12 of the Most Horrifying Torture Devices in History

I’ve sat through all the Saw and Hostel movies, and I wasn’t the least bit affected by all the gore. It was all crappy special effects anyway. But reading about how the most horrifying torture devices in history--the real ones-- worked, is an entirely different thing. Maybe I just have an over-active imagination, but by the time I got to torture device no. 12, nausea was already setting in. I was thinking about listing at least 20 of these infernal contraptions, but I had to stop lest I throw up all over my keyboard.

I remember a scene in the TV series Jericho where the mysterious character Hawkins says “the prospect of torture is a much more effective means of interrogating people” or something along those lines. Too bad hundreds of thousands of sadists over the centuries didn’t know that, and proceeded to inflict on their millions of victims the worst pain imaginable, which, more often than not, resulted in a very painful death. Here are some of the twisted devices they used to do just that:

1. Heretic’s fork


One end of this device was pushed under the chin, the other into the sternum, with the strap securing this torture tool to the victim’s neck. Immobilized and in great pain, the victim will have to mouth off the Latin word “abiuro” (I recant), or they’ll end up being hanged or worse, burned at the stake.

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2. Lead sprinkler


This tool, which kinda reminds me of a holy water sprinkler, was filled with either molten lead, tar, boiling oil or boiling water, then used to bless, errr, torture its victims by dripping its contents on their stomach, back and other body parts. Sounds like standard S&M practice to me, only with a greater deal of pain.

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3. Thumbscrew

There are many variations on this torture device. Some were designed to slowly crush fingers, while others were built to do the same to toes, knees and elbows. Just a simple vise, really, but extremely painful.

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4. Tongue Tearer


Countless heretics and blasphemers had their tongues roughly torn out with this simple device. My, weren’t they the popular ones during those times.

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5. The Rack

The rack is a contraption designed to dislocate every single joint in its victim’s body. Tied across the device’s board by the ankles and wrists, the victim’s body is then pulled in opposite directions by turning rollers at either end of the board. Great way of relieving a bad back, if you ask me. Of course, the subsequent pain caused by the multiple dislocations is another story.

6. Breast Ripper

This one is self-explanatory. Many women condemned as heretics, adulterers, blasphemers had their breasts ripped out using this device.

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7. Iron Maiden

Not the 80s heavy metal band, but the iron cabinet found in Nuremberg, Germany. The interior of this device is lined with strategically-placed sharp objects that is intended to torture a person unlucky enough to be put inside it. These spikes impaled the victim in the eyes, the chest and the back, but usually missed vital organs, so as to leave the victim bleeding profusely and in great pain, but still alive for a period of time.

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8. Crocodile shears

Had this device been still in use in the 20th century, people like Lee Harvey Oswald or John Hinckley, Jr. might have thought twice before doing the deeds they are infamous for. You see, captured assassins of kings in late medieval Europe often had a date with this device, which is actually an iron pincer with hemicylindrical blades that formed a long narrow tube when closed together. Teeth or spikes lined the inside of the blades, which are first heated until red-hot before being clamped on the victim’s penis. When his sex organ is “cooked” enough, it is then torn out from his body. Ouch.

9. Judas Chair


The Spanish Inquisition was said to have made use of, among other things, the Judas Chair, also known as the Judas Cradle. Victims were hoisted up by rope or chain and then made to sit on the pointed tip of the pyramid shaped device. You get the picture.

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10. The Pear


Commit sodomy, adultery, incest, heresy, blasphemy or sexual union with Satan (!) in Medieval Europe, and chances are, you’ll get this intricately-decorated device inserted into your mouth, rectum or vagina. A screw mechanism then makes its pointed “leaves” expand while inside any of those orifices, resulting in severe internal mutilation. Yikes.

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11. The Wheel

This device is known by many names, such as breaking wheel and Catherine wheel, but it only means one thing to those who perished by this means: pure agony.

The Wheel is more like an execution device, but the hours before actual death is excruciating. The victim is tied to the side of the wheel, then gets every bone in his body shattered one by one by an executioner using a hammer or an iron bar. Victims of this form of torture often took hours, or even days to die. Some were “fortunate” enough to be granted “mercy”, in the form of fatal blows to the chest or stomach.

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12. Brazen Bull


This is one particularly brutal torture/execution device. From Wikipedia:

"The brazen bull is an execution/torture device designed in ancient Greece. Perillos of Athens, a brass-founder proposed to Phalaris, Tyrant of Agrigentum, the invention of a new means for executing criminals; accordingly, he cast a brazen bull, made totally of brass, hollow, with a door in the side. The condemned was shut up in the bull and a fire was set under it, heating the metal until it became "red hot" and causing the person inside to slowly roast to death. So that 'nothing unseemly might spoil his feasting', Phalaris commanded that the bull be designed in such a way that its smoke rose in spicy clouds of incense. The head of the ox was designed with a complex system of tubes and stops so that the prisoner's screams were converted into sounds like the bellowing of an infuriated bull. "

No way those who were roasted alive in this device looked anything like the serene faces in the above picture.

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UPDATE: Here are 10 more torture contraptions

1. Knee Splitter


A popular torture device during the Inquisition, the knee splitter does what it says: split victims' knees and render them useless. Built from two spiked wood blocks, the knee splitter is placed on top of and behind the knee of its victims. Two large screws connecting the blocks are then turned, causing the two blocks to close towards each other and effectively destroy a victim's knee.

2. Inquisitional Chair


An Indian fakir would absolutely love this chair, but not those victims of the Inquisition who were unfortunate enough to sit on it butt naked. Strapped tight to it with leather straps, those who sat on this chair felt the pain of hundreds of sharp and rusty spikes piercing their flesh, and that pain is magnified even more when torturers decide to press them down against the spikes. For added fun, torturers heated this iron chair and effectively roasted slowly the poor unfortunate souls sitting on it.

