The Ten Best Celebrity Nose Jobs

Any kind of plastic surgery procedure carries with it inherent risks, but the risk commonly feared by most is the risk of looking worse off than before they had it done. People take one look at Jocelyn Wildenstein, for example, and then the doubts about having some cosmetic work done start to creep in. The socialite Wildenstein, along with many other celebrities didn’t look half bad before they became that plastic surgery train wrecks that they are now. Considering that these people can afford to get the best cosmetic makeover money can buy, it’s really morbidly fascinating how they still manage to become victims of awful plastic surgery.

Luckily for these ladies in this list, they found plastic surgeons who actually know what they’re doing. These celebrities are the recipients of nose jobs that made their overall appearances more beautiful, and probably made people like Michael Jackson wondering how the hell he ended up with somebody who made his nose look like it’s melting off at an alarming rate.

Of course, few of these celebs have come clean about getting their schnozz done, so we’re speculating, as usual. If you think someone should be or shouldn’t be on this list, feel free to point them out. The ten best celebrity nose jobs, in my opinion, belong, or in one case, belonged, to:


10. Katie Holmes

Image Source


9. Jennifer Aniston

Image Source, Image Source


8. Ashlee Simpson

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7. Scarlett Johansson

Image Source

6. Halle Berry

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marilyn-monroe-b4.jpg marilyn-monroe-after.jpg

5. Marilyn Monroe

Image Source, Image Source


4. Bryce Dallas Howard

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3. Beyonce

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winonabefore1.jpg winonaafter1.jpg

2. Winona Ryder

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1. Toni Braxton

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24 Responses to “The Ten Best Celebrity Nose Jobs”

  1. your pictures of scarlett johansson don’t show that she has had a nose job they show that when girls are almost 18 years old they look different than they did when they were 13 years old.

  2. do some more lists lololol

  3. forgot one of the greatest ever, Catherine Zeta-Jones. there’s some pictures of her from before she became famous in America, and she had a big ole snozer. but then it magically got smaller and cuter when she moved to America. weird, but true.

  4. You missed Paula Abdul before and after nose job…..big difference.

  5. [...] cosmetic surgeon’s done with them. Some, however, are lucky enough to end up with hot boob jobs, good rhinoplasty, or whatever cosmetic surgery procedure was invented 15 minutes ago. And they probably didn’t [...]

  6. [...] any case, she better pray her deviated septum bought her a good nose job. Seems like a waste when she spends thousands on a procedure she claims she doesn’t even believe [...]

  7. who done ashley ‘s it’s the best?

  8. Raj Kanodia did Ashlee Simpson’s nose, but he also did Jennifer Anniston and the results are not so great.

  9. blacks always change their features if they have the money



  11. ashlee simpson most deffinitely got a nose job but some of the other ppl mite not necessarily gotten one, they could just be wearing makeup that makes your face look slimmer.

  12. wow…katie holmes had a HORRIBLE nose job, she shouldn’t be on the list…it looks crooked, stiff and weird and doesn’t suit her face…her previous nose was cuter and suited her face better.

  13. A really cool blog, keep up the posts.
    I never knew Beyonce’s nose was that big!, her nose looks fantastic now, “takes hat off” to the surgeon.

    Some pictures may be cause they were young though.

  14. pic of halle is before nose is not correct. that’s still her nose after. u beed to add nicole scherzinger and megan fox.

  15. czj never had a nose job to the person that said it. plz post it.

  16. In my opinion, all ladies here shown had indeed a nose job.

    And generally, a matter of fact, noses, that are already big during childhood and adolescence, DON’T become magically slim when people are adults ;-) .

    En contraire, noses as well as ears and feet get minimally and constantly bigger and bigger during time, until death – it’s scientifically proven.
    When you compare photos of a person taken during different decades, one can see the difference.

    Greetings from Germany :-)

  17. Winona Ryder and Beyonce look the best for it. Winona’s result is incredible, that surgeon should have that before and after pic billboarded in front of his office!
    The others look much better too except for Katie Holmes. She was much prettier before, her nose looks ‘pinched’ now. I also thought her slightly droopy eyes were cute but looks like she got that fixed as well.

  18. unbelievably excellent.
    a very fine Nose job done.

  19. In most cases, subtle and natural appearing change is key to a successful celebrity rhinoplasty result. Tony Braxton’s hypothesized change illustrates this point vividly.

  20. Blacks always change their features when they get money? I doubt it. There was a study done that concluded “Whites” are ten times more likely to be unhappy with themselves and their physical appearance than any other race, not Blacks. Even given the availibilty of resources Peanutbutter.

  21. Peach, you don’t know your statistics too well. If you wanna know what race does the most plastic surgeries, go live in Asia for a while. 1 in every 3 women had plastic surgery in Hong Kong. Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. It’s so common and affordable, that most asian girls plan it ahead of time and get it done as soon as they are old enough. First the eyes (#1 procedure) then the nose and then the cheeks and chin (if they have enough money). It’s almost impossible to find an asian celebrity who had nothing done. But the quality is also much better and more natural, unlike the usual plastic “hags” with fish lips and expressionless faces that you see in America.

  22. Beyoncé’s nose job was accompanied by a teeny tiny lip reduction, which helped make her nose job appear more natural because the proportions are still similar.

  23. omg, it’s easiest to see on black ppl because they have huge noses.

  24. #
    St-John, Said:

    omg, it’s easiest to see on black ppl because they have huge noses.


    Oh I see and large pointy or bolbous noses don’t ever exist in the white population? Last time I checked any race of person can have a large nose. You are an imbecile.

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