75 Celebrities With Small Boobs and Flat Chests That We Love

So not all celebrities are as well-endowed as Scarlett Johansson, who has one of the hottest pairs of breasts in Hollywood. Big deal. A big percentage of women in show business are practically flat-chested anyway, and that didn’t stop people like Keira Knightley or Gwyneth Paltrow from baring their small boobs and flat chests onscreen. And we’re not complaining. They’re celebrity boobs just the same, and we love them all. We could only wish all the celebrities listed below follow their example and be just as proud of their itty-bitty titties.

1. Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie’s boobs = Tiny!

2. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone’s 's Breasts = Oh so small!

3. Michelle Pffeifer


Michelle Pffeifer’s Ta-ta’s = Very little!

4. Rachel Bilson


Rachel Bilson’s Puppies = Miniscule!

5. Ashley Olsen


Ashley Olsen’s Rack = Diminutive!

6. Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu’s Hooters = Piddling!

7. Evangeline Lilly


Evangeline Lilly’s Honkers = Itty-Bitty!

8. Bai Ling


Bai Ling’s Funbags = Minute!

9. Julia Stiles


Julia Stiles’ Tits = Flat!

10. Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner’s Knockers = Undersized!

11. Debra Messing


Debra Messing’s cans = Meager!

12. Kristin Cavallari


Kristin Cavallari’s Titties = Weeny!

13. Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz’s Melons = Modest!

14. Dominique Swain


Dominique Swain’s Jugs = Teensy!

15. Claire Danes


Claire Danes’ Tweeters = Microscopic!

16. Sandra Oh


Sandra Oh’s Headlights = Flat as a runway!

17. Dido


Dido’s Cans = Wee cans

18. Cristina Ricci


Cristina Ricci’s Yahoos = Weensy!

19. Ellen Pompeo


Ellen Pompeo’s Airbags = Puny!

20. Catherine Keener


Catherine Keener’s Boobies = Runty at best!

21. Joan Allen


Joan Allen’s Breasts = Tiny indeed!

22. Erin O'Connor


Erin O'Connor’s Rack = Practically nonexistent!

23. Judy Greer


Judy Greer’s Hummers = Small but delectable!

24. Calista Flockhart


Calista Flockhart’s Goombas = Very flat!
25. Maggie Q


Maggie Q’s Boobs = Oh so tiny!

26. Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria’s Funbags = Miniscule!

27. Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman’s Balloons = Teensy-weensy!

28. Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson’s Bee-stings = Puny!

29. Zoe Saldana


Zoe Saldana’s Cupcakes = Absolutely small!

30. Julianne Moore


Julianne Moore’s Cans = Weeny!

31. Cate Blanchett


Cate Blanchett’s Dumplings = Teensy!

32. Alicia Witt


Alicia Witt’s Headlamps = Tiny!

33. Devon Aoki


Devon Aoki’s Mammaries = The size of raisins!

34. Mena Suvari


Mena Suvari’s Milk Jugs = Wee!

35. Milla Jovovich


Milla Jovovich’s Ta-Ta’s = Miniscule!

36. Anne Heche


Anne Heche’s Speed Bumps = Meager!

37. Kate Bosworth


Kate Bosworth’s Lumps =Very tinybitty!

38. Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron’s Boobs = Tiny!

39. Evan Rachel Wood


Evan Rachel Wood’s Knockers = Nearly flat!

40. Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell’s Headlights = Undersized!

41. Nicky Hilton


Nicky Hilton’s Coconuts = Small!

42. Jennifer Carpenter


Jennifer Carpenter’s Chesticles = Of Lilliputian proportions!

43. Ali Larter


Ali Larter’s Puppies = Weensy!

44. Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton’s Airbags = Little!

45. Rihanna


Rihanna’s Blinkers = Smaller than it looks!

46. Jill Hennessy


Jill Hennessy’s Bumpers = Miniscule!

47. Selma Blair


Selma Blair’s Hooters = Microscopic!

48. Jena Malone


Jena Malone’s Puppies = Not much there!

49. Leslie Mann


Leslie Mann’s Yahoos = Itsy-bitsy!

50. Shakira


Shakira’s Gazongas = Inconsiderable!

51. Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cha-Chas = Modestly-sized!

52. Sienna Miller


Sienna Miller’s Pillows = Smallish!

53. Sarah Michelle Gellar


Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Titbits = Itty-bitty!

54. Zhang Ziyi


Zhang Ziyi’s Sweater Stuffers = Minute!

55. Thandie Newton


Thandie Newton’s Pair = Looks shrunken!

56. Mischa Barton


Mischa Barton’s Chest = Dinky!

57. Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens’ Rack = Small but very perky!

58. Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten Dunst’s Breasts = So little, so saggy!

59. Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts’ Bumpy Bits = Surprisingly small!

60. Rachel McAdams


Rachel McAdams’ Cans = Insignificant!

61. Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani’s Chumbawambas = Almost flat!

62. Jennifer Esposito


Jennifer Esposito’s Boobs = Decidedly tiny!

63. Kate Moss


Kate Moss’ Bumpers = Pretty meager!

64. Piper Perabo


Piper Perabo’s Honkers = Oh so little!

65. Bridget Moynahan


Bridget Moynahan’s Tits = Teensy-weensy!

66. Keira Knightley


Keira Knightley’s Bee-Stings = Flat!

67. Kristin Kreuk


Kristin Kreuk’s Humps = Pint-sized boobies!

68. Lily Allen


Lily Allen’s Knockers = Wee titties!

69. Maria Bello


Maria Bello’s Puppies = Pretty puny!

70. Mary Kate Olsen


Mary Kate Olsen’s Boobies = Tiny!

71. Lara Flynn Boyle


Lara Flynn Boyle’s Headlights = Shrinking over the years!

72. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba’s Tits = Nice but small

73. Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys’ Pair = Mosquito bites!

74. Yunjin Kim


Yunjin Kim’s Jugs = Oh so small!

75. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez’s Hooters = Remarkably small compared to her butt!

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UPDATE: You guys seem to love our, uh, less "gifted" celebs. So here's another 25 of them to make it an even hundred!

76. Emma Watson


77. Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

78. Kristen Bell

kristen bell.jpg

79. Alexa Davalos


80. Rose Byrne


81. Grace Park


82. Keri Russell


83. Morena Baccarin


84. Ellen Page


85. Portia di Rossi


86. Elizabeth Banks

elizabeth banks

87. Hayden Panettierre


88. Rachel Miner


89. Shenae Grimes


90. Carly Pope


91. Kristen Stewart


92. Hillary Duff


93. Sandra Bullock


94. Alexandra Paul


95. AnnaLynne McCord


96. Alexis Dziena

alexis dziena

97. Jodie Foster


98. Miranda Otto


99. Freida Pinto


100. Kelly Ripa


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157 Responses to “75 Celebrities With Small Boobs and Flat Chests That We Love”

  1. ummm Christina Ricci ??? you people need to go watch black snake moan or prozac nation and redo this list. and how are u going to have scarlett johannson on this list and the greast boobs list ?? pick and choose guys you are certanitley slipping

  2. um, that’s what boobs are supposed to look like. Sure, they’re “small” juxtaposed with coked out, plastic tittied hussies, but at least you don’t have to worry about accidentally puncturing them with your tounge ring.

  3. Christina Ricci had some of the biggest boobs in Hollywood. Breast reduction surgery and drastic weight loss have her looking as she does now. Both “Black Snake Moan” and “Prozac Nation” were made AFTER the surgery. The girl was wonderfully huge at one time.

    Kirsten Dunst has a great chest — when she is at normal weight. Check out the original “Spiderman” or “Crazy Beautiful.”

    A lot of the women on this list would actually not be on here if they were outside of Hollywood with it’s narrow aesthetic that calls for women to be emaciated. If these women were free to carry a normal amount of weight, many of their chests would be full and healthy looking. As any dieting woman will tell you, the first thing they lose is the boobs.

  4. i guess rihanna and gwen stefani have had surgical enhancement ind the mean time

    but they could easily be replaced by two other flatchested singers: joss stone and kelly clarkson.

  5. Ricci looks terrible since she lost her boobs.

  6. Cool List

    My favourites of those A-Cup cuties are
    Julia Stiles, Claire Danes and Kirsten Dunst.

  7. I work with a plastic surgeon performing breast augmentation in New Jersey, and I take offense to this list… at least half of these women aren’t even celebrities!

  8. woooooooow, now, half of these women are more big than small chested!! average boob size is about 34b (75b). and you listed lots of b or even c-cuped girls/women! i mean,small is a or less.