3. The "Boots"


If you think the Knee Splitter was murder on a person's lower limbs, wait til you know what the "Boots" were about. This horrible piece of equipment was made up of wedges that fitted the legs from ankles to knees. Pure pain ensues when the torturer violently pounds the wedges with a large, heavy hammer, a process that is done repeatedly until flesh and bone are completely destroyed, with some victims even gushing marrow from their crushed legs.

4. The Spanish Tickler


The Spanish Tickler tickled its victims pink, and ultimately very red as this device, also known as the Cat's Paw, ripped and tore their flesh away from the bone, targeting any part of the body.

5. The Skull Splitter


Just as it says: it splits skulls. This one resembles an angel's halo, but there's absolutely nothing angelic or holy about it. Inside this halo are very pointy spikes, which are driven into the side of the victim's skull as the screws on the outside are tightened. The skull splitting part comes when the torturer either grabs the halo by its handles and jerks the victim side to side or hoists him or her into the air, by those very same handles. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the top of the victim's skull is violently removed by the aforementioned actions, and that brains tend to spill out all over the place in the process.

6. Head Crusher


Here's another torture device with a self-explanatory name. The chin of the victim is placed on the lower bar, When the questioning starts, the screw starts to turn and the cap is forced down the victim's head. Use your imagination to see what happens when that cap is pressed all the way down a person's head.

The amazing part is, the Head Crusher is said to be still in use up to this day for interrogation purposes.

7. Revolving Drum


Think of this one as somewhat akin to grating cheese, only this one grates a human torso ever so slowly. A popular tool in Spain for extracting information from prisoners many years ago, the Revolving Drum calls for victims to be put into it face down, their heads through the upper pillory and their legs firmly strapped. Their torsos pressed against a spiked drum, the prisoners are then asked questions. Any sign of resistance, and the torturer then slowly rotates the drum one full revolution. This process is repeated, and torturers even go to the extent of placing weights on the backs of victims to further press their torsos towards the spiked drum and cause more pain. The result, naturally, is death by very slow disembowelment.

8. Spanish Donkey


A number of medieval torture devices have the word "Spanish" attached to it, but this one is probably the most gruesome. The Spanish Donkey gave victims an unimaginably horrible ride, and here's why. Victims are put astride, naked, the apparatus, which is actually a vertical wood board with a sharp V-shape wedge on top. Varying weights are then attached to their feet. Eventually, the victim's own weight and the extra baggage cause the wedge to slice through their bodies, splitting them in half. Yikes.

9. Rat Torture


This method tortures both man and rodent, but it is man who tends to end up dying a horrifying death. A victim is completely restrained, and a full-grown rat is placed upon his or her stomach. The rat will be confined within a cage placed on top of it, which would then be heated, freaking the rat out enough to frantically burrow its way into the only way out: the victim's stomach and intestines.

10. The Saw


Who would have thought that one of the most useful tools ever invented by man could also become one of the sickest? The saw, which has helped mankind slice through trees en route to building houses and shopping malls, also has a dark past as a torture / execution device. And the way it was used would make the strongest of stomachs churn out its lunch.

Victims of this indescribably brutal device were made to hang upside down, legs spread apart. Even this position has a purpose: to fill the victims' heads with blood, and therefore allow them to remain conscious as the torturers work the saw through their crotches, sometimes up to their midsection before they pass out or die. Just imagine the sound the whole process would have made, with the saw's serrated edge making contact with flesh and bone with each back and forth motion, on top of the victim's bloodcurdling screams of agony.

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  1. FIRSTS!!!1!!!!!

  2. According to Wikipedia, the Iron maiden is actually a hoax.
    “Historians have ascertained that Johann Philipp Siebenkees created the history of it as a hoax in 1793. [..] The Nuremberg iron maiden was actually built in the 19th century [..]“

  3. add a little liquid and i bet you could rename that last one the “braisin’ bull”, no?

  4. wow…. little ironic that the church utilized these…

  5. People just had nothing better to do back then. What kind of mind did it take to think of something like this

  6. Angie,

    Yea, seriously! Who could think of something this sick?!?!… oh wait, are you talking about the torture device makers or me for writing this?

  7. They forgot one more thing: n00bs. New, but effective. On a more serious note… I’m HELLA glad I’m living in the 21st century. As opposed to to having every joint dislocated, or getting some weird expanding pear shoved up my arse. Damn.

  8. wont those heretics ever learn?

  9. the brazen bull is the sickest. read the wiki article… talk about a reward for your hard work!

  10. Think twice about adopting religion.

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  12. These are so twisted, I hate torture and blood, but I couldn’t stop reading. Awesome post, but there are some sick minds out there. I always think about the people who knew they were going to be put on the wheel or something, what do you think about like 5 minutes before?

  13. What would I be thinking 5 mins before? id be thinking about the objects closest to me and if i could kill myself with them. as for Snarf saying that the Church using these as being ‘ironic’.. do you understand what irony even is?

  14. No, the sickest is the crocodile shears. WTF!!!!??

  15. Damn! Thumbscrew is very cruel :/

  16. “Think twice about adopting religion.” – Bruce

    Well, as many of these were because of heresy I’d think twice about adopting the WRONG religion.

  17. I noticed that your 12 torture devices were all European designs. Were the European torturers more heinous than, say, the Chinese torturers? They had some rather nifty little gadgets, too.

  18. The current methods used by so called civilized governments today (including sensory deprivation, white noise bombardment) are far more effective and a lot easier to clean up afterwards!!

