19 Pornstars With College Degrees or Higher

We all know you don't need a college degree to become a pornstar.  Many highly-paid pornstars didn't go to college. In fact, a lot of men and women in the adult entertainment business never even got to finish high school. But before you dismiss them all as uneducated people who only have sex, sex, sex on their minds, be aware than some of them actually have college degrees. Some may even have higher educational achievements than many of us.

Here's a list of 19 porn stars who have college or higher degrees tucked under their belt. If you know of any more similarly-educated porn stars, please don't hesitate to send them in through your comments.


1. Tera Patrick - BS in Biology and an AAS degree in nursing from Boise State University.


2. Gen Padova – A UCLA graduate, with Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts.


3. Calli Cox – Has a degree in middle level education from Eastern Illinois University, and was teaching 8th grade English before getting into porn.


4. TJ Hart – Graduated with a triple major in psychology, sociology and art, with a minor in early childhood education from the University of Colorado. She was also member of the 1988 US Olympic swim team.


5. Ron Jeremy – Used to be a teacher, making good use of his bachelor's degree in education and theatre and a master's degree in special education from Queens College in New York.


6. Nina Hartley – Graduated magna cum laude from San Francisco State University's nursing school, and is a registered nurse.


7. Juli Ashton – A Colorado State University graduate, with a degree in Spanish and History. She subsequently taught Spanish at a junior high school before she caught the porn bug


8. Joanna Angel – has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in Film Studies from Rutgers University.


9. Audrey Hollander - Graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Elementary Education.


10. Lexington Steele – Earned a double degree in History and African-American studies from Syracuse University.


11. Bobbi Starr - Holds a music degree from San Jose State University. She is currently a pre-med student, aiming to become a gynecologist.


12. Laurie Wallace – Not only did she graduate summa cum laude with a double major in German and political science from Loyola College in Maryland, she also attended law school at George Washington University.


13. Lisa Sparxxx – This pornstar who holds a world record for having sex with 919 men in the space of a day has a Master of Arts degree in Multimedia with a minor in Business from the University of Kentucky.


14. Mika Tan - She studied at the San Diego State University en route to a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and an Associate's degree in Psychology.


15. Dave Cummings – Currently laying claim to the title "oldest active male pornstar", Cummings has both a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Public Administration. To top it of, he also used to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army.


16. Shy Love – A certified public accountant, having earned both a bachelor's and a master's degree in accounting.


17. Careena Collins - Graduated with a law degree


18. Selena Silver – finished university with a degree in Marine Science


19. Mandingo - has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

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32 Responses to “19 Pornstars With College Degrees or Higher”

  1. All the same, you get people with degrees all over the spectrum with worse jobs than porn stars.

  2. just goes to show you – your college degree does NOT define who you are!

  3. Just to add to the list; I seem to remember reading that Mary Anne has, or is currently at university.

  4. Ex-Porn Star Charlie Angel attended Parson’s in NYC and got a degree in something dealing with the arts.
    She’s back in school now getting/has already got a Masters.

  5. You forgot to include Annie M Sprinkle, PhD

  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jelena_Jensen
    Jelena Jensen went to college at Chapman University in Orange County, California and graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2003 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production with an Emphasis in Producing

  7. Surely Mensa member Asia Carrera belongs on this list?

  8. No fucking way is Bobbi Starr getting in Medical School!! Med Schools go through your background with a fine-tooth comb. You think fucking on film is going to help her in applying to med school? They do interviews as a part of the application process!! You fan boys are fucking idiots!!!

  9. gay pornstar Zack Randall has a philosophy degree also with minors in history and music. he’s also a chess champion.

  10. and Aria Giovanni?

  11. DAmn! That a Lot Now this makes me thing Why Did they even even Make Porn!
    Their Smart as People can be !
    Damn( Sorry For Too much damnedness)
    Really Smart People Making porn What next Stupid People Inventing the Next Cyborg :D

  12. What does that mean, “Scythe” – smart people can’t be proficient at sex? only dummies give great blowjobs? an advanced degree means that one’s carnal side has been overridden by the cerebral?

    While you’re trying to process all this, a small suggestion:

    learn to spell.

    Then maybe you too can be qualified to do porn…

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  14. reading the last 2 comments i felt pity for them.
    Learning is supposed to make better people who is able to think and choose good from wrong. It also includes respect for themselves.
    If they wanted to sell their body so that some pervert can masturbate looking at their body then why all the education.
    list includes teachers who was supposed to teach morality to children and i think they are not to blame its their society.

