20 Utterly Useless Signs

Signs are supposed to be informative, and thereby useful. But for some strange reason, many roads, buildings or even stuff are filled with signs that don't come close to helping out anyone who bothers to read them. While a lot of signs out there are quite funny, some are just plain annoying, insulting to the intelligence and totally unnecessary. Check them out below:


Would've been fine if someone hadn't squeezed the word "only" in.


Whoever made this sign warning people of trolls probably had been watching too much Harry Potter and/or Lord of the Rings, or is just a big fan of the Olsen twins.


They could've done this sign in Braille and it would be just as useless.


Thanks for the reminder.


This is the reason why cell phones were invented.


Just in case you mistake this escalator for something else.


Yeah, everyone's a daredevil and would jump off from there.


Oh yeah?


People living here must be really, really stupid, because authorities had to make multiple copies of the same sign, put all of them a meter or so apart, so they can repeatedly warn people not to turn left in a place where making a left turn is physically impossible.


Ahh, so that's what a toilet bowl is actually for.


No shit.


Not really stupid if everyone there is colorblind.



Really, now.


Maybe everyone here's in the habit of touching signs, hence the warning.


Utterly pointless, because no one has any idea what it says.


Someone just spent precious tax dollars to put up a sign warning people about a traffic intersection that's practically just right in front of their faces


Yeah, this one's true, unless you happen to be driving one of those amphibious vehicles we've seen in countless war movies.


Beware of suicidal cows.


What's disturbing about this sign is that it's apparently addressed to the rabbits in bright yellow clothing that regularly pass through those doors.

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  1. Westhttp://img101.imageshack.us/img101/8821/nopeeteacheryesstudy.gif
    this sign is in every classroom at my university

  2. [...] people who wrote them. Whoever made these have mangled the English language so badly they've become utterly useless signs, because they're just indecipherable to anyone who doesn't speak the local language and knows only [...]

  3. Product warning labels are for the weak… I say save humanity, bring back natural selection!


  4. Is there anywhere to get full size files or reproductions of some of these…or info on the original photog? My friend wants the “No Left Turn” full size to frame!

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