  19. The worst one seems to have been missed out…..

    Cant remember what it was called, but basically it was an upturned wire basket which was placed on the prisoners stomach as he lay flat on the floor. The top of the basket had a hollow into which red hot coals were placed and underneath live rat was put in the basket on the prisoners stomach/chest.

    The coals werent designed to burn the victim but to hurt the rat so much that the only way for it to escape was to eat its way through the stomach/chest of the still conscious prisoner!

  20. … And the number one most horrifying torture device in history?

    Paris Hilton.

  21. Just a footnote on the Brazen Bull. I have read in historical documents that the first victim of the device was ironically, the inverter Perillos. Just goes to show that no good deed goes unoticed.

  22. Did you get these pictures from the san Diego museum of Man’s human torture exhibit?

  23. kickass, what would be really cool though is a version of the iron maiden made out of a high density clear plastic, cylindrical in shape with hundreds (thousands?) of holes which you could insert thin sharp objects into, would need some way to keep them in maybe a simple mechanical solution like those on a zip tie or something. least then you could see the fruits of your labor and they could watch you do it…

  24. This is horrible. Did these people have no empathy whatsoever? How could they do that?

  25. What you people fail to realize is this was the norm back then. It was no different to them back then as things are to us.

    It wasn’t immoral, wrong, ignorant, hateful, mean, nothing.. It was the way of life.

  26. wow…this is probably the most boring thing ive ever read..i mean come on! They had to punish people somhow…i wish i had those devices and a couple subjecs..id have some fun ill tell you wat!

  27. Wikipedia is not a reliable source of factual information. Anyone can define anything there, inaccurately, unproven or just plain made-up. It is NOT an encyclopedia, or a valid research resource. Anyone believing anything they find there should seriously consider visiting a Library instead.

    That said, their is much controversey about the history of the actual Iron Maiden device. It is not a complete hoax though, as one has been found and has actually been on display in museums. Another one is reported to have been found as having been used as recently as Uday Hussein.

    If these accounts are both true, then the device cannot be a hoax. Please consider the source of information before arguing speculation as fact.

  28. 101 and 1 things to do in the middle ages

  29. Yeah to all those who say these are cruel and unusual twisted and sick, are you hidding something are you subconciously scared that you may be confronted by these “tools” as the post regarding the instrument shoved into the urethra inside the penis says wouldnt some of the crims around these days reconsider pullin the stunts they do, and just for the bible bashers out there Fact : More deaths have been caused by religion than any other man concious or man made decision, bring these items back dont fuk up dont get ya tittys rippd off :)

  30. To Roger,

    First I thought to be streched to the point where you dislocate every joint in the body must be extremely painful.

    BUT EATEN ALIVE by rats most be the most bizarre torture really, because you would be more conscious through that process the whole time.

    How could people be so EviL?

  31. hecate……………you’re fucked up, man.

  32. The church tried to kill everyone who didn’t agree with them because they can’t handle competition. Now that they can’t kill people just because they don’t agree church atendances are going down. People are starting to realize that trying to avoid man’s true nature is futile, it’s like trying to deny your instincts (which technically it is exactly that…). No offense to Christians, but I don’t think God is the savior. It’s not the followers of Christianity that I’m disrespecting, just the religion. No Christian that I know has ever disrespected me, and I won’t disrespect them. however, Christianity has, in the past, disrespected my religion and I am simply returning the favor to the religion that disrespects me, not the followers (although I will do this if a follower disrespects me).

  33. I wish I had some of these torture devices and a lot of test subjects. I’d have so much fun.

  34. I think people who make fun of my SEO work should be subjected to these tortures. I work hard to make cloaked sites and so on. I am tired of people making fun of my work. I can drive millions of visitors to your site and anyone who says otherwise goes on the rack and then into that bull.

    Brian Carpio

  35. These forms of torture are very cruel and were very common in earlier times, especially to punish those who did bad crimes. But one torture device that was utilized by Hitler during his reign was this, and it would only be used on men.

    First, they would undress the man completely. Then, they would get a woman in the room to get his penis fully erect. Then, they put a glass vial over the erect penis. Then they smashed it so all the glass stuck into the penis. Then as the penis got flaccid, the glass stuck in even further.

    That is horrible. Is it not?

  36. I’m sure this is only a tip of the Ice-burg listed here, some of these methods where used up to the late 1800s. Relics of these devices are still found in parts on europe and asia. I am also sure that every civilization had it’s own ways of dealing with those who did bad crimes.

    If we were to look back into time, we would see many crimes against the innocents, ie, scholars being punished for discovering lunar eclipses or gravity.

    Ignorance and lack of understanding can lead even the most sane minds to commit a crime.

  37. some here choose not to see the ultimate serverity , ignorance and irrelevance imposed by these tortures

    I put it to you, you need not be a victim of fear, before making such ill thought comments, remember, those people who suffered, were not unlike your brother, sister, mother, fater, lover, your children, your sisters children, the people closest to you in life.

    Please think before making such ‘blood on your hands’ comments

  38. ohhh man yall seriously are like grossed out by this stuff. its nothing really…. i could totally like think of stuff much much cruel. actually that what i do in my spare time… none of this stuuff is even personal enough… (i did enjoy judas’s chair)

  39. so… i think i should like make myyyy own list of like stuff i make up… totally going toooooo its like gonna be totally great… hmm a better version of the hitler glass thingy would totally be to like shove a glass rod into the penis when its like erect an bend the penis to break the rod and then jack them off. or drowning some one in a litter box full of cat diarhea (i tell my boe-fren imma do that to him quite alot) hee hee

  40. This is sad, but it was life back then. People went through hell then and they go through hell now, if life were perfect then there would be no progress. I’m very grossed by the way people got punished and how people are still punished, i don’t agree with prison because i know how it feels to be caged without any bars or cells needed. As for the penis torture, thats pretty sick nevertheless people in Iraq who are in prison or whatever, they get to have their penis tied up by a rope that they lose the feeling while conscious so it doesn’t really make much a difference then the old punishment. Oh and to those who live in USA, please don’t vote for the republican who wants to be president, i heard that the national republicans want to ‘fix’ people like they do to pets so we can’t have babies, they think the world population is too big. So if you plan on having kids, i wouldn’t vote for that person if i were you.