  9. ummm since when is a c cup small!!! ha being b cup..im doomed so!

  10. Most of these girls are anorexic. This is gross.

  11. Yeah, Christina Ricci is very well-endowed, and Eva Longoria’s not flat either. Those pictures just disguise them =\

  12. who comes up with these list some of these women are gross and they posted the worst pics of some

  13. [...] really buy her badass turn in “Die Hard 4.0″, but she looked infinitely gorgeous, flat chest and all, while kicking Bruce Willis’ [...]

  14. Um yah, I am an A-cup and most of these girls are a B or larger.according to this list I guess i shoulda been a dude. hahaha wow

  15. One of the best lists ever, even though some of the girls are bigger. The top 50 list taking out some of the Christina Riccis (she should have been on the other best boob list) would be incredible. Kate Hudson would be No. 1 on my list. Or maybe Portman. Or Kreuk.

  16. How could you foget Kristen Bell. Her chest is not that big. She is probably about the same size as most the actresses you listed and she is more talented then most of them too.

  17. Actually most of them are really these small. I remember Eva Longoria once mentioned on Oprah that she’s pretty small up there, she just uses push-ups. Most of them do. But they look good anyway. It’s not all about the boobs!

  18. Boobs are boobs. None of that shit matters to me. If you have to make fun of a woman because she has small tits, then you’re an idiot. I like them small, medium, or big. Just as long as there is some booby there, I don’t care. Just as long as I can grab them, it’s all good. It’s just fat tissue anyway.

  19. No, no, no – Rihanna and Rachel Bilson have boobs!!

    They’re bra-less in those 2 photos, but they certainly aren’t small chested, at all.

  20. all them get beeger boobs than my gf

  21. It’s not clear from the text whether you’re praising these women or making fun of them, but many other factors add or detract from their attractiveness. First, even granted that the actual average U.S. bust size is now 34C, there are several women here with largish breasts, such as Rachel Bilson and Rihanna; small-medium breasts, like Kirsten Dunst and Julia Roberts or very well-proportioned smaller women like Thandie Newton and Sarah Michelle Gellar. None of them belong on a list of flat-chested women. Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss do, but they each have attractive breasts which add to their appeal. And yes, Zhang Ziyi, Jessica Alba and Piper Perabo are flat-chested, but so what? Would little Rachel McAdams be as cute if she had boobs? It’s true that some of the tallest or scrawniest women on this list look poorly without breasts, but for some that’s clearly a health/lifestyle issue. And how can you have a list of flat-chested actresses without tiny-titted Carly Pope, the smallest of all?

  22. to the person sayin b cup is average… where do u live? in america the “widely accepted” is a 36C, as is the UK, altho ba companies such as Bravissimo and Panache carried out surveys that say in the UK, its actually a 34E, and in america closer to 36DD, so yes these actresses/celebs are small.
    so yes, the b and c cup celebs are still small.
    the way u say it, a or less is small, does that mean u think B is big? open ur eyes, big boobs are all around you.
    good list though :) altho yes, kirsten dunst with proper weight is alot better, at a nice 34D, in spiderman

  23. This list really needs to be edited. It seems unfair that some women here have small breasts just because they had reduction surgery or are one of those “thinspiration” crazies. I wanna see women who have naturally small breasts! If they have a naturally petite frame, then that’s okay too, but where are all the average girls?!

    That picture of Jennifer Lopez is NOT flattering in any way…

  24. We so need Jackie Warner and Rebecca Cardon here…

  25. You forgot about Madeline Stowe.

    I have always looked to many of these stars as my role models and never gotten a boob job.

    I have always been considered sexy with my 34 A’s and whats been described as a “rockin bod”. Took me too long to realize that my small boobs are incredibally sexy!

    What I hate is that there are not a lot of bras for our size because women are fatter nowadays and get boob jobs.

    The reality is that smallboobs are elegant and big fake boobs are tacky.

    We must band together and stop funding the lexus of that plastic surgeon and contributing to his childs college fund by buying into the idea of what some men may consider sexy!

  26. thats ridiculous, a or smaller is small, b is average, lots of c [ which yes is big, maybe awesome but still big] women are either really lucky have had surgery or are overweight. and most of those celebs listed arent small chested. those captions are offensive, yes im part of the ibtcrew, and fucking ouch dude.

  27. I think that this list wasn’t really meaning to be straight up offensive, but what I got from it is that having a small chest really isn’t a big deal.A lot of people do, and still are seen as successful and sexy.

    In today’s society, of course depending on your body type, anything smaller than about a C can be considered small. I am a B cup. Im thin. However, even so, you can tell I have small boobs. Im not flat-chested, but I have small breasts. I think looking at this list made me feel if anything better about all this. I think most of these women are really hot. I think Christina Ricci is the only one who could be considered a meduim/bigger breast size. Other than her, I dont see anyone I could call big chested.

    I find all these women ( except Nicole Ricci, because I believe she is anorexic ) to be attractive and feminine. Some women are built smaller. When you are anorexic, bones are very evident, and noticeable, in places they arent supposed to be evident, and all womenly curves, not just breasts and butt, but legs and arms, etc. the natural healthy looking fat were supposed to have, is gone. Me, being naturally thinner, I can tell when someone is anorexic, or just thin. I think some of these anorexic girls are giving naturally petite or small girls a bad name. I have fat on my body, I jiggle, I have ass cheeks, I have some fat on my arms, I have a few stretch marks! That is not anorexia. Compare Gwen Stefani to Nicole Ricci. Nicole I can honestly call “abnormally thin”. My goodness.

    I think what this is showing is that there is way too much emphasis on the need to be perfect in society. No, all of us dont have big boobs, but it doesn’t really matter. No, not everyone has a small waist, or a naturally skinny figure. Some guys will care, some guys wont. But what is most unattractive is when WE as women care way too much about being perfect, and not just having confidence in our natural god given bodies and making the best of it. Forget what other women or picky guys think. Guys, as well as women, are being bombarded with how hot it looks to show cleavage, because yes, it looks feminine. I think everyone can agree, boobs are sexy! But when you get to the core of someone’s being, femininity has alot more to do with attitude and overall body figure than anything. And a vagina.

    So first things first, some of the people who replied to this are feeling insecure because they know “Hey Im a a/b cup! So now Im MINISCULE?”. Stop being so preoccupied with size. The bigger, the more noticable, but not the better. Like I said, yes, big boobs are sexy. But when it comes down to it, men like women. There will be a man who likes you for just being who you are. You can be beautiful and sexy, but I think its more about confidence and the way you present yourself.

    Everyone gets old and ugly and their boobs sag. What is going to happen than?

    So EVERYONE, suck it up! Just be happy with yourself. And all these girls, yes they have SMALL boobs, but i guarantee you that there are about a bajillion million people that will fuck them in a minute.

  28. Excellent post, Smexy.
    A lot of guys seem to think bigger is better, and it’s certainly their right to think that way.
    They probably wouldn’t agree with my way of thinking that natural is best, whatever the size. Among the naturals I happen to prefer smaller because there’s rarely a question that they’re surgically enhanced, they’re fun to look at and play with and their nipple/boob ratio is high.
    Sexy is also about attitude and confidence as much as looks. With the way Smexy thinks, I’m guessing a lot of guys want to fuck her too.

  29. wtf?
    some of those ladies have nice sized breasts.
    some of them aren’t even that small!
    damn. ;\

  30. well they get boobs at least sum my gf no more any she look like 1 little boy topless hahahaha

  31. [...] may own one of the hottest pairs of boobs in the business, but that’s pretty much it for Jessica Simpson. Stare at her face a second longer [...]

  32. Like many other posters, surprised by some of the names here – Christina Ricci in particular – and I also think that some of the girls have lost their natural chestiness due to starvation dieting.

    Hot chicks who really do have small chests?

    Kiera Knightley
    Maria Bello
    Gwen Stefani
    Jennifer Garner
    Milla Jovovich

    All not arriving in the room five seconds before their faces and all stunning.

  33. Thanks to my ladies! I love the way I look bare-chested and so does my guy. My neighbor & I were drinking vodka tinis the other night and she said ‘let me see your boobs!’ I obliged…I am 5’6 and weigh 118 and mine look exactly like Kate Moss’s- she was floored. ‘How the hell do you have such perfect tits? You’re 45!!’

    Oh yes, I am.

    And yes, I am blessed. Thanks Mom!

  34. As a friend said in the 1960s about Diana Rigg – “sexiest flat-chested woman i ever saw.”

    This pic – http://electronictiger.net/avail/hellfire.jpg – enhances what Nature gave her.

