20 Notorious Celebrity Nipple Slips + 10 Bonus Pics

Nipple slips among celebrities are becoming as common as boob jobs or nose jobs. It’s not supposedly that big a deal, since what’s in a nipple anyway? But somehow, the public just can’t get enough pics or videos of celebrities finding it hard to keep those precious boob tips hidden. Actually, some do it on purpose, the attention whores that they are.

So here are 20 notorious celebrity nipple slips to brighten up your day!

1. Kirsten Dunst Nipple Slip at the Beach

Kirsten Dunst

Oops, sorry about that “brighten up your day” remark. This photo of the Spiderman star could actually ruin anybody’s day. And to think her breasts looked real good in that infamous upside-down-kiss-in-the-rain scene from the first Spidey movie.

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2. Kate Moss Nippleslip

Now that is one pokey nipple. Stand any closer to it and it’d probably take an eye out.

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3. Adriana Lima Nipple Slips Out!

Adriana Lima

This Brazilian supermodel accidentally lets her puppy out during a photo shoot. Photographers are probably sick and tired of seeing all these supermodel titties by now.

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4. Petra Nemcova Nip Slip

Petra Nemcova

I can’t believe James Blunt gave up the privilege of seeing more than just a Petra Nemcova nip slip. Only an idiot would want to let go of someone with juggs as lovely as Petra's.

Image Source

5. Tara Reid Nip Slip? That's a Whole Boob!

Tara Reid

She was said to be so drunk/stoned during this P. Diddy party that her entire dress could have fallen off and she’d still smile for the paps. But then again, who would actually want to see the horrible implants on this starlet?

Image Source

6. Britney Spears Niple Slip

Britney Spears

We’ve already seen where SPF and Jayden James passed through when they were born, so what’s a nip slip pic, of which she has many? Besides this would have been so much hotter 2 years ago (wait... checking wiki for her b-day... making sure that would have been legal), when she was actually one of the hotties in the business.

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7. Lindsay Lohan Nipple Showing

Lindsay Lohan

Not just a nip slip, but a boob slip! Now we've seen the tit scores of other guys (and women) have already seen up close and personal.

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8. Ashley Olsen Showing a bit 'o Breast

Ashley Olsen

All those millions and she couldn’t buy that tape thingie women use to keep their breasts from popping out. Not that she’s got much to pop out anyway. Same goes for her equally flat chested twin.

Image Source

9. Paris Hilton Nipple Slip Picture

Paris Hilton

Is there any part of Paris Hilton’s anatomy we haven’t seen yet? This socialite, after all, debuted into the public consciousness with more than just her bee stings playing peekaboo, right?

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10. Courtney Cox-Arquette
Courtney Cox-Arquette

Coco must be really hungry. Or just trying to be funny like her actress mom with that tongue-like thing on her breast.

Image Source

11. Ashlee Simpson Boobs!

Ashlee Simpson

Purportedly the first celebrity nipple slip of 2007. And she’s definitely not going to be the last actress to “accidentally” show her boobies this year.

Image Source

12. Jessica Simpson Nipple Slip

Jessica Simpson

If that top of hers would have been any tighter, we’d have more than just a little nip slip on our hands. Those funbags would have popped out and blinded somebody.

Image Source

13. Katie Holmes' Breast Disobeying Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes

Actually, it’s her left knee that’s bothering me. Her chest looks nice, but it looks like somene jizzed on her knee.

Image Source

14. Mischa Barton on Weed. Her Boob on Something Stronger.

Mischa Barton

Seems like this ex-O.C. star has a nip slip or an upskirt pic taken every week. This is just one of ‘em. Go get naked already and show us those cans you’ve been teasing us with for years.

Image Source

15. Penelope Cruz Topless (sort of)

Penelope Cruz

That water must have been really cold for this Spanish beauty’s nipple to prune up like that. But pruned or not, she still has the loveliest bosoms in Hollywood.

Image Source

16. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

The person who took this photo is lucky the temperamental supermodel didn’t have a cell phone on her when this picture was taken. Or he would have seen winged hooters chirping and playing merry-go-round around his head.

Image Source

17. Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church

She may have the voice of an angel, but none of its modesty. Then again, even angels will probably get drunk and flash their racks at anyone these days.

Image Source

18. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Wardrobe malfunction my ass. Ironically, the look on Justin Timerlake's face makes him look like the "boob" in this photo. Or the “tit”, whichever you prefer.

Image Source

19. Mandy Moore Tit Hanging Out

Mandy Moore

One of the least likely ladies in showbiz to be ever caught with a nip slip, but here it is. I guess standing too close to Jenny McCarthy could turn the most virginal girls into exhibitionists. Having her cherry popped by Fez could also have had the same effect.

Image Source

20. Sophie Marceau

Nice vid of this French actress accidentally letting it out at Cannes. And she looks embarrassed! Now that’s a rare thing for French women in showbiz. See if you can name one major French actress who has yet to show her knockers onscreen.