  41. To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure and the beginning of a new life. I wouldn’t be afraid of going through any of this because it all has to end at death and i believe there is life after death, not meaning ghost but to be born again as somebody or something else. Don’t fear death or death will chase you and be knocking on the door before you know it. Pain is beautiful, just not a bliss and that thing they stick up the vagina and stuff is really………….ehem, words fail me……….um………yeah……….

    I’ll just shut up now -_-

  42. evry difrent culture has had torture devices in the past, it was a normal thing and was used to punish people. i think it was a good thing for those who were very bad, because these days someone can murder many people, and all they get is maybe 10 years in prison. they’re not getting hurt or nothing. punishment was good back in the old days and dey deserved it. of course some people were wrongly accused and punished, that would have been very out of order and bad. some people were punished for beleaving in the wrong religion, and i mean brutally punished to a slow painful death, even to children. Some mothers were made to kill their children and eat them, and then wear their children’s skin around their neck as a necklace to show shame for not changing religion. this is very wrong but it happened alot. i myself would have changed religion rather den having to kill children.

  43. Interesting stuff!

    I survived a psychological state indicative of all that myself in 2001-2007 on and off. Psychiatry eh! A freind who is a bare knuckle fist fighter managed similar. Been drug free for a year now and feel great!

    They said Satan used to roam the London Dungeon this was because 97.5% of the patients had gone furvently psychotic.

  44. I think I want Shark girl 666′s phone number.

  45. In not suprised the moderation is taking so long, bit of a wake up call isnt it.

  46. Ok dont worry, its not exactly the best way to get the point across I think, sorry.

  47. Anyone who thinks this is awesome and wants to try this out on people do not know what it would be like to be that person, just imagine what the person would go through, be the person that would die like this and just imagine the pain. That’s why you seriously need to get some help.

  48. Who me? The comment about Sharkgirl may have been sarcasm?!

    I dont seriously need to get help if you mean me, tried that a while ago for a bout depression due to extenuating circumstances in my life at the time (it happens to us all at some point) and in pretty much the same way peanuts can kill due to a biological variance and how there are infinate biological variances and many different kind of drug all of which are handed out like $weets with no consideration whatsoever other than that you feel down at the time………………………..

    Well lets just say peanuts are better for depression.

  49. DAMN! I wouldn’t thought of those in my life… Something so cruel and brutal… Those people didn’t have hearts. Talk about modern technology…

  50. “Wikipedia is not a reliable source of factual information. Anyone can define anything there, inaccurately, unproven or just plain made-up. It is NOT an encyclopedia, or a valid research resource. Anyone believing anything they find there should seriously consider visiting a Library instead.”

    Actually, it goes through a group of some kind that scrutinize it before it is posted. It also makes a note of whether or not sources are quoted, plus if something is obviously very untrue, like an urban legend, it is immediately deleted

    “Just a footnote on the Brazen Bull. I have read in historical documents that the first victim of the device was ironically, the inverter Perillos. Just goes to show that no good deed goes unoticed.”

    That’s also the legend behind the Guillotine, although it is a myth, the creator died of natural causes.

  51. @ Douge

    I assume you meant “inventor” Perillos. I also assume you meant “no good deed goes unpunished.”

  52. I think it’s a little unfair to call Christianity evil because horrible things have been done in the name of god. Horrible things can be done in anythings name, I know there are quite a lot of wackos who’ve done horrible things in the name of satan for example. And saying you are only disrespecting it Mr Satanist cause they disrespected yours, is a bit hypocritical. Complaining about being treated in such a way (which you weren’t even alive to witness or feel the repression of if we’re talking about medieval religious persecution) and then turning around and treating that religion the same way you were treated makes no sense. But blaming Christianity is pointless. Look at Hitler and the holocaust for example, not done in the name of god, but because of race. And that was the most horrific injustice to ever take place. I think pretty much every religion on the planet had been persecuted at one point or another by some other religion, one religion doesn’t come above all others as to blame for the most horrible shit they’ve done. I mean Christians were persecuted in medieval Europe by Catholics as well, Christians(hebrews) were enslaved as far back as the Egyptian times if you are going to say Christianity is what invented religious persecution and suffering >____>; I mean look what the Jews did to Jesus. To me every ‘religion’ seems to carry an equal amount of blood on their hands. I guess I just don’t see the argument as far as all this is concerned. And blaming god for the horrible things done in his name is like me killing 20 people and saying i did it in Mr Satanists name. No one looks at Mr Satanist as the evil force behind the death and destruction, it would be ME, just a person, doing horrible things. Just like how those Spanish Inquisition guys were just people, choosing to do horrible things just cause they had the power to, and blaming god just cause some bad men tried to use him as a paltry excuse for all this is kinda sad x(

    on another note though I find the torture devices scary as well as fascinating o.o makes me kind of glad I didn’t live in a time where these were all common practices cause that would be enough to scare me into living in a cave and never coming into contact with civilization(?) again. x____x; What is it about human nature that can drive people to this level of barbarism? I mean it seems like people today wouldn’t even have the stomach to dish out this kind of torture. Even todays most depraved serial killer wouldn’t have the balls to do this shit o.o

    I mean what exactly is the point of all this? Any intelligent person can see the glaring fault that lies with using torture to acquire a confession. Were people really so blind to logic back then? A man will confess to anything under torture regardless of whether it’s true. And afterwards these people are usually killed anyways. Or an innocent person is left to rot in prison the rest of their life with some horrible injury. So it only serves to scare people into conforming? Because it’s not like they’re doing a public service by keeping guilty people off the street. Or maybe there were just a lot of twisted fucked up people in medieval times who just liked to watch other people suffer x.x It’s a hard thing to try and wrap your brain around either way.