  35. WTH not all of them are flatchested! like this ones:
    Yunjin Kim
    Alicia Keys
    Anne Heche
    Rachel Bilson

    still, my favourites are Gwen and Keira

  36. Some pathetic guys tease girls with small boobs to try and knock their confidence…when really their probally thinking she is the hottest girl on the planet…like most of the girls on this list that have been scrutinised for having smaller chests. Most of these girls are so much more appealing than the weighty Scarlett johanssen and the tarty looking Lucy Pinders in the world. Sienna Miller..you are so so beautiful and Jessica Alba is one sexy hot chick!!

  37. [...] someone who rightfully belongs in our list of celebrities with small boobs and flat chests that we love, AnnaLynne McCord seems to have boobs that play peekabo with paparazzi a little too often, like the [...]

  38. It is a great collection of pics to show women that you can be beautiful without implants! Yes, some of these celebrities probably bigger than they presented here but who cares. Flat, small, smaller, bigger but at least they are natural.

    Saying things that the average is C in the US or C-D-E in England, well whatever. I always ask back about the “average” hip, butt size as well ;) Because boy, I am socked when I visit the US not to mention England. Yes, you might wear a C cup bra but how FAT your butt is?????
    Very few ladies are fortunate enough to have well proportioned bodies, like smaller nicer looking butt and have breasts at the same time. If you work out, you will loose fat from your boobs as well. If you see somebody just perfect, she is either a very lucky person or have implants… It is that simple.

    I am supporting all sites especially those who states that small boobs are just as great. Like this one:

    Have a great New Year!

  39. Here’s where to view a photo of Diana Rigg without any artificial enhancements. As you can see, even at 5′ 81/2″ and 135 lbs., Rigg is as flat-chested or flatter than any young actresses on your list of the tiny titted, but otherwise quite healthy. Decide for yourself how sexy she is, but I doubt most people would complain.


  40. Why is Jessica Alba on this list as well as The 50 Hottest Celebrity Boobs (number 37)?!

  41. List has a serious lack of Hilary Duff. If they can include Vanessa Hudgens, they should include Hilary Duff. She’s got small boobs, she just pushes them up to the max… and she’s damn good at it.

  42. im getting really annoyed with the comments presuming that small breasts are not themselves sexy. The consolatory “boobs aren’t everything and don’t make a woman” blathering I mean it’s certainly true, boobs are not everything for obvious reasons and who would want them to be and they don’t make a woman of course, but they contribute to her physical being and are sexy and attractive, large or small, and the only variable is subjective preference. Have no apologies about your body and the person you share it with won’t either.

    Many men find small breasts very attractive and I agree with them.

  43. A lot of this list is bullshit. Some of these actresses do NOT have small boobs.

    And the A LOT of them do not have itty-bitty titties or flat or pint-sized boobs, but normal, FULL boobs. I would kill to have a full A or B as it seems most of these celebrities have. There is no way on EARTH that anyone is ever allowed to call a B tiny.

    however, the women that are actually allowed to call themselves nearly flat-chested do carry em very well, stunning women :]

  44. Yeah I wouldn’t worry to much about the “average” size these days considering over half of American women are overweight and nearly a third are obese….back in the 70s when not so many people were overweight, the average was a b cup.

  45. “Who cares” said “most of these girls are anorexic, gross”
    What a Stupid idiot. I suppose that “Who cares” is fat, ugly and useless, but I wouldn’t be so impolite as to say so. How come it’s politically incorrect to call some FAT, LAZY, USELESS slob what they are, but morons like “who cares” can call beautifully slim and elegant women “Anorexic”.
    I suppose he/she lives in a country where “MORBID OBESITY” is seen as beautiful? Well, I still think that FAT is UGLY, slim is NORMAL ANF BEAUTIFUL.

  46. Where is Helena Boham-Carter in your list? Or don’t REALLY talented actresses count?

  47. i wear 32a bras and i’m still sexy someone may wear a 38dd and still be sexy big boobs don’t make you sexy a nice hip to waist ratio does and a big butt look at jlo and shakira they don’t have any boobs but their smoking a proportionate body makes you sexy most guys would agree that if a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in their face they get sprung BOOBS DON’T MATTER its just there to feed kids and then sag

  48. Wow. Is this supposed to praise small breasts? I’m offended by this list and by most of the comments that consider this normal. No one should regard their breast size as a measure of their beauty, small or big. The words chosen, as well as the photos, don’t seem to support the idea that all sizes can beautiful.

  49. Most of these women don’t have small breasts! They are average. They are only perceived as small by those delusional men (and some women) who throw them into a filthy cesspool of unrealistically silicon enhanced bimbos and push-up bras. Congratulations to them for refusing to conform to rigid, patriarchaly determined ideas of womanhood.

    Also, average breast size among HEALTHY women is certainly different than average breast size among the entire population. Bear in mind that obesity rates in the United States are increasing at a grotesque speed. What are breasts? Some glands/ducts, and a lot of FAT.

  50. Helloo?? Jane Leeves (Frasier), Sigouney Weaver,
    Alexandra Paul (Baywatch), Jan Smithers (WKRP),

  51. obviously the person who did this list has far too much time on his/her hands

  52. and i feel this list is a silly waste of time that stereotypes women by there breast size (how silly is that)

    As a young man growing up in this society im sickend by the vanity of women and it seems men these days too. what the hell is going on in the world, personally i think smaller breast are far more attractive than big out of proportion, sagging, swaying too either side breasts, but anyway i think we are all beautiful in one way or another providing we all look after ourselves and are true to ourselves

    Im very sensitive to my surroundings and the people around me and and i have met many beautiful people who stray into the path of vanity and falseness that surrounds this strange world we live in, and suddenley it takes away all the beauty they once had

    The most beautiful things in this world are natural eg..lakes, mountains, hills, clouds, rain……………………………… so i think the most beautiful women are those who are more natural than others, i just cant stand peroxide blonds, and girls who wear makeup you can carve your name in, and men who drink those stupid protein shakes and spend hours doing there hair We all wear masks, but those women and men are literally hiding behind a mask , it always makes me think of what they might be hiding from is it themselves or are they trying to be what society wants them too be or both, masking yourself from reality is a dangerous thing to do because one day it will catch up too you and by that time the damage has already been done.

    so this message is for all you who are trying to be what your not, you cant change who or what you are but you can be truthful to yourself and you can find that beauty inside of you. you just need to look for it.

    ps make up is bad for your skin and hair products are bad for your hair and protein shakes are for suckers who cant be botherd to eat a healthy diet we can all change the way we live our lives

    1 love brothers and sisters

  53. You are looking at some of the best breasts Hollywood has ever seen on this list. Including several (Alba, Dunst, Gellar, Heche, Ricci, Lily, Ling, Diaz, Lui) who are a far cry from being small. By the way a B cup certainly is not small, I would go out on a limb and call it perfect.

  54. [...] smaller breasted celebrities out there! Check out lists like this, which celebrate small breasts: 75 Celebrities With Small Boobs and Flat Chests That We Love Small-Chested Celebrities 3. Remind yourself that while your boyfriend may have his preferences, [...]

  55. [...] smaller breasted celebrities out there! Check out lists like this, which celebrate small breasts: 75 Celebrities With Small Boobs and Flat Chests That We Love Small-Chested Celebrities 3. Remind yourself that while your boyfriend may have his preferences, [...]

  56. No flat-chested girl is hot!!!!These boob-less broads look like 12-year-
    old boys!!!!I’d lay it down BUT GOOD with buxom blonde Jessica Simp-
    son ANY DAY AND NIGHT!!!!

  57. Most of them have boobs? wtf. only about 2 are flat, not even completetly. all boobs are beautiful. small or ittsy bittsy as you say? lilly allen has boobs?! aaah, you’re messed up!

  58. I would get surgically enhanced boobs in a flash if they could invent some theat didnt feel hard to the touch .Also I wonder what they will become as I grow older . I see pammie is having problems with exactly that as her skin is losing elasticity

  59. They might be small but they are very beautiful and very desirable, small breasts are still very sexy and very desirable!!!!! I love the feel and the touch of a small breast not hugh and floppy!

  60. Half of them were normal. To what/who do you compare their chest (Pamela Anderson, maybe)?

  61. YOUR STUPID, grow up a sh*tload of those women do not even have small boob and your ridiculing them. AND OH MY GOD your rude comments to describe these womens breasts, how do u think that would make them feel!!!GET A FKN LIFE LOSER!!!

