I’m getting old but I had a major crush on her back in the early 80s.

  27. what about Sofia vergara? she has huge breasts

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