  15. “reading the last 2 comments i felt pity for them.”

    Funny- I felt the same for you.

    “Learning is supposed to make better people who is (are) able to think and choose good from wrong (right from wrong; good from evil). It also includes respect for themselves.”

    Learning helps people understand that there is more than one way to think or act or live. ‘Good and wrong’ are subjective, and differ from one person to the next. One person feels that being open about sex is wrong, while feeling that bombing another country or beating someone senseless on TV for money is fine..

    If they wanted to sell their body… then why all the education.

    We all sell ourselves- athletes, telemarketers, assembly line workers. We sell ourselves for an hourly wage, or better, if we can. Most of do not enjoy the work we do, but can still find room to put others down for choosing another path. Morally judgmental, or merely envious?

    “list includes teachers who was supposed to teach morality to children”

    I checked the list again, and found not one person with a degree in morality. Political science, law, art, history, but sorry- no morality. If morality is to taught, it is to be taught by parents, so teachers can teach the courses they are qualified to teach, spending less time on crowd control in the classroom.

    “and i think they are not to blame its their society.”

    I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. I suggest that many Americans like the idea of a plural society, but don’t like to live in one, because it means admitting that their way to live is not the only right way.
    The people on this list made choices for their lives; you don’t have to agree with them. You don’t like what they do for a living? Don’t watch their videos, or buy magazines with their photos. You don’t even have to discuss them on blogs like this.

    But please, don’t post some drivel like “people who is able to think and choose good from wrong” (grammar, dear one- high school grammar) mutter about self-respect, and consider yourself somehow superior to educated people who have taken responsibility for their own lives (and probably make more money than poor pitiful you).

    It seems you are the sad one…

  16. Mr. Wright,
    I sincerely appreciate your comments through out the above conversation- especially the most recent.

    I am a college graduate, twice over, yet the way our society functions means that my favourite career choices will leave me living in poverty. In Japan, for example, teachers are revered and respected. In many other countries, teachers are NOT one of the lowest paid professions. There seems to be an understanding that those who teach are molding the future. However, here in the states, teachers live just above poverty and are expected to instill values and ethics that should be taught at home. As Mr. Wright said above:

    “If morality is to taught, it is to be taught by parents, so teachers can teach the courses they are qualified to teach, spending less time on crowd control in the classroom. ”

    Often, this is not the case.

    As such, I have considered time and again becoming a part of the porn industry at some level. Sadly, people in our society are willing to pay, and in some instances, big bucks, for their sexual fantasy fulfillment, but not for decent food, books, and clothes for their children. I stand to make six figures in porn, whereas I stand to make about 32K if I go into teaching. Even after I reach tenure, I may only be making 55K.

    Being that money makes the world go round, the choice appears very simple.

  17. Stop trying to show everyone how ‘intellectual’ you are.

    Get over your giant inferiority complex and stop consistently trying to prove how much smarter you are to other people.

  18. Kristle,

    what pornstar makes a 6-figure income?

  19. “just goes to show you – your college degree does NOT define who you are!”

    were you high when you wrote this comment? a person with an engineering degree is an engineer and a person with a medical degree is a doctor. but you wont understand those achievements because you never had any.

    you seem like a sad troll to me supporting them pornstars. sure we love jerking off seeing them but that does not make their job socially acceptable. this goes back to the question, why do we wear clothes? why not just walk naked on the streets?

  20. Hi, ‘tminc’–

    Let me see if I have an accurate understanding of your post:


    If you fully believe this statement of yours, you are fortunate to have lived such a privileged life. In many countries, however, there are taxi drivers with medical degrees, and hotel doormen trained in engineering. If, in the world you live in, everyone who completes a course of study at the university level has a job waiting for them, you are fortunate indeed, and I’m sure that many people around the world would like to know where you live- expect a population boom!

    You must know that, even with a degree, one must also be certified and/or licensed to practice their profession, in many countries- not all, of course, but certainly USA, UK, Japan, France. Therefore, a person with an engineering degree is not an engineer and a person with a medical degree is not a doctor, until they are licensed by the governing body of their profession, in the state/province/country in which they intend to work. In the US, a doctor licensed to practice medicine in California may not practice in New York, for example, without applying for a license from the NY State Board of Health; each state also has its own State Bar for attorneys, and other similar bodies license various other professions.