  62. You missed Sandra Bullock, nothing there and Portia De Rosi.

  63. True – If these girls weren`t so skinny they would have some boobage. They all have the money to buy some yucky fake ones, but some of these girls are pretty sexy even with the small ones.
    Need a bit of cruve though, some of these girls are sticks.

  64. I’m not a small boob lover but if the face looks exceedingly pretty to me, I don’t mind so much. I love Keira Knightley and Zoe Saldana for example.

  65. Some of these women displayed do NOT have small boobs!!!
    whats up with that??
    I am so sick of hearing the term “flat chested” its so insulting.

    These are REAL boobs!!!!!!!

  66. What’s wrong with small breasts?! A-cup women are A-OK! B-cup women are B-coming! I’d rather have any of these women over a “silicone sister” any day!

  67. I personally believe that smaller can be better! Girls with small chests can wear whatever they want, while big boobed women have to watch what they wear…also they can’t play beach volleyball in a bikini like is a and b cups can ;)
    and what really makes me upset is how every picture said “teeny weenie” or “miniscule”. thats really rude. these girls are all beautiful.
    besides, most women with boobs look fat in someway or another.

  68. okay honestly people let me end the argument. i came to this site looking for self confidence because i consider myself a good looking 19 year old without the boobs. i have been made fun of in highschool, and most aggrivating is how the average cup size is a 34C! everyone keeps repeating that bitching and shutting down the people who think Bs are big, but to be honest i think a 34 B is pretty damn big i’d be happy to actually fill out that size! and while half these people arent “celebrities” or people you see EVERYDAY in movies, they still are idols, or people that other people look up to. so dont complain about people thinking 34 B or C is huge- haha not everyone meets the national average ladies. and also to whoever said anyone who is 34C is overweight i believe your wrong i know there are woman who are that size who have pretty healthy bodies. i dont believe tho that many woman with a 34DD, or E are healthy. but every “body” is differant!

  69. That makes me smile. I’m small and seeing beautiful girls with small bust, makes me feel normal. :)

  70. A few of the women shown who might have boobs if not for their eating-disorder histories are Nicole Richie, Keira Knigthly, Lara Flynn Boyle, and the Olson twins. Also belong on this list are Goldie Hawn (Kate Hudson’s mother,) Jodie Foster, Kelly Ripa, and Rachel Miner.

  71. What a crock of crap.Most beautiful women In the world are walkway models and pageant contestants.I prefer b cups but I find a cups hot too.All the big boob women have health problems whether fake or not as they hit 30.Very shallow,And usually out of shape and have ugly legs and butts.Perfect example!!!Pamela anderson.I am a man who will not date a woman over a b cup.And I am proud of It.Most women with smaller boobs have killer legs,faces,butts,etc.etc.Gimme lucy liu or meg ryan anyday over a silicone queen.Btw,my mom Is 58,works out and eats right.She Is a b cup.But,Men young as myself or younger and older constantly try to hook up with her.I love natural beauty,Not fakeness or saggy ass tits hitting the ground.

  72. well i am a 32 a……..
    and i came here looking for some kind of consolation…
    i am being made fun off by some people i know…and it does affect my self respect,i am naturally thin and hence the size…i try hard to eat more than i should just to gain some pounds,but nothing works…..
    you feel frustrated and sick with yourself..
    What I AM trying to say is why cant people just let us be,small, big whatever its who we are that is more important than what we have….
    just wish people would stop being so mean.

  73. Leslie Mann on small breast list? I guess you’ve never seen Big Daddy.

  74. i guess taylor swift too
    she is 19 yrs old and she has a boob sizs 34-A

  75. Christina Ricci may belong on this list ever since she became a bobble head, but when she’s a healthy weight, her boobs are bountiful, and here’s the proof from Prozac Nation:





  77. They all look great :) especially Milla and Keira in my opinion, i am a 34a/b size but so what ? i ADORE the way my breasts look, they’re so cute :) and i am a small person i don’t think i need any boobs more, it’s all about loving the way u look, not how ppl wanna see u :) screw what others say, believe in YOU ;)

  78. Hi! I’m from spain!
    I just wanted to say that i love those MEN (real MEN) who don’t mind about the breast size. I love them!

    I’m 14-15 years ols and i’m a 30AA, and i’m worried and sad.
    On the other hand i have a model body (i’m 5’8 of height and others) and i’m proud of it but people don’t see it! And i’m also so intelligent ;)
    and i hate those who only care about boobs size (men and… women!!) there are more things!

    Anyway i’m so grateful of your of you comments of support to small tits. THANK YOU!
    love u

  79. if these women are “flat” then what’s normal?? GOSH SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ARENT EVEN FLAT!

  80. uh okay wat the fuck?? whoever created this website is a fucking blindass idiot cuz most of the women up there arent even flat…so wat size is considered “normal” to u huh?? D?? dumbass….plus who the hell cares if they have small boobs? does that give u an excuse to make this shitty website? god people these days….and i bet the person who made this website itself has a “teeny weeny” miniscule hairless dick.

  81. This list is really offensive. Mosquito bites and tiny titties are not terms you describe beautiful women with. Show some respect and remove this.

  82. [...] 75 Celebrities with Small Boobs and Flat Chests That We Love [...]

  83. Adrianna and the others that can’t read, you’re all fucking morons. RTFA, the writer says, “. And we’re not complaining. They’re celebrity boobs just the same, and we love them all. ”


    Claire, keep that attitude, small breasted women are beautiful, sexy, and damn hot!

  84. My only problem with the list, is that quite a few of the women on this list HAVE shown us their beauties…if all you want is a list of celebs with small breasts, fine, but don’t say they should bare them when they HAVE.

  85. “Love’em” thanks u so much. I promise I’ll try keeping it, although u know it’s not so easy. THANKS!
    Just a question, r you a woman or a man? :)
    Love from spain…

  86. Man can you imagine how much hotter these ladies would be if they even had a gram of boobage? Just imagine Charlize Theron and Kiera Knightley with boobs!!!!!!!!

  87. For all of the fans of small breasted ladys:


    a german noncomercial Blog with pics and news about small tits…

  88. This is a very exciting and sexy list. I love most of this women exactly because they less endowed, or flat and yet confident and in some case even proud (albeit I doubt they really are).
    I find them so sensual. Thank you!

  89. If you are flat you are flat. There’s nothing bad for many guys with that and you should accept it, why can’t the author use that word or tiny or itty bitty or just joke about it? Accept it in good humor. He’s obviously attracted to these small breasted women.
    If a guy has a small penis, or very small, then women everywhere will take fun of that and feel it’s ok to do so. So why is it a big deal in admitting that some famous gorgeous women are not so endowed and take a lil fun of them too as you guys do with any guy who’s not on your superhot list? And I am a guy who loves flatchested women. However to be blunt I’ve experienced pleasures with well endowed women that you couldn’t with a small breasted one. it’s similar to the guy “thing”. So just deal with that. This is a lovely list, thank you!

  90. and enough with lies, the average size bra for normal weight women is B (not anorexic not obese). Then you get plentiful of AA or A who aren’t anorexic and slender lucky girls with C or even D. I like them all because of their differences.
    I sometimes see very flat women walking confident, their low cut blouse mirroring light off a pure, clean, elegant plane, very elegant, very agile, very taut. Often that is offset and even enhanced by a gorgeous round rear, nice legs, pretty feet. Love them. If I were to kiss their small chest, I’d feel very close to their heart.
    Other times I see very large women with enormous breast, shaped like elongated fruit, caressing their own bubbly stomach. When I think of them naked in front of me, I feel my knees weak, sooo excited..I love them as well.
    Real men like women with whatever chest.

  91. So now the question is, how did you get to 100 flat-chested women and forget Olivia Wilde?


  92. I think all these women look absolutely beautiful.
    But it can definately be said that a lot wouldn’t be considered flat, especially considering the average cup of a women with a healthy BMI would be B or C.
    Personally, I think small breasts can look incredibly sexy. But I think many teenage girls feel that guys their age find big breasts more attractive than an older guy would. Whether that’s necessarilly true or not, I don’t know, but I know there are a lot of girls that believe it. That being said, big boobs look sexy too- it all depends on how you work them.

    But seriously, one of the hottest women with a flat chest isn’t even on this list- Emma Lung is unbeliveably attractive. That sex scene in Peaches!

  93. People DONT seem to realize this-sure a 36C is an average bra size in the US-but the average clothing size is also a size 10!