Bonus: Here’s 10 More Amazing Slipups

1. Emma Watson Peekaboo

Alright, not really a total slipup, but we all can dream, can’t we? Just a little imagination and you’ll see a bit of the ta-tas of the most beautiful young British actress today.

2. Elisabetta Canalis Downblouse

What does it take to see down this gorgeous Italian actress’ dress? A pervy cameraman of course. But for a much closer and more intimate look at those delightful mammaries, you gotta be George Clooney.

3. Avril Lavigne Bikini Malfunction

Call her a pretentious faux punk rocker, but there’s no denying this pint-sized singer is hot. She may have tiny cupcakes, but hot nevertheless.

4. Beyonce Chesticles Popping Out

Even when her bikini bails out on her, this diva still exudes attitude. Even her airbags has attitude.

5. Cameron Diaz Slipup

Even if this slipup made it to the final cut of her recent movie with Tom Cruise, it still would have flopped, as her co-star is a much-bigger boob.

6. Serena Williams Boobs Go For A Dip

She may be more muscular than most men could ever hope to be, but this tennis star’s bazongas look big and soft enough to act as airbags.

7. Stephanie Seymour Cougar Tits Say Hello

Doesn’t matter how old she is. This supermodel is way too gorgeous for her age, and she has the body and the boobies to prove it.

8. Miranda Kerr Photo Shoot Areola

This is a photo shoot gone wrong. Or, gone very right.

9. Sophie Monk Baby Feeders in a Bikini. Or out of it.

She’s wearing a bikini that’s totally meant to get anyone’s jugs to pop out. And we’re not complaining.

10. Helena Mattsson Pink-tipped Tit

Lovely Swedish actress, delightful Swedish areola. We could only hope she’d show more boobage in the future.

Have you had enough of all these hooters from actresses, singers, models and sports stars? Is the Pope Catholic?

Of course we know these will never be enough. And we’re in luck. The year is still young, and we have months of star boobage ahead of us, so stay tuned!

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  2. To Miri Cohen. For a woman You are a sexist and a pervert. So you think by having men show nudity you are fighting equality? Give me a break! You think it is ok to degrade men as a result and call it even or empowering?? You women have enjoyed getting away with murdre all these years because you are female while men are being called all kinds of names. Public would not considered a woman to be a r4pist, violent, bad mother…etc. So go ahead, bring it on, let people know women can be just as notorious and one day, women can no longer enjoy the benefit and play the victim game!!

  3. Yoohoo:
    If you were a man, which you clearly aren’t, I wouldn’t waste my time on you. Male nudity is beautiful for the same reason female nudity is beautiful. No one’s the victim here. I just like naked flesh.

  4. where’s the Cecilia Sarkozy (French First Lady) nip slip? THAT’S the one I want to see!

  5. Ok eo45… I’ll try to dig that up. But if she’s like 62 I’m going to be pissed!

  6. no…she’s 49; attractive in a “Jackie O” style, only French! The odd thing is that her nip slip was in the news a week or so ago, and I Googled it on my cellphone…saw the pics, but they were tiny on the phone. Now, a week later, it’s impossible to find any mention of it, never mind pics. I’m thinking vast , left wing conspiracy…but who knew the French had the b@lls?

  7. i really love your boob. and could you be my girlfriend. I am 26 years old 113 pounds. i have a lambogini. it is yellow and sharp looking. my house is 2472 feet squares. i hope you can come at this comming friday at 3:00pm sharp.it will be at somewhere i will contact you. you are ashley olsen. kisses. have sex with me i love you. lol . i am not like that. the thing about your boob is fake. i am not a pervert. i am serious. if you dont belive me then see me at friday and i wll think of a place and conact you tommorw. who ever read this can you please send it to ashley olsen. ps: you have a hot body!

  8. “I love you jane…” I’m a creep… but you sir, are CREEPY.

    if you’re not a chick, and you’re 26 at 113lbs… that would make you about 5’3? You’ll need that lambo buddy.

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  21. 95% of those girls are 22 years old.

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  24. I think all the nipple slips were sexy hot. But they would all look sexier and hotter totally naked. I loved the upskirt photo by Britney Spears when she was in the car with Paris Hilton. You could see her entire vagina and it was sexy hot looking and shaved totally.

  25. All photos were hot and sexy.

  26. awesome. i just wish there were pics of more popular ones. nice vid

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    no…she’s 49; attractive in a “Jackie O” style, only French!

    Sorry but she’s British – Welsh!

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    Your arguing in a nude celebrity conversation.

    Take this to myspace you dumb bitches, were trying to enjoy the pictures here.

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    You would think she would have done an under the boob, or even a tubal…but right on the darn nipp….gross. That defeats the purpose.

  33. Tara Reid seems to like her nip slip

  34. @Miri Cohen: nip slips are more common than cock slips… Men and women enjoy nip slips, few men care to see a cock slip… Lol

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    i totally agree with u

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