138 Slang Words For Breasts


It’s fascinating how the human mind is capable of coming up with a myriad of names for things that can otherwise be straightforwardly called by its real name. Like breasts, for instance. How difficult is it to say “breasts” when talking about the human mammary glands? But then again, that would be extremely boring, wouldn’t it? “Tits” or “boobs” sound a lot more fun. Even more fun are the dozens of slang words for breasts I’ve dug from the ‘net, which run the gamut from celebrity names to Disney characters (!). Many of them actually don’t make sense to me, and I don’t expect them to make any sense to you either. But that’s where the beauty of the phenomenon we call slang lies. It doesn’t have to make sense to be accepted and widely used.

Feel free to add your own favorite slang words for those lovely mounds of flesh that seem to be a favorite of readers of this blog.

1. Abbott and Costello
2. airbags
3. B1 and B2
4. babaloos
5. baby feeders
6. badoinkies
7. balloons
8. baloobas
9. baps
10. bazookas
11. bazoomas
12. bazoombas
13. bee-stings
14. Ben and Jerry
15. Bert and Ernie
16. Berthas
17. bijongas
18. billibongs
19. blinkers
20. Bob and Ray
21. bombs
22. Bonnie and Clyde
23. boobs
24. boobies
25. boobsters
26. boops
27. bosoms
28. bottles
29. boulders
30. Brad Pitts
31. bristols
32. bumpers
33. cans
34. cantaloupes
35. cha-chas
36. chesticles
37. chumbawumbas
38. coconuts
39. cupcakes
40. dairy pillows
41. Danny DeVitos
42. David and Goliath
43. devil's dumplings
44. dinglebobbers
45. dugs
46. dumplings
47. Durantes
48. Eartha Kitts
49. Eisenhowers
50. flapdoodles
51. Fred and Ethel
52. funbags
53. gazongas
54. George and Gracie
55. gobstoppers
56. God’s milk bottles
57. Godzillas
58. Goodyears
59. goombas
60. grillwork
61. headlamps
62. headlights
63. high beams
64. Holmes and Watson
65. honkers
66. hood ornaments
67. hooters
68. hubcaps
69. hummers
70. Isaac Newtons
71. jahoobies
72. John and Paul
73. jugs
74. kagemushas
75. kawangas
76. knockers
77. Lewinskis
78. Lilo and Stitch
79. magambos
80. Mahatmas
81. mammaries
82. mau maus
83. melons
84. Mickey and Minnie
85. Mike and Ike
86. milk bombs
87. milk jugs
88. milk wagons
89. milkmakers
90. milkshakes
91. Mobutus
92. mounds
93. muffins
94. Mulligans
95. Murphys
96. nay-nays
97. neeners
98. ninnies
99. norks
100. num-nums
101. pair
102. palookas
103. Pia Zadoras
104. pillows
105. puppies
106. pushmatahas
107. rack
108. rib bumpers
109. rivets
110. rotors
111. shabba-dos
112. shlobes
113. shmozobs
114. snow tires
115. soombas
116. speed bumps
117. splazoingas
118. squachies
119. tatas
120. teetees
121. Thelma and Louise
122. tishomingos
123. tits
124. titties
125. torpedoes
126. Tweedledee and Tweedledum
127. tweeters
128. twekkers
129. Volvos
130. wahwahs
131. whimwhams
132. Wilsons
133. windshield wipers
134. Winnebagos
135. wopbopaloobops
136. yahoos
137. yazoos
138. ying-yangs

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57 Responses to “138 Slang Words For Breasts”

  1. you forgot “the girls” in the slang for breasts

  2. firstly…sum of 5 and 6.that was sooo difficult took me ages.

    but BWWWAhahahahahahahahaahahahahah
    nice list.
    nice site actually.just came across it

  3. [...] and the Internet offered turned out to be much more offensive than its proper word, just like some slang words for boobs are. Some are cute, like ‘vajayjay’, which was spawned by an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. [...]

  4. I love the slang no.135 the “wopbopaloobops” lol. Well speaking of boobs, does anyone here see the boob clash in clash? Wherein they featured Jump Rope Bounce and Busty Hitomi Tanaka bounces videos being clash. It’s is priceless.

  5. jubilee bits

  6. You left out 2 of my favorites, sweater puppies and fun bags.

  7. how bout “the twins”

  8. Just read a great phrase on another site – eye magnets

  9. Tot-tots, hefties, jigglers, twin peaks

  10. You forgot Pershings and sweater meat…

  11. Yats
    Manny and Mo


  13. I always understood it to be Gazonkas not gazongas. Maybe it is just one to add to the list. I can say they are all beautifull to me. I have coined another one BANGERS, you know how they tend to bang together durring certain times HA. I love it.

  14. The ‘Top Shelf”

    and if they’re big

    “she’s got a fully stacked top shelf”

  15. Diddies (a good Scottish one that – as in the phrase ‘Gie us a swatch of yer diddies’.)
    Dairy Fun Bags

  16. Suckers……….drool meat………nipple nibblers………
    vanilla milk/chocolate milkers……..


  18. [...] List of 138 Slang terms for Breasts. [...]