    A 36C on a size 10 may look average or even on the smaller side but on somebody who wears a size 2-esspecially if they are petite it is HUGE!

    A B cup is perfectly appropriate for someone with a smaller build-i know so because i went to a surgeon hoping to have my smaller breasts enhanced and he said they suited my body.

    the women who look like true AA’s are mostly underweight-if they were of a healthier weight they would probably not be an AA.

    Id like to see a TRUE flat chested woman on here, who is of a healthy weight.

  94. This is so offensive and degrading! I am a flat-chested woman and the phrases ‘small as a raisin’, ‘Minute’ and ‘Inconsiderable’ are horrible! You say you’re honouring them or saying they are beautiful, and then you use these degrading phrases that sound exactly like piglike drunk men would use! Show some flipping respect for God’s sake, take the captions down!

  95. “However to be blunt I’ve experienced pleasures with well endowed women that you couldn’t with a small breasted one. it’s similar to the guy “thing”. So just deal with that.”

    Caro, you’re an ass. Here’s another one of your ass comments:

    “I love most of this women exactly because they less endowed, or flat and yet confident and in some case even proud (albeit I doubt they really are)”

    What the hell does that mean, that you doubt they’re really self confident? They got the money to make them bigger and haven’t, so I’m guessing they actually are quite happy the way they are. You’re also an ass for saying it’s ok to make fun of these women with the jokes being made about them in this list. I think you and the author are just taking shots and small breasted women. In other words, you are both just typical males.

  96. Sorry, I mean to say “taking shots AT small breasted women.” But I highly doubt that either of you find these women (or any other small breasted woman) attractive.

  97. Though many have taken offense to this list , it actually made me feel alopt better about myself, I am a b cup, which is considered average i knwo but in the ees of society now is small.. seeing this list made me realise i didnt hav to have big boobs to be sexy

  98. Small breasted women get enuff jokes and criticism in real life. We get made fun of, but then are told, “But you’re ok the way you are.” We don’t need to try to find a list like this to boost our self esteem, only to show that it’s just a list making fun of 75 women due to their small breasts. This list isn’t about “hot” small breasted celebs. It’s just a post making fun of small breasted women.

  99. Hi LIly,
    listen please. The author really showed stunning women (and to me most women are). The fact that they are not large breasted doesn’t take anything away from their beauty.
    If anything, I am sure, it has helped their careers in acting for serious roles instead of being taken just as the “hot bomb” or dumb roles.

    The comments are jokes and honestly they say the truth, if they are itti bitty they are itty bitty, what’s so bad about that? :) The reason we can joke about it is because we like them.
    If we didn’t like certain women because say they have a crooked nose and made a list for that, that would be incredibly stupid and mean.
    The author and I would thank the sky if we could ever be with many/most of the women in this list. I am so attracted to paris hilton or to cameron diaz….so, I don’t care they don’t have large breasts.
    But please also allow me to be honest and blunt: let’s put the egos aside and in my experience I’ve to admit that some (some) well-endowed women are incredibly pleasurable (like some well endowed guy can be for some women) No hard feelings ok?

  100. Tp Alex:

    Thank you, that german list is amaaaazing. Lovely women.

  101. Does it matter what boob size they are….and when you say that they arent gifted…they actually are..they all are very talented! I dont think B is small. damn who ever made this list..needs to go fuckin hump a tree.

  102. Alll you people who support all size breast..and dont care about size..you all rock haha

  103. you guys missed Juliette Lewis. she has the sexiest boobletts of anyone on this list and shows them off on her movies.

  104. Here are three more: Lauren Ambrose, Jenna Elfman, and Nancy Pimental. Ambrose starred as Chiclet in “Psycho Beach Party,” where another woman told her, “guys are only interested in two things, and you have neither.” Fortunately, that is only true of some men. On “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” Stein joked about not all women being created equal, in a thinly-veiled reference to Pimental’s tits.

    I just thought of two rockers in the same category, namely Cher and Joan Jett.

  105. Thanks Brett. I love it when women are that catty. I don’t really mind at all if a woman is flat-chested, on the contrary, but it really excites me when another much more endowed woman makes these catty, stupid remarks on her, I don’t know why.

  106. It’s a pretty common myth that weight has much to do with bust size. I was thin and a 34C by age 13 and a half a year after I got my period and the estrogen increased.My gynecologist told me that some women’s breast tissue is more sensitive to respond to estrogen and that is what has much more to do with being big busted. I personally have never seen any obese women with big breasts,they usually have big fat stomachs,chubby faces,big fat arms and legs,and these little B cup breasts,I have only ever seen a few that were like a small C at the most.You could have also shown pictures of just as many obese women with naturally small to average sized breasts.

    When I lost about 20 pounds and went down to 143 at 5’4 and a 1/2 my bust size stayed a double D!

    There are more than a few thin to average weight women who are naturally a D,DD,DDD etc.The New York Times pulitzer prize winning science writer Natalie Angier wrote in her 1999 best selling book,Woman:An Intimate Geography that estrogen is necessary to the aesthetic breast,but that it’s not sufficient and that the hormone alone does not explain the wide variability in breast size.She then says,that a woman with large breasts does not necessarily have higher estrogen levels than a small-breasted woman.She said rather,the tissue of the breast is more or less responsive to estrogen,and that this sensitivity is in part determined by genetic makeup.

    Natalie then says,among the sensitive,a very small amount of estrogen fosters an impressive bosom.She says that estrogen sensitive women who take birth control pills may discover that they need larger bras,while the estrogen-insensitive can swallow oral contraceptives by the foilful and find their breasts unmoved.She also explains that breasts for all their prominence,represent a small fraction of the body’s total fat mass-4 percent,on average and that their size generally changes less in proportion to a woman’s weight gain or loss than other fat depots of the body,like the adipose of the thighs,buttocks,and upper arms,and she says thus breast fatness is not a great indicator of a woman’s health or nutritional status.

    She also explains that even some children are extremely sensitive to estrogen.She says that Berton Roueche,the great medical writer,recounted a story of a six-year-old boy who began growing breasts.Eventually the source of the hypertrophy was traced to his vitamin tablets.She says that a single stamping machine had been used to punch out the vitamins and the estrogen pills.She then quoted Berton saying,”Think of the minute amount of estrogen the stamping machine passed on to the vitamin tablets,and what a profound effect it had.” She then said that the boy’s breasts retreated on cessation of the vitamin tablets,and his parents could breath again.Natalie got many great reviews for this book,including by quite a few male and female doctors,one of them on the back of the book,is well known breast cancer expert and surgeon Dr.Susan Love author of Dr.Susan Love’s Breast Book.

    And actress Lonnie Anderson was a natural size E and had a reduction down to a C and I don’t think she was fat at all,I also read on message board a few years ago about breast reduction surgery,quotes from a 16 year old girl who had a breast reduction because at 120 pounds she was a bust size E and she said she felt like a freak because her mother and sister weren’t huge busted.I also read comments on a site reviewing the TV show,The Doctors,a woman saying her young daughter wears a size 7,and is a DDD.Queen Latifah said on a site I read aboout 3 years ago,that after she lost 25 pounds her size F bust stayed the exact same size,and so she went down to a DD,she actually said she was disapointed that they didn’t reduce her to just a DDD,but it was done because of back and shoulder pain.

  107. Also,

    the poster on here who said these actresess with A(which is really flat chested) or small B cups,look like teenage boys is so right! A woman looks like a (beautiful) *woman* with breasts bigger than a B cup.Well B cup women look like 13 year old girls.

  108. Caro, you are a heterosexual man who doesn’t mind if a woman is flat chested like she was as a little girl before she went through puberty that should have turned her body into a woman’s body? You might as well be with a man then!

  109. I have a small chest, and I’m very offended by the way you list these women. I’m sure they all love that you’ve demeaned their femininity with phrases such as “practically nonexistent” and “mosquito bites”.

  110. Yuckers, most of these I DON’T love for the very reason that they have no shape. If I wanted to look at actors with the bodies of 10-year-old boys I’d look at 10-year-old boys. Hayden Pantyliner has since got implants. To those who think more than a thimble-full is a waste: you can’t motorboat a personality!

  111. It is funny how uppity some of you get and how contradictory. On the one hand there is the whole “fat is beautiful” brigade who go as far as calling these type of naturally slim women derogatory names like “stick insect” and “sickly”. Then there’s the women who believe in beautifying themselves, which goes against the antithesis of women being always beautiful no matter what. Some of you say small cups are just as sexy, but $100 says if a genie could put her up a cup size (and remain perky) both you and her would choose it, if she’s flat. Quit being in denial.