    This is the reason why there are people with doctorate degrees who, upon immigrating to another country for whatever reason, find that their degrees issued by their home countries are not recognized in their new resident country; so, they find other work.

    You also said:


    I may not be tall, but I’m neither a troll nor sad. You are a member of your society. If you “love jerking off seeing” porn, but find it “socially unacceptable” in your society, you are the sad one: you are either deliberately engaging in anti-social behavior- by your standards, not mine- or you are a hypocrite, no better that the police and politicians and clergy who denounce prostitution publicly, and yet are also regular customers.

    Lastly, you wrote:


    Good question; why do we? Or, more to the point, why do YOU?

    I know why I do: because I choose not freeze in winter and freeze in summer- the outdoor temperature in winter, and the air conditioning indoors in summer. In my space where I live, I don’t wear clothes much, because I control the climate: 72º F (23º C) works for me, year round.
    There are people who are offended by the naked human form for some reason- and more offended by the female form, since men are allowed to be shirtless. I choose not to offend people needlessly, so I dress out of consideration for others- it’s part of being a responsible member of a society, to consider the general public in any situation that does not compromise my own values.

    So, just sum up, I do not derogate porn performers. I watch porn, and I will not be hypocritical about it. You, on the other hand, want to say it’s a bad thing, until you want to get off, and have no one else to help except these “socially unacceptable” beings whose job is precisely to service people like you and me- through their DVDs, photos, websites and magazines.

    You can’t have it both ways: if they’re socially unacceptable for doing it, you’re socially unacceptable for watching.

    Make up you mind.

  21. Oops, my quotes didn’t post – sorry!

    Quote #1 was:

    ” a person with an engineering degree is an engineer and a person with a medical degree is a doctor.”

    Quote #2 was:

    “you seem like a sad troll to me supporting them pornstars. sure we love jerking off seeing them but that does not make their job socially acceptable.”

    Quote #3 was:

    “this goes back to the question, why do we wear clothes? why not just walk naked on the streets?”

  22. I love porn stars.
    Anyone who enjoys watching porn yet cannot appreciate and respect the porn star as a decent human being is very confused.

  23. @ tminc – your views are antithetical – they make no sense.

  24. To Scott Wright
    Mr Wright , i guess you have become super wise and i think you have become more wise than you needed to be. I think you i am going to see porn of your educated sister, mother, brother and wife very soon. In this film your brother will fuck your mother and sister and also your wife. I think your highly educated mother , sister, brother am wife will make really a very nice porn as they are educated well enough and they will apply their education in this porn film. I guess you will enjoy this highly artistic film and you will be proude to tell your friends about their success and application of academic knowledge in this film. Good luck for your family.

    What Mr Wright ? Did it sound much pathetic for you ? Why ? When you enjoy other porn stars body then it feels very nice. Then what about your family ? mr bullshit wright , just think that these peoples also have family like you and me. Making a porn is never application of knowledge. I am not here to tell my opinioh if porn is wright or wrong. I just want to tell these educated people had much more things to do than the job they are doing now. And it is time to make the people back to their normal life. Otherwise he can be anyone of us , who will see that his beautiful and clever daughter to start her career in porn film after taking an university degree.

  25. Hi, Sajib–

    Thank you for your comment. If I understand your point of view accurately, my family will be (should be?) involved in porn, because I do not consider porn to be wrong. You went even further, by saying that my family would find incest to be acceptable, merely because I do not consider porn to be wrong.
    You also suggested that those involved in porn “had much more things to do than the job they are doing now”, and that someone (like you?) should “make the people (go) back to their normal life”.

    This is what I understand from your comment; please permit me to respond.


    This one word represents a world you do not seem to understand.

    In my life, in my travels, I have seen women enduring lives they did not choose, subjected to disrespect, derogation, physical and emotional abuse- not from a career in porn, but at the hands of their spouses and family, who claim to love them.
    I have seen women ridiculed, condemned and ostracized for attempting to live a life of their own choosing: to wear what they choose, to speak their minds in public, to disagree openly, to refuse to be submissive to any and every man, simply because he is a man.

    The women in my life do not come from such a world.
    I have two beautiful and clever daughters; I also have two beautiful sisters (no brother, sorry). If any of them had chosen a career in porn, I would have no problem with their decision- provided that it is THEIR decision. And believe me, it would be, because the women in my life are strong, intelligent, opinionated, fearless. They were raised to be so, taught to be so, encouraged to be so.

