58 Slang Words For The Vagina


Of all the names assigned to parts of the human anatomy, the word “vagina” is perhaps the hardest to say out loud in public. Somehow, the sight and sound of the word tend to make people squirm in their seats, the way posters for performances of “The Vagina Monologues” or my loudly asking people at work for various slang words for the female genitalia did.

The funny thing is, many of the slang words my colleagues and the Internet offered turned out to be much more offensive than its proper word, just like some slang words for boobs are. Some are cute, like ‘vajayjay’, which was spawned by an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. ‘Cock holster’ and ‘furburger’, however, are an entirely different story.

Here are some slang words cunning linguists (sorry, can’t resist) have coined to describe that much-ballyhooed part of the female anatomy.

1. cat flaps
2. ass mate
3. furburger
4. bunky
5. coochie
6. muff
7. pussy
8. grumble
9. hooha
10. poonany
11. beef curtains
12. chuff
13. wunder down under
14. cock holster
15. gash
16. beaver
17. fanny
18. cooter
19. bergina
20. hush puppy
21. southern belle
22. cunt
23. honey pot
24. axe/hatchet wound
25. cherry pop
26. flower
27. vertical smile
28. bearded oyster
29. hooch
30. panty hamster
31. bearded clam
32. honeysuckle
33. vertical bacon sandwich
34. lick-me-please-me
35. passion fruit
36. minge
37. crotch
38. nooky
39. quim
40. pink taco
41. vajayjay
42. slash
43. snatch
44. velcro triangle
45. tongue magnet
46. Vag
47. beefbox
48. slit
49. twat
50. poon-tang
51. Bermuda triangle
52. mud flaps
53. poon
54. bikini bizkit
55. hole
56. box
57. hairy goblet
58. cha-cha

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12 Responses to “58 Slang Words For The Vagina”

  1. [...] nowhere is also quite common; just check out these slang words for more intimate body parts of the female [...]

  2. Most are really crude, but ‘wunder down under’ is brilliant.

  3. One used in Scotland is ‘fud’. For an alternative use of the term, see ‘Barry Ferguson’



  6. whisker biscuits aka wee lil beaver

  7. Here’s some more:

    Cookie Monster
    Camel Toe
    Moose Knuckle … Darn Canadians…lol
    Naughty bits … British
    Baby maker
    Love Canal

  8. In Ireland it’s:
    gee, gooter, gash, minge, box, fanny, hairy hatchet wound, badly packed kebab, snatch…

  9. What about Spam Purse?

  10. fish taco… dont forget fish taco

  11. sausage wallet…

  12. map of tasmania

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