  112. Everyone has their personal “perfect specimen” of a man or woman. To me, a better looking woman never walked this earth than Diana Rigg in her prime. Flat chested…and perfection:


  113. Hurrah!At last……my partner has given me a complete complex with his obsession for large breasts. He even offered to pay for me to have a boob job and wonders why my confidence has sky dived. I am a size 6 – 8 and have become so worried about my lack of boobs that I am looking up these sites.THANKYOU!Beautiful woman with small beautiful breasts.

  114. @Billybob–are you the type of man that likes big boobs? Then those women can have you! No jealousy from me, that’s for sure:)

  115. @Merle, I’m a 34 B and I have a curvy, womanly body. I’m 122 pounds, with a small waist, hips, and butt that gets attention from both genders. I have beautiful green eyes, a nice smile, long, thick, wavy hair that hangs to my waist. I also wear feminine clothing–g-strings, dresses, feminine tops, etc. My breasts are not big, but that does not mean I am not “womanly” or am “boyish.” You know what else makes me a woman? The fact that I have a vagina–that I bleed out of that vagina for seven days without dying. That I have a uterus, that can literally create another living, breathing person with a soul that will make its way into the world through my vagina. I also work, pay taxes, eat healthy, exercise, breathe air, vote, pay attention to politics, am educated, went to college, am kind, gentle, involved with charities, am a great friend, sister, daughter, and am always the best girlfriend anyone could ever be. I’m also talented and creative, am kind to animals and children, care about my community and the world as a whole. These things and more are what make me a real woman.

    If you and guys like you can’t see other things that make a woman a real woman other than the size of her breasts, that makes you shallow and probably a little dumb. If these are the kinds of men women with big breasts want, then by all means, they can have you, because I don’t want you and eventually your big breasted girl won’t want you, either!

  116. Sorry Merle, didn’t realize you’re a “woman.” Now your comments make sense–do I sense a little jealousy? You seem to be working really hard at trying convince everyone how much of a “woman” you are. You are proving the stereotype that women with big breasts are shallow and dumb. Sorry, but that’s how you come across. A true self-confident woman wouldn’t criticize other women who don’t look like her, would she? Just because Cairo would want me and not you is not a reason to criticize. Stop being jealous, and work on your self-esteem:)

  117. @ Merle: I really really hope you are a guy trying to provoke some women for fun; and not that you are really a woman.

    I’ll tell you that in my family, both my mom and my sister are naturally well-endowed.
    My first girlfriend, and perhaps the most important relationship ever to me, was/is flat-chested.

    I had to hear so much crap and stupid comments from my family toward this gorgeous slender girl, whose fault was exactly that, being thin and flat (but with a nice rear which made me really happy).
    And the same thing was happening with some of her curvy “friends” toward her.
    Since then I cannot stand large chested women who constantly tease and bash smaller ones. Yes, they are hot, yes the capture attention, yes there is that odd day when it would be nice..but once they talk like that, I am out of here.

    Since she was my first girl, I learned to really love small breasts and no, she didn’t look at all like a boy at all or a little girl just because of that.

    I am not going to be hypocrite and I will also say that as much later I also dated a curvier woman, I enjoyed it and there are some games, things that you cannot do if you are really small. (ain’t that true for guys too? you just have to accept it)
    However I would never use that as a differentiator for a relationship as I’ve been happy in different ways with different bodies.
    In fact, we guys, one of the reason we often cheat or look at so many girls etc, is because we love almost all of them, exactly because they are different from each other. Any time that for the first time , a woman lets her blouse fall for us, the very first time, whether she’s petite or a “goddess there”, I really feel like thanking God. And I believe most of us do ,no matter what she’s donating us at that moment.

    In fact I’ve been very attracted to chubby women with no boobs!! and to those with cellulite, and to those with some hairs around the nipples..so what, it’s life, it’s nature, it’s interesting and beautiful and it does not make a person, let alone a Woman.

    Now Sara… she’s marrying material for how she described herself, full of life, proud of her body and breasts that will always be perky and reflect her character. That’s what matters.

    And if you disagree or want more details, just write me. uomoragnous@yahoo.it

  118. Bloody arsehole whoever wrote the comments under each celeb… miniscule etc. You try having A cups & feeling like crap cus of comments like that being made!!
    Besides, most of these women have good sized breasts! I agree with other commenters, if they’re above a B cup that’s average, not small! Jeez! Thanks for making me feel like shit…

  119. you have no respect i bet you have nothing i you are just higher your self esteem by doing this so have respect for the celebrities..
    i hate the terms you put under these celebrities you should be ashamed of your self and reading some these comments people are not happy either so i suggest you remove the terms

  120. I agree with T-Lou. This is supposed to make women with small breasts feel better about themselves? How can it? They’re just making fun of all women with small breasts. “Hey, you’re kinda hot for a tit-less wonder.” This is supposed to help my self-confidence how? If you go on site praising women with big breasts (the internet is over run by them) they’re always talking about how beautiful and sexy the women are. On sites about big breasted female celebrities, they never call them “Saggy boobs” or “stretched marked miklers” or “those are hanging down to her waist” or “those must knock against her knee when she walks.” They’re never called “cows” or “utters” or any other type of insulting names. I don’t see how this is supposed to help any woman with small breasts and low self-esteem.

  121. Lily, Sara, why all of these complaints. Do these women have very small or completely flat breasts? Yes.
    So what’s the big deal? The comments the author used just describe them with a hint of humor.

    If you are touched because you have too similar chests, just accept it, deal with it without being so sensitive.

    DO I have to remind you that everywhere on the web women are taking fun of say Ryan Seacrest because he’s short? Or of guys with small penises, or fat or bald or too skinny etc etc?
    Women are actually much more cruel than guys with words. We like flatchested women as well as big beautiful women with huge and sagging utters. You are immensely picky by nature.
    And you women are the first to criticize other women: oh she’s so fat, or flat, or saggy or with cellulite, not pretty…blah blah So let us have some exciting fun. Some of these women are soo sexy, and this exactly because they have almost no boobs yet they manage to be very feminine with confidence. Now you don’t have confidence and that is not hot :)

  122. Caro, it’s perfectly acceptable for men to be skinny, fat, or bald. However, women will get criticized for being too skinny or too fat. And she’ll certainly get criticized if she has baldness. We also can’t compare breasts to penises. Penis is a sexual organ, and we feel that during sex, so if it’s too small, then it doesn’t make the sex good. Not only that, but the only way we know how small a man’s penis is is if he shows us. Our breasts are on display when we walk in the door. I can’t look at a guy’s crotch through his pants and see how large his penis is. So men don’t have to worry about that all the time.

    Being picked on and called names for my small breasts is definitely a confidence killer. Look at some of the comments left by both men and women in this article. It’s hard to have self confidence in a society when beauty is based on big breasts. How am I supposed to have confidence when we come look at a site like this for positives, and we’re just being made fun of?

  123. sara! u sound sooo pretty by the way u described urself! green eyes! brown hair! curvy! and a 34 B is not that small! i am a young teenager and i am praying i get to a nice full B cup but i got time:) and merle you are not more or less of a woman based on ur breasts. i am a teenager and i know that lol mabey you should grow up hahah.

  124. and also sara i dont understand why ppl think that if you have small boobs you cant look womanly or curvy that u automatically have to be crazy thin thats not true! dont you agree! i directed this towards u cause i knew u would agree and cause u sound womanly and curvy

  125. If you “love” them so much, why are you making fun of their breasts..? I don’t think they’d take “mosquito bites” and “itty-bitty” as a compliment.

  126. @Tirza–well thank you for the compliment:) You sound like an intelligent young woman, and you’re probably also very beautiful yourself. I don’t understand why people say that us ladies with smaller boobs can’t be curvy and womanly, either. It’s just another stereotype! I am all woman and I definitely look like one! And yes, I do have a curvy figure, I have hips, small waist, and a booty:) My boobs aren’t huge, but they don’t have to be. I am not an overly thin girl. Don’t worry about your boobs, remember, the size does not make you any more or less of a woman. Women/girls like Merle are very insecure and base all their self-worth behind their large breasts. I would hate to see what would happen if she had to have her breasts removed due to cancer.

  127. For the most part, these women are beautiful regardless of their chest size, and are desirable by a greater portion of the population. Having bigger breasts is a nice display for the audience, especially the men, but at the end of the day it is only pounds of flesh. It’s silly to think that one could believe that someone’s femininity is or should be in question for anything such as breast size, any other highly glamorized body part, or even the way she expresses herself.