    And yes, if any of these four women chose a career in porn, I have no doubt that they would find a way to use their intelligence and their point of view, to create something that is representative of who they are. And I would be proud.

    If your statement, that “making a porn is never application of knowledge”, the same could be said for many other jobs; that doesn’t mean the people who work in them deserve to be disrespected. I also do not choose to disrespect someone who is involved in a job I have no interest in.

    I do not smoke cigarettes. I do not drink alcohol. I consider war- all war- to be the single biggest crime against humanity.

    And yet, I do not hate smokers, or the people who make tobacco products, nor do I treat them with disrespect.

    I do not hate people who drink alcohol, or the people who produce wine and spirits, nor do I treat them with disrespect.

    I do not hate people who serve in the military, or the people who choose to create war, nor do I treat them with disrespect.
    For those who choose to create war and weapons of war, I feel sad for them, at times I am angry with them, because they choose to destroy life and peace for the sake of greed, fear, thirst for power, or some misguided feelings of patriotism and/or religious justification.

    To live with a respect for pluralism is to believe that there is more than one way to think, to live. There are many people in the world who disagree and, sadly, choose to disagree disrespectfully (Mr Bullshit Wright? Was that really necessary?).

    You facetiously said “i guess you have become super wise and i think you have become more wise than you needed to be”.
    It is not possible to become too wise.

    Wisdom is defined in English as the quality of having good judgment, based on knowledge and experience, accumulated over a period of time. Yes, I may be wise in certain aspects of life, but my most important lesson was learning that, no matter what I think or believe, there is still another way to think, and believe.

    Accept the fact, Sajib, that not everyone will live life according to your standards; they will make their own choices- to be involved in porn, for instance. Rather than getting angry or being disrespectful, you could instead exercise your choice not to watch or read porn.

    That way, the world that finds such things acceptable, and your world that disagrees, need never intersect.

  26. Where is Sylvia Saint in it ????? She was a professional accountant before joining porn industry.

  27. [...] there's something wrong with porn. Nothing except that porn stars just aren't fit to lead. 19 Pornstars With College Degrees or Higher I do not see the problem, Imperialist. I am more horrified the princesses whom are being sold [...]

  28. what a bitter set !
    why read this if you don’t like porn, why watch porn?…just pretend it doesn’t exist porn doesn’t hurt anybody in fact it may make a lot of ppl better, at least horny boys n men don’t have to rape..They can jerk off.
    Who said porn stars can’t lead…the first ones are leaders in their industry and it is indeed a billion $ industry. Movie making is legal and once they do not infringe on the rights of others acting is in fact a very good skill and career. There are hundreds if not thousands of webcam model..indeed porn models…this is a new phenomenon..maybe in the last decade or so….and what of this not the market availability

    How much of our top careers pay royalty, which I am sure is what some of these porn actors, get passive income.
    Many, many choose porn as a way to fund school, many opt out many remain. the sex industry is so big and why is it so big because it fills a need, the societies, our society, the global society has a need an insatiable sexual appetite…therefore the porn becomes cruder and cruder…male and female alike love it…whoever cannot appreciate porn and the people who facilitate and provide us with the service has no touch with their own sexuality and lives a pointless life, for procreation or slavery like the lower animal in the animal kingdom.

    Consider your arguments b4 u bash, let ppl lead the lives they choose, that y democracy is best, n no need for the bitterness

  29. Aria Giovanni is currently studying, although she doesn’t say exactly which career it is, she often mentions she has tests via her twitter account.

  30. [...] forhold finnes i alle bransjer. En slik generalisering er bare teit. La meg ta noen få eksempler (og ikke tro at det bare finnes noen få): Asia Carrera, kjent fra bl.a. Hot Crotch [...]

  31. I don’t think anyone could argue that spending money on porn is as beneficial to society as most other industries.. doesn’t mean its not done though.

    Anyway, stop being so caustic. Insulting intelligence and checking grammar.. you must have some confidence issues.

  32. Ok, considering there is a major factual error by saying TJ Hart was a member of the 1988 swim team plus. There is no record of her under real name on the team or swimming competitively at that high of level. Let’s rename this article, pornstars who claim to have a college degree. I know we think pornstar biographies are totally factual. But, there’s a reason most places insist upon your college transcripts when you submit a resume.

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