  19. dylan and shelia

  20. bodonkadonks

  21. [...] God’s milk bottles 57. Godzillas 58. Goodyears 59. goombas 60. grillwork 61. headlamps 62. [COLOR=orange! important][COLOR=orange! important]headlights[/COLOR][/COLOR] 63. high beams 64. Holmes and Watson 65. honkers 66. hood ornaments 67. hooters 68. [COLOR=orange! [...]

  22. Sex orbs of love

  23. [...] Marks & Spencer has put out adverts in the national press with the headline “We boobed”. Full story >> VOCABULARY This ad features a play on the word boob. If you boob (or make a boob), you make a silly mistake. But boobs is also one of many slang words for breasts.  [...]

  24. One of my all time favorites was what i used to call my mums was fruity two buns?

  25. Hey you forgot cones and its dirty pillows not dairy pillows

  26. Gok Wan calls them bangers…

  27. what about Nunga-nungas

  28. forgot jubblies!!

  29. [...] Listaholic alphabetizes 138 different slang names for the female breast. Some seem forced,while others made absolutely no sense. There were, however, quite a few I’d not heard: whimwhams, muffins, kawangas, and dinglebobbers top the list, which just proves that when men don’t understand something, they either rename it something goofy or make fun of it. [...]

  30. Hymie and stymie

  31. forgot bolt-ons!! for us girls with the falsey fun bags!

  32. [...] To New Boobs Posted on December 10, 2009 by Cheryl Savit I know I should not use the term boobs to describe my breasts. Or, the one breast I still have and the two new ones that will be formed [...]

  33. My personal favourite…Chebs!!

  34. [...] On that note…here are 138 slang words for breasts [...]

  35. [...] Boobs just aren’t very aerodynamic.  Wait, is it called something else when it involves water?  I asked Elly’s brother Drew.  He knows everything. me: is it still called aerodynamic if its about fish? DrewL: hydro DrewL: unless they are flying DrewL: but you can use aero DrewL: no one cares DrewL: they are just fish DrewL: poor fish [...]

  36. in sinhala:


  37. Where are the badonka donks?

    And here’s more:

  38. Anyone who’s seen ‘Mock the week’ will know this one from Russell Howards vocab – ‘Tattybojangles’

  39. smeebs, casabas, tata-tonsters and tittles for the little ones

  40. Tatty bojangles :’).

  41. Sweater Puppets — TShirt Dancers

  42. Woodward & Bernstein… b/c, u know, Deep Throat;)

  43. [...] jugs; if you haven’t guessed I’m talking about breasts. They can be called by a different name, 138 names in fact, but every woman has a pair. Breasts come in a variety of shapes and sizes but all serve the same [...]

  44. [...] passionate about…I took him literally. Knockers, boobs, ta-tas,the twins, titties and so many other terms are used to describe one of God’s greatest triumphs….breasts. Breasts  to me are [...]

  45. BONGO’S!

  46. My Favorite: Dairy Pillows! hahahahaha

  47. Every name on this list that’s a famous duo, character, brand of car or celebrity needs to be removed from this list.

    Who the fuck’s going to know what you’re on about when you say ‘I bet those are fake volvos.’ or ‘Those danny devitos are soooo nice.’ Yeah, REAL great.

  48. [...] you gotta love this. A German young man threatens to repossess his ex-girlfriend’s boob job if she doesn’t pay back the loan he made for her before the break up. [...]

  49. OK, here are a couple

    Breasticles – Navy boobs
    Boobcicles – Um, yeah, really cold

  50. Sweater puppets

  51. [...] words to describe them. You can even make words up and people will get it. I found this fun list of 138 names for breasts, which isn’t close to all-encompassing, but has so many that I haven’t ever heard [...]

  52. Mancuffs.

  53. [...] Talking of boobs actually, I wonder if any other women experience crippling pains in theirs at all? All my boob-bearing life I have experienced random stabbing pains every now and then. Sometimes they are not too bad and other times they take my breath away, I have a feeling it is muscular related but I cant be sure. I am not worried about it or anything because I’ve had it for years, I just wondered yesterday, when bent double over my laptop clutching my right boob, if anyone else had to deal with it! I actually really hate the word boob. I need to find a new word because breast doesn’t really sound appealing either, it just reminds me of ducks. ‘Tits’ is a word solely reserved for the use of builder types and ‘knockers’ are reserved for lads mags. There is no word to describe boobs/breasts that is actually female friendly. In fact I have just looked up slang words for said part of the female anatomy and here is the list I found – I was particularly amused by entry no. 40 – Dairy Pillows. Hmm…I dont think it’ll catch on somehow. 138 Slang Words For Breasts. [...]

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  55. utters and moon balloons

  56. What, no sweatermeat?

  57. Yoko Ono
    Hippie and Punx

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