    It’s probably not going to make a whole world of difference in your career, whether you are an office worker or an actress. Maybe one smaller scale, but the grand things of career or just in life, of course not.

    It’s generally not going to help you prevail in the greater sum of things, it’s not going to net you anything of significance. If you are too small or large in your mind, you are really the only one who has to deal with it. I think so because if other people in your life find dissatisfaction or over fascination in a part of your body, you can always confront them with that or completely shut them out of your life. You do not have to listen or be with anyone who detracts your self worth.

    Even when it comes to something as primal as sex and breast-feeding, the size of your breasts is for the most part irrelevant. It won’ t effect your sex performance or prevent you from feeding your children.

    It’s mostly brain-washing of our culture. You cannot tell me that anything is wrong with any of those women physical features. They are all healthy women and are seemingly virile, like a good percentage of women in this country. It’s really sad to see young children 8 year olds and under worrying about their weight, feeling like they are fat or too ugly, or think they need bigger breasts. It would be a fascinating study to see if this exists in other cultures.

    PS, this is to some of the posters above, I’m weirdo, but I don’t judge men according to their height or even their penis size (or their performances). I’m one of those crazy people who like people for who they are…yes really.

    Women may insult a guy, but men obsess over it more than any woman does, trust me. Guys often compare themselves, use as measure of their manhood, and even wonder about other guys who might be bigger than them. And for a select few out there it’s one of the few reasons they are into transsexual pornos. The fetish or curiousity of “women with penises.” The penis obsession is a male-dominated thing.

    It’s not on display, and if a man is not brash about it, I think women will often keep tight-lipped or at worst tell her friends. It’s not like someone a complete stranger or even close relative insulting you in your face constantly about it, because of something like your chest size or just the way you look. It’s not on the surface, much more intimate, if you were celibate or does not sleep with very many people is probably fine.

  128. Dear Lili,

    Some things you said are true but others aren’t.

    Women when young at least, do take fun of guys whom they perceive unattractive. In fact women they actually take fun of other women much more than guys do for their physical appearance. I’ve met many well-endowed women who take fun of flatsy girls. Or fat ones, or “ugly” or hairy (not that there is anything wrong with these things) etc, you get the idea.

    Yes, a penis size is important, at least to a point. Too small and you don’t feel it. And way too big may hurt some women (some will love it).

    But it’s not true that breasts don’t matter at all sexually, size-wise. Having enjoyed both sided of the spectrum, I’ve to say that in the intimate moments, a large bosom is much more exciting and satisfying and playful and soft and warm (in the sense that you can play more games also) then smallish breasts.
    How can you bind small breasts for some S/M games? How can you play at being smothered with a flatchest? How can you put your penis in between them? And the visual excitement of those large breasts will help the men get excited again and again especially in a long term relationship where boredom may happen. So it does matter.

    Now, do I enjoy the sight of small-flatchested women with an elegant blouse even with a long low cut? A LOT! Do they look sexy? A lot! Would I date, love, marry them? YES I did.

    If she’s flat and she jokes with me about larger women, will that make our relationship fun and buddy-like? Yes. Are small endowed women very feminine? Of course (in fact rounder hips for me do that much more than larger breasts).
    But let’s also see the other side, size matters in some situations for breasts too. Don’t focus on that, you’ll get any compliment in the world even without large breasts and you won’t attract stupid guys who are attracted only to that.

    Those comments above from the author are in a light spirit, nothing cruel I think. And for us guys, it’s actually a little bit exciting. It’s the contrast of women who are amazingly feminine and hot, yet, they lack what society expects of them so much in these years (large and sadly, often fake, boobs). They don’t have any generous curve up there, they don’t care, they didn’t go for fakes or padding, they flaunt them so be it, let’s say it: they are flat yet sooo beautiful. This is what makes this so exciting.

  129. Cairo, your words on here are the reason why women want implants. Men will get bored with small breasts, but big breasts will keep them interested. Don’t be surprised on how many womens self-esteem are now damaged due to words like yours, and how many women will now risk their lives to get implants. There’s always someone (like yourself) out there to step up to defend women with big breasts and how much “better” they are, but you don’t hear that with small-breasted women. The only thing we hear is, “Love yourself the way your are, don’t get implants,” and blah blah blah. We never get told how we’re “better.” Ever. We just get told to stay the way we are because there will be somebody out there eventually who will settle for us, even though “naturally” he’ll be thinking about other women with big breasts, stare at women with big breasts, talk about women with big breasts, and eventually leave us for some woman with big breasts because our small breasts will eventually bore him. When you find a site of women with big breasts and there are posters insulting them and saying that women with small breasts are better, let me know. Good luck finding one.

  130. Lily,

    I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you or others.
    This is just one of a million nude websites http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flat-chested/photos/album/0/list

    dedicated to flatchested women along with other millions dedicated to small breasted women. And people who post them or go there are genuinely attracted to them. As I am too.

    Are they better than big breasted women? Is there really a better? For many guys yes, they are preferable. For the majority perhaps no, but so what? What should a short guy say when he knows very well that most women like tall guys for example? Still there will be women who like him.
    Implants look gross, fake, hard, static, ridiculous often. It’s better to accept reality and use it to your advantage.

    I met a woman with aaa tatas who told me that until she padded, almost no-one checked her chest (she padded to a large a-b).
    Once as an experiment she went shopping with no bra and a low cut blouse that emphasized how small she was up there, she got the stare and the smile of many guys looking there and when she bent, at times, guys tried to get a glimpse of her nipples, because at the end of the day, that’s what we all want to see. It’s as if before, padding, she was just another small breasted woman, maybe padded, no big deal. (Guys can tell by the way). Then, natural, she attracted the curiosity of guys thinking: wow, that’s confidence, she’s not ashamed of being flat, she she flaunts it, that’s unique, that’s elegant too (flat women are soo elegant), so they peeked to see really what it looks like. Noone with a brain will reduce you Lily to less than another woman because you have less meat on your chest.
    Now is some meat fun? Yes and you know it too, if you were a guy wouldn’t you like it a little bit? But so what? We are not enemies, it’s stupid life and nature. I fight people who judge people based on whether one is conspired attractive (as in a pretty face ot ugly face) or not, I hate that. I wish nature was identical for all of us but then it would be boring too, so I hope it all gets fixed in the afterlife.

  131. Lily, btw, I think I surrender, raise a white flag, apologize; actually I’ve to say that
    I like you and your tone.

    Sorry for my stupidity. I really like most of the girls pictured here, honestly.

  132. Also,
    This is a wonderful support website for those with a more streamlined torso. I totally agree with it.


  133. What about Marisa Tomei? I thought for sure she’d make the list. I read somewhere that she had implants and she’s still small-she wanted a subtle change but a bit more fullness since she was finally doing some topless scenes.

    Most of these posts expressed how a woman is “lucky” if she is thin and has naturally big boobs. I don’t necessarily think that’s lucky but I guess in our society, that is the “sought after” body type. I also notice that women like Scarlett Johansen are revered as godesses but I find that many times if you have “great tits” you’re lacking somewhere else for instance I wouldn’t exactly kill for her legs. (although I do think she is beautiful I just feel people focus too much on her one body part – it’s what defines her unfortunately) From what I’ve seen, women (celebrities or not) who “are blessed” in the boob area can have cankels, man hands, bad posture, fat stomachs, bulky arms, short stocky legs, or bird legs, square hips, flat no-asses, cellulite, and ordinary’ faces and be considered hot. I think most if not all the women on this list are pretty close to flawless. Most of them have long slender legs, shapely hips and asses, flat tummies, beautiful and unique faces, and a confidence, not to mention talent in one form or another. To me that’s what makes a woman sexy.

  134. Gina,

    I totally agree with you. I go crazy for Maggie Q , her face, body and yet she’s got no boobs virtually..she’s very hot, a million times more than a Pamela Anderson to me, because of her face, thin waist, legs. So to each its own

  135. I guess I’m just trying to make the point, that in our society if you have big tits you are perfect overall and I just don’t think that’s true.  My husband is in the military and goes out to sea for months at a time with men, young and old alike, all races, nationalities, social statuses,  men whose conversations center around women. The consensus is  long legs and slender bodies with a fuller roundish bottom (not necessarily jlo) and smaller breasts make up the ideal woman.  I would argue with him and say no way but he said Hollywood and the media are very different from reality.  Once you get down to it, men don’t always prefer that porn star look and that’s from the horse’s mouth.   I once heard on a radio talk show about a study that was done: men who prefer smaller breasts to huge or fake boobs have a higher iq. 

