5 of the Worst Gambling Losses in History

Losing at gambling really sucks. I once blew a hundred bucks trying to win a brand-new car at the slot machines of our local casino, and the thought of losing that money, which I could have bought something more useful with, just nagged at me for days on end. Imagine how it was for the high rollers listed below, who’ve lost millions upon millions of dollars on the least physically harmful, but certainly most expensive vice of them all.

1. Zhenli Ye Gon


"Mr. Ye", as he is known on the Las Vegas strip, has reportedly lost $125 million at a number of Vegas casinos over a period of time. Apparently, this wasn’t exactly a problem for Ye, an alleged drug trafficker whose house in Mexico City yielded more than $200 million in cold, hard cash when police conducted a raid.

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2. Kerry Packer


Once the richest man in Australia, the late Kerry Packer is believed to have lost up to $40 million in 10 months, including almost $28 million during a three-week losing streak at London casinos in 1999.

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3. Akio Kashiwagi

This Japanese property developer was once described as “the world’s biggest gambler”. He won big, and lost big as well. He owns the dubious distinction of having incurred the biggest loss at a baccarat table in casino history: he lost close to $10 million in six days at the Trump Plaza in 1992. The following year, he lost a lot more than that: he was stabbed to death in his home at the foot of Mount Fuji.

4. Fouad al-Zayat


Known as “The Fat Man” in gambling circles, this Syrian-born businessman has lost more than $46 million over 12 years of hard gambling. Recently his assets, which include a Boeing 747 jet and a Rolls-Royce, have been ordered frozen upon the petition of a London casino to which he issued a $4 million check that bounced.

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5. Frank Sarakakis

It is rumored that this Greek businessman, who owns a car firm in Athens, lost some $16 million playing roulette at a London casino in 1994. Before that, he is said to have lost a similar amount at the Ritz casino in 1988.

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  1. this is a stupid list. that money is nothing to people like that.

    It’s like us normal people losing a few grand.

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