  53. I have always said that by doing this with men’s balls (granted its not the same) they’d think clearer. Hey (JK) we do it with bulls, cats, dogs, horses etc…!!! Be worth a shot

    Seriouslly, i am kidding!

  54. i think the breast ripper , crocodile shears , judas chair and The pear were the grossest . of couse i already knew about the judas chair , ugh …. and no offence to anyone for whatever i said , i know it was the norm back then ……. actually all were pretty excrutiating , i mean , think about the rack !

  55. I’ll take 2 crocodile shears , 1 thumbscrew, and a judas chair. To go.

  56. i think you guys forgot that guy in the netherlands that stuck a 3 inch wide poll up your ass. in passed all your organs so you were still alive and put finished it up by putting the end through you mouth. then he would stick you in a field. of couse you were still alive chocking and dying from starvation and still being alive with all that pain. people wrote tha they stayed alive for days. (with a poll up your ass and coming out your mouth,) and the thing was like 3 inches wide!

  57. hi, this is brianna and kelsey in human heritage we are learning about medieval times and we thought that we would look at some torchure devices and we thought that these we the utter most horrifing thing we have ever seen. It made out vagal areas hert, our tongues, heads, butts,backs,ribs,and BREAST. even though we are only in the 7th grade we think that this is AWFUL :|

    the ones that interested us was the

    1. Brest Ripper
    2.the pear
    3. Judas Chair

    those were our top 3.


  58. :@

  59. If someone told me that they are currently being used at Gitmo, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  60. eww…..i looked this up for my project for the 8th amendment….gross.

  61. I think that these people had many good ideas and that they were good inventors. I don’t think that its fully right for them to use them, but if it’s not on me, I don’t give a fuck, although it may be fun to go through a couple… Or to have some test subjects and make them go through these tourture devices, I’d have soooo much fun! XD

  62. wat about the rat digging into your body from the outside going into the inside.. sick

  63. Well I knew there was trture devices but I got the whole picture after I read it….I cannot read it without making a verbaliation like oh!,…Oh god!,,,Thanks for giving us a nice collection of tortue devices…


  64. God damn thats really . . . well wow!!! Althoughit did really capture my mind. This was amazing. Yet very fucked up.

  65. Hello, sorry but could my above posts me taken off please? I don’t want to scare people too much. Although I have been drug free for years now, at the time I had only been off the drugs for a relatively short while and was feeling disgruntled and uninhibited.

  66. Ignorance + Fear + Tribalism + Sexual Repression + Sadism + Power + Bloodlust + Voyeurism = Medieval torture.

  67. I found this site to be interesting. Although I’m not into the cruel and unusual punishments in this lifetime, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be one of the ‘victims’ of said tortures. What interests me, is that while I was looking at this devices and reading about them, I wondered if maybe in one of my past lives, if I could have been one of the torturers. Even though I’m not the same person I’m still the same spirit. Freaky thought!

  68. Satanist, I’m sorry your religion was disrespected by Christians, obviously you were disrespected by what i like to call a proud Christian. But not all Christians put down other religions. People get to make choices in there lives, and that’s the beauty of life, but in the bible god tells us that he wants us to spread his word. He wants Christians to save as many people as we can, because as you know, we believe that there is a heaven and hell, and i know that i wish no one to be banished to hell. You think these tortures are bad? They are nothing compared to what the devil himself could do. At least those people died, when you go to hell you are tortured for all eternity. That is why Christians try to convert people to Christianity. It isn’t to disrespect other religions, it is to save you.

  69. Why did I search ‘torture devices’ on google…Oh why…

  70. There are confirmed reports that POW Jessica Lynch was repeatedly whipped on the soles of her bare feet and also given electric shocks through her earlobes and pinky toes.

  71. The crocodile shears looked painful. I can’t believe people would do that to a man’s penis? I am glad I am a woman, lol.


  73. That guys balls will be cut in half

  74. Leo Benard is a dumb fuck if I ever saw you I would put you in one of these devices, you are a waste of space and dont deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of the good people in the world

  75. I miss the good ol’ days of torture. I mean, these days, how could we recognize if a woman is or is not a witch ? Surely she won’t tell us so easily if we can’t torture her. How can we get rid of an heretic in a fancy way ? We can’t because torture is illegal. I think that’s just not fair, western civilization sucks.
    Nowadays the only cool guys imho are the Muslims: they cut head off, hang, torture, stone womens to death and make themselves explode (I guess because they want to bring a lot of people with them in heaven, what an altruistic act !). A way to return in the good ol’ days could be to become a fundamentalist in some religion like Islam.

  76. [...] course I don’t condone torture but like many people my idea of  torture revolves around devices, use of electricity and nails etc etc.  But honestly ow do you differntiate between roughing up a bad guy and scaring him to get [...]

  77. all of those torture devices are awesome and look quiet painful and fun to play with

  78. Nice collection… However, i would say that modern methods are far worse, especially those employed by Al Quida and third-world terrorists. For instance, melting plastic on people, blow torches, drilling hands, denailing, eye removal, fabric irons, the works. I don’t want to get drafted into any war against those people XD
    Too many sadists in this world of ours :(

  79. Torture is not about getting information. It’s not really even about punishment. Most people who were tortured didn’t even commit the crime they were accused of. Medieval Europe’s standard of justice made Rosco P Coltrane look better than CSI.