    Merle, I’ve known many women with c or bigger cup size that look like men with boobs ( fat backs, small square hips, flat rears, thick shapeless waists, cankles,  and huge calves or any combination of these overlooked flaws).  On the other hand women like Shakira, Marisa Tomei, Michelle Pffeifer, Thandie Newton, Gwen Stefani, Bridget Moynahan, Rachel McAdams, Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, etc are the epitome of sexiness and femininity.  12 year old boys??  I don’t think so.   Over the years I’ve known big breasted women who would insult my small breasts but funny when I was single and went out, I (and others like me) would attract the classier men; a man’s man but with a brain and successful lives (I guess a demure woman with an understated sexiness and unique beauty was more appealing bc its rare these days) while they attracted the sloppy drunk forever frat boy looking to score.  I’m not saying that all big breasted women are trashy and unattractive by any means,  but in my personal experience the women who were insecure and obsessed over their big rack usually had train wreck bodies and scoffed at us women with “no breasts”   To them, breasts were everything.  ”I refuse to exercise; I might lose my tits!”. Heaven forbid ….but it just may trim down the fupa…..

  136. Hi Gina, let’s say that it’s true that a woman to be attractive doesn’t need boobs. I totally agree. However there are women whose allure is constituted a lot by their chest. Take Toccara Jones, beautiful curvy woman. Remove her chest and you’d be a little disappointed, right?


    Some women carry that bosom beautifully, others don’t need that (i.e. Miss. Tomei).
    Now, put yourseldf in the shoes of a guy, if you can for a second or a homsexual woman, and seeing that photo of Toccara, don’t you think her endowment contributes in making a men knees weak? Be honest. Sure so do her hips, butt, legs, feet (Yes I love pretty feet), and face of course.

  137. Only about 10 of these ladies are actually flat. Keira Knightley, for example.
    Showing a bad picture of a C-cup woman does not make her small-breasted.
    If the boobs aren’t fake and they’re not given enough support by the dress, even your hottest bikini model will look smaller in her chest area.
    Just so you boys know what to expect when the bra comes off…

  138. Caro, I apologize. You’ve been nothing but polite here. Really! I’m just immature and I guess yes–as much as I hate to say it–insecure. You haven’t insulted anybody, you’ve just told the truth, but you know what they say, the truth hurts! You’re right, of course you can do things with big boobs that you can’t with small. It’s just a fact. No, I can’t smother anyone with my boobs! I shouldn’t let it bother me, it is just a fact of life.

    You’re a cool guy, you haven’t been insulting at all. I apologize for my immaturity:)

  139. Dear Lily,

    You are going through that phase in which we guys for example go through too when we learn that better endowed men can please women better, only in our case it is worse.

    A man will never turn down a woman because she’s got petite bumps (actually many will find that endearing, and it really is). It is understandable instead that a woman may choose not to have an unsatisfactory sexual life and avoid a guy that isn’t that good or really really too small. But that hurts a man infinitely and there’s nothing he can do, forever.
    Instead having smaller boobs is not a big (ops) deal and you could even change that if you wanted (but I don’t recommend it)
    I am not in that situation but I do feel for those guys and I wish there were no differences in attractivity for both men and women. That’s why I hate beauty contests and I never rate a woman as more attractive than another as if I were God..

    But, as I was saying, when guys find out that they are “smaller” there is a time of upset denial at first, then a sad acceptance (your stage) and finally even being pleased of being special, unique, different.
    They make a fetish of it, they even enjoy some “requested humiliation” with a partner who actually loves them no matter what.

    I often gaze at very flat women (that I already like for other reasons) and I find myself very attracted to them, and yet I like mature women, not little girls, so I ask myself why?
    It is because the petite, delicate, smooth shape, elegant lines that those slender-most ladies sport, it is very feminine. As opposed to very large breasted women who are definitely sexy (we can agree on that right Lily?:) but that strength in them, that visual aggressiveness and provocation can be almost masculine, too powerful; So paradoxically a small chested woman to me and to other guys (not most guys but many and you can be happy anyway my dear:)) appears more feminine than the”bomb” ones. It’s a matter of sensibility and also time of the month (at times we are more hungry for meat :) sorry for the vulgarity and at times we rest in the delicacy of more elegant lines. In fact a super bomb like Pamela Anderson looks to me like a transvestite, a guy pushing to be a woman, and much less feminine to me than say sleek and flat Maggie Q.

    I wish you happiness with your body and I know it will give happiness to many guys (upsetting many curvier sisters:). My mom and my sister, both well-endowed, secretly teased my ex gf for being flat chested (but with a nice tush!). Since then I always supported the straighter flowers! But of course I’d be hypocrite if I denied the allure of size. A kiss to you and thank you for making peace with me :) !

  140. I agree w several replies. Nothing wring w small breast. In fact half this list doesn’t belong on the small list, perhaps average. To be honest big breast don’t quite do it for me… Most are fake. Also, not a huge Kristen dunst fan but after seeing her in All Good Things her tits are perfect! Not that saggy at all… Much better than most ESP those after kids. Not a great list, also describing w a negative tone is stupid

  141. No problem Caro! You’ve been classy and mature and kind, I’ve been immature and bitchy. I can learn from you in that area, that’s for sure:)

    I know you’re against implants, but with today’s technologies, I don’t have to be stuck with my breasts the way nature made them. Breast implants will give me self-confidence and security in my physical appearance. I mean seriously, if it really is supposedly about “self-confidence” like people claim, what difference does it make if I’m self-confident with my small boobs or implants? Self-confidence is self-confidence, is it not? What difference does it make how I got it? If that’s what really matters, my implants won’t be a turn off.

  142. a number of those in the list are large b or even c cup. i like the idea of the list, but including jennifer lopez? kirsten dunst? christina ricci? jessica alba? evangeline lilly? they might not be inflataboobs, but none of them are small.

  143. i also disagree that the comments underneath are being insulting. i read it as turning the stereotypical insults around – basically saying yeah, zoe saldana has itty bitty breasts, but she’s zoe freaking saldana and is beautiful. it’s saying you might call them (and us smallies) flat, but you know what? sure, we’re pretty flat, but we’re still beautiful, and we’re beautiful not in spite of our little chests, but partly because of our little chests. they are fantastic.
    i also have one big omission that should be added to the list – natasha khan (aka bat for lashes) who is the most gorgeous woman on earth.

  144. thanks for this site. Now I know that there are still men who will love a girl even if the girl is flatchested. I was feeling low because I don’t have big breasts such as those other celebrities. I don’t want to take any surgery just to make my breasts big. Now I learned to stand out in front of a crowd even if I’m wearing a gown yet don’t have a big breast. Coz i only have a 32B cup size

  145. you forgot to add kate middleton

  146. Allllll of these women are underweight soooo it’s no surprise they have no boobs at all.

  147. some of these women actually have Cs. So…..

  148. breast implants are a way to veer men more from reality and fuel insecurities among girls.

  149. One of the sexiest ladies in Hollywood is JULIE BOWEN… I was ga-ga for her in ” ED ” … she may have one of the most modest chests in the industry, but I’d still like to spend a month with her !

  150. kirsten dunst????her boobs are about the best thing about her……………What about Brooke Shields???

  151. Kelly Clarkson was recently asked in a magazine interview about her boots. She thought that the reporter said ‘boobs’ and said, ‘if you wanted to see my boobs, youll need a magnifying glass.’

  152. Pam got it right completely. If you are small or flat , you are , so what? It’s not an insult. It can be so beautiful, and elegant and sexy.
    Any time I see a sexy woman sporting almost no chest and yet she’s confident about it, I love it.

  153. Lili,

    Did you ever got the implants? If you did, and you are happy , then I am very happy for you. Nowadays they look great and while there’s nothing wrong staying small, you should do what makes you feel better. I am sure you are gorgeous both petite and svelte or curvy.

  154. Now that I saw the Spice Girls reunion for the Olympics closing ceremonies, we seem to have forgotten about Victoria Adams-Beckham. Youd need a magnifying glass for hers too, not to mention her eating-disorder history.

  155. Please let’s not forget 2 wonderful flatsies:

    The argentinian top model Valeria Mazza gorgeous..


  156. and the Italian starlet Flavia Vento, proudly soo small chested and so attractive


  157. I mentioned before the gorgeous Valeria Mazza, please don’t confuse her with Maria Mazza, the so well-endowed Italian beauty, The difference is startling, to each his own.
    There are times when a man needs one type and times when the other type is so desirable.


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