    Most of the “crimes” themselves are jokes anyway and probably were at the time, too. The “moral” crimes in particular were certainly mild compared to what the authorities were doing in their own bedrooms.

    The “crime” served only as the excuse to torture. The only crime that mattered was the crime of not being like by the authorities.

    Torture is about dominance and submission. It is about ruling by violence and fear. Any authority that practiced torture could not justify its existence by any other means.

    Torture is done for the sheer enjoyment of the torturer. It makes them feel powerful. Some of these devices are just too ornate and too creative to have been invented by somebody who just wanted to bludgeon somebody into confessing. They were invented by people who derived great enjoyment out of inflicting pain and constantly sought out new and creative ways to do it.

  80. Okay, people, if you hink it’s gross, get over it. That’s what they did, you can’t help it now, it’s barbaric. WE KNOW. Don’t add a stupid comment like, “oh! thats gross!” There Are a few things I’d like to respond to on that. A) Use correct grammer and spelling people!
    B) It’s Human Nature. We love seeing others’ pain. Don’t try to deny it. We find it hilarious. iT’S JUST HOW IT IS..
    And C) There’s not much you can do about it!

    I’d also like to talk to a few of the people who say they’d like to “see” or “use” these devices, I may have said it’s human natue, but that’s truly disgusting. Please. I doubt you’d be able to even stomach the results or even the duration of it. Once again, PLEASE. Stop trying to be “cool” and freak out the masses.

    I happen to agree with the Christianity debate, though. They did invent most of these things! Creepy. But, like I said before, Human. Nature. I’m probably half the age of all of you, yet, I can make a bit more intellectual reply than, “ew that’s gross!”

    It is here, that I’ll shut my big mouth, and get out of your hair (and waste space with my rants)…

    And again, just keep your little, petty comments to yourself.

    Have a nice day now, fellow Atheists.
    I resign, Autumn.

  81. If only the perverts performing these twisted acts on people for silly things like heresy and what-not used their imagination for more useful inventions…like indoor pluming or something. It took way too long for people to figure out how to get clean. That may be my nutso clean-freak talking though.

    But yeah, they did some fucked up shit back in the day. Sounded like fun. HAH! Just being silly.


  82. you all forgot times were difrent they didnt have guns or bombs so the used what they had rope metal and torutred people they were scared of what couldn’t be exsplained my god if you had a headache migrain they would think you wrere posessed and stick a screw driver or bolt thrpugh your brain try to push the devils out sick of course you would die so then you wrere bad if you survived then you were good how stupid could people be , but they were. now days we do this and much worst knowing what we do and still we choose to do it so who is realy the sick fuckers they were or we now . u decide?

  83. [...] against My brand-loyalists shall be persecuted prosecuted to the full extent of your imagination.  Take the Heretic’s Fork out of the attic!  De-mothball the Tongue Tearer!  By all means, un-retire the Breast [...]

  84. omg this is so sick, but it helps me with my history h/work so ty xoxox i guess we can all count our lucky stars that we didn’t live in that time. this is one of the reasons why i don’t adopt christianity, or in fact any other religion. why should we when all we learn about is how they used to hurt people who didnt follow their religion???

  85. I am into torture devices… but these are just painful. I have heard about some of them but not most. Great job for information and pictures… but curse the people who came up with this sort of pain. (My favorite is the iron maiden. Great job.)

  86. ok ppl im doing an assignment on the rat torture but ive also found some stuff out about the other tortures in my reasearch and yes it was the norm back in those days but these tortures are still really cruel and a lot of the time the punishment didnt fit the crime i mean they used to torture women who had a miscarrage! how can they help it if they have a miscarrage! like i said cruel punishments for minor crimes, and miscarrage is NOT a crime!!!

  87. O_O
    i can imangne doing this to someone! it would be fun
    *shudders* i really should stop thinking….. >=]
    (google sadomasicist…..)
    my personal favs are:
    The Inquisitional Chair, iron maiden, the skull splitter, Judas Chair and the Spanish Donkey

  88. A note on Hilter: he was motivated by both religion and racial supremacy. On religion, there is a group that is not associated with this cruelty, the atheists. Being an atheist myself, it is easy for me to justify if they did happen to do this (as would many members of other groups) but to my knowledge it did not. Oh, and Scientologists, but I think they are close to it (research some of their more unorthodox practices to see why). On these devices, I am glad I did not live back then.

  89. I like these techniques, altho there are a few missing pieces.
    For instance I would say try a rusty knife for multiple things.

  90. Sick!…..how could some people be so evil to as come up with such devices! it sickens me just to think about being one of the victoms of one of these tortures!

  91. Wikipedia is NOT checked before it’s posted. It goes live as soon as you hit the SAVE button. There are specific exceptions, such as semi-protected or protected pages. But no reasonable teacher or instructor will accept Wikipedia as a citation. A good place to start, yes. But a definitive site? No.

  92. Seriously, this is the sexiest page I’ve come across for ages.


  93. whats the Hiya person talking about, this is torture not drugs so talk abouit torture.

    i’ve had such an interest in torture and the methods and devices for so long. But for the silly little kids who say ‘woo i’d loooove to try these on people! it would be totally awesome!’
    Lets see how much you enjoy having your tits ripped off or having every bone in your body snapped :S mmmm sounds totally hotttt

    yeah really interesting list!

  94. The two worst devieces that you people had left out were the chasity belt and the algerina hook. First the belt it was like cast iron underware that you could not take off to pee or poop. and the holes around the openings are small and jagged so nothing can get put in….well you know where. that also included toilet paper and sanatari pads for the women. so think of the smell and the feeling of walking around like that in your own filth. And the hook it was a giant fish hook that was shoved through the chest of the victom. it would miss vital organs and the person would be hoisted up and left to hang with their body weight being supported by the hook and their rib cage. It would take them weeks to die in agony. Usualy death by starvation.

  95. Queen of all lists and Angie,

    Angie, Said:
    People just had nothing better to do back then. What kind of mind did it take to think of something like this

    Queen of all Lists, Said:

    Yea, seriously! Who could think of something this sick?!?!… oh wait, are you talking about the torture device makers or me for writing this?

    I think she means the torture device makers, you only wrote it you didn’t make them up.

  96. how do they think of these anyway

  97. how do they think of these anyway?

    absolute vengeance, Said:
    What do you mean FIRSTS!!!1!!!!!, I know you meant FIRSTS!!!!!!!!! but why FIRSTS?

  98. FIRSTS!!!1!!!!! what do you mean?

  99. FIRSTS!!!1!!!!! wat do yoyu mean, the first post it says that.

  100. Oh Lawd, Is it weird that some of them turned me on?

  101. ive heard that in india they used to kill an elephant make an incision in its intestine, they then used to place the victim (naughty boy) in there then sew it up and as he was digested alive he was also eaten by rats as they eat there way in. lovely

  102. I like chocolate covered scrotums

  103. that rat one looked pretty damn painfull ouch is right i mean thats just cruel

  104. Lol everybody just remember. A Sadist (eg someone who would use these tools) is just a masochist who knows the 1 golden rule (do unto others as you wish to be done unto yourself) ROMANTIC!

  105. Some forms, like being broken on the Wheel, and being hanged in chains (gibbetting), were used to intimidate others, e.g., the leaders of a slave insurrection.

  106. It’s my Christmas list I want all of them

  107. Woah! This stuff’s nuts! I mean, it makes you just shiver in that queasy feeling of mixed painful disgust! Like dude, why the Hell (no pun intended) did they come up with this stuff!? xD

    Though I do agree with whoever had said he could come up with even more cruel ways/items to torture peeps, but that’s beside the point; anyone could come up with equally/greater shit than this stuff. You just gotta be really, really imaginative and have LOADS of time of your hands.

    Back to the point of the comment, thanks Mr.Author of this article, great information for my upcoming project! Hope you post more!

    “Hope” in the nicest, least morbid/selfish/disturbing way….

  108. glad to live in 2009……..those deaths were slow and just had to absolutely suck….im not interested in dying period……but if i gotta…just shoot me

  109. ha look at all the dumbasses commenting on this page. some are funny. some are more funnier. i wish i had a few of these devices to use on myself. fun night

  110. I have to comment on this dead thread only to point something out about wikipedia vs library books: Wikipedia may have a lot of nonsense written by normal dorks in it, but just because someone went to the trouble to publish something does not make it fact. One could easily argue that those willing to go through the protracted and expensive process of publication are more likely to lie, not less; if you have a lot of money riding on a book’s success, fudging the truth for entertainment purposes, taking creative license, or “livening up” a story is something many people would not think twice about doing. So DON’T RELY ON THE MAINSTREAM SO MUCH, THEY HAVE PLENTY OF REASONS AND OPPORTUNITIES TO LIE THIER ASSES OFF!


  112. i was about to throw up when i read the last one

  113. Did you know the iron maiden was designes to miss the vital organs?? The saw was proven inefective because the victim was not stabilised. There was also another one with the saw you can add called the human clamp, it was invented by the chinese i believe. Also the dunking chair, used to dunk people in and out of water for a day with a lever arm. I know i may be twisted but ive found a way to bisect someone: tie both ectremities on a tree to the person is back to it and stuck to it, cut the tree so it falls the oposite way… snap.

  114. That was church for ya when they still had power.
    Belive, or els!!!!

  115. Oh and do not forget the evil water on the face and playing music throughout the night by the evil GW Bush.

  116. i know plenty of people that still deserve these kinds of punishments

  117. i wud have no probelm using any an if alll of these methods on people who think its ok to rape and kill women. to hurt and molest an innocent child. i mean why wud you give them the easy way out? clothed them, give them a roof, and 3 square meals, with no responsibilities. i wudnt have them die. id instill all the pain they cause the individual and their families. all the pain that they went thru

  118. U guys rly have no lifes….commenting on a torture website… hell cool….

  119. I agree with vlads gay.. get a life you doushes

  120. u spin my head right round right round

  121. If you have a hard time believing that people were capable of doing these torturious acts….

    Just read the comments….

    Half the thread is sick….

    Sad…. So, sad….

  122. Wow. People were really inventive back then…… kind of a testament to just how much hate and confusion they were harboring…

  123. This is how Christianity has established itself all over the world. Shame on the Church. Awakened people of today, time to kill this virus named Christianity.

  124. I could never understand how torture could take hold in societies, that when a person was tortured or tortured to death their loved ones would be so filled with grief and rage they would kill those responsible. Most people who are tortured survive their torture and I would think they would want deadly revenge. Some victims of torture may have mercy on their tortuers who they mean to kill as the Argentinean man who tracked down his torturer and was going to kill him but felt the man had truely repented so did not. But when we kill and or torture foreign civilians they go throught the same mental process the loved ones of 9/11 victims did. Shock turns to grief, which turns to rage, which turns to a desire for revenge.

  125. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT **** IS **** CRAZY! I NEARLY THEW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SICKENING GROSSED ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. hahahaha… they said vagina

  127. and they said rectum

  128. True Christians werent performing these torture methods. They were spaz nutter catholics, not saved at all. They would burn alive people at the stake for not professing their evil popes.

  129. according to books ive read the victims of the wheel had their bones broken and then they would be interwoven in the spokes,not tied as they wouldnt have been able to move anyway.ouch!

  130. Ugh. The knee crusher…Ugh

  131. Haha, nice list. It’s a shame you couldn’t add more to it. Very informative for my writing.

  132. woahh
    that looks painful..


  133. I have to laugh at those that say these devices and methods of torture are nothing, that they would not fear having these devices used on them. BULL SHIT! You’d probably be the first ones crying like little bitches. These things are not meant to inflict a little bit of pain like having wax dripped on your naked body, hell no – the pain would be unbearable and excrutiating and you would have no choice but to deal with it. Imagine having your hand placed on a table and smashed with a hammer. Now imagine being tied to a wheel and having every single bone in your body broken while you live with that pain for a day or more. You kiddies try to talk tough here but I hate to tell you, you are probably the weakest of all.

  134. Hey girls give me a call at 814 382 8106 =D
    My Favorites would possibly be the Brazen Bull, Rat Torture, or the Spanish tickler, what fun they would be!

  135. I know that these are horrible and sick ways of punishing, torturing and eventually killing people but they worked in society. Think about it, with threats like these hanging over your head, are you likely to break the law? No. As i said they’re sick but they worked and personally i think they should be brought back.

  136. Lawliet, I couldn’t agree more. Christianity is not to blame for the suffering caused by organizations like the spanish inquisition. They claimed to do God’s will, but failed utterly. So many atheists try to blame the worlds suffering on religions in an effort to justify their own beliefs. Satanist is clearly trying to do just that with his/her flawed view.

  137. ugh. this is so discusting. i wish i didnt pik torture devices for history. it sik and discusting. }=P i thought it would be easy. damn it!!

  138. I’m 14 and really intrested in this sort of thing! It is disgusting and twisted but if we hadn’t made those mistakes, how could we learn from them? I’m not saying that I would have liked to be one of the test subjects though!!!! You should bear in mind that many people who had been subject to these tortures had perhaps taken someone else’s life and that people on here. If you have said that u would like to inflict this pain on someone else or wouldn’t have a problem with enduring it, WELL AREN’T YOU THE TOUGH GUYS!!! (sarcasm) I hardly belive a word of that kind of stupidity! Everyone who reads those kinds of comments just automaticly think “yeah right, idiot, bet you think you’re hard, coz you’re the cool cats”, I don’t belive anyone else on this planet could do that to another human being and fine well you know you couldn’t so stop embarrassing yourselves by saying otherwise because, NO ONE THINKS YOU’RE COOL, INFACT THEY PROBABLY DON’T BELIVE YOU!!!!

  139. What?!? No waterboarding?!?

  140. ok thats cool and weird

  141. What kind of religion would allow this kind of punishment…disgusting!

  142. Only psychopaths could invent or implement the use of such devices of past centuries, the same types of psychopaths in governments of western society, and centered in the United $nakes of ASSa$$ination today.

    KSM was ‘allegedly’ water-boarded 183 times at Gitmo before he “confessed” to be a mastermind of 911. But that does not include the years of starvation, hanging upside-down, the “air-miles” sleep deprivation torture, dogs, sexual acts, rape, electric shock, dehydration, light deprivation, 150 db Briney Spears, hot and cold, beatings with a rubber hose, punches, kicks, bull-whippings, thumb-screws, injections of test vaccines and mind altering psycho-active drugs.

    What person could refrain or restrain themselves from signing a confession to literally any allegation if placed under a cocktail of duress combining physical brutality, psychological attacks, sensory and sleep deprivation, eardrum splitting noise, alternating hot / cold temperature shock, and repeated waterboarding to the point subjects need medical intervention to be repeatedly revived, such that more continuously painful life threatening torture extractions are able to be continued ??
    Absolutely Nobody !
    And that is exactly the point.
    We vacariously feel pain listening to fear propaganda tactics per the John Yoo / Jay Bybee memo’s Cheney approved implementation, and Obama continues to endorse usages of to this day.

    Western society driven by fear of suffering and death – approves death and suffering of others – because it is easy to believe it will make us “feel safe”. knowing it is not us. The problem is, western common populations in all these same regions, fail to realize we are also on the list of targets, waiting in the cross-hairs, and scheduled for the same treatment – by the same psychopaths running our governments.

    How many times could Dick Cheney stand up to the same conditions – before admitting he was the 911 mastermind ??? , or Cinderella, the great pumpkin, Stalin, Hitler, or anyone or anything he was forced to sign ???
    Not even once !

    The 2200 pictures from Gitmo and other secret torture prisons operated around the globe by the U$A, should be used on all members of the prior and present U$ administrations, congress, senate, generals, directors of MIC corporations, and their Washington lobbyists.

    Hopefully, while they are eating Depleted Uranium guel, being detained in painful positions, kept awake for weeks and months, frozen in a dark room then over-heated in bright rooms, and hung upside down to soil themselves for a few days – they will be able to listen to the same repeated Britney Spears ‘Rock Music’ refrain over and over and over for weeks at a time.

    The puppet government of CanaDUH, little stevie Harper, is as guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes for his advocation and implementation of torture of prisoners handed over to the U$A, as the AmeriKKKan military Industrial Complex corporations are, for carrying-out the most depraved and inhuman acts to intentionally induce excruciating pain, while implanting messages in the minds of their victims.

    Peter Carson
    Vancouver CanaDUH

  143. Forgot one of the more gruesome ones: impalement. Someone tried to describe it, but did not manage to pull it off due to lacking the knowledge of English.

    The victim would be laid down face to the ground with his/her arms tied behind his/her back. Legs would be stretched apart as far as they could be. And then the deed would be done. They would use a knife to make the “entry hole” (the cut rectum) bigger. They would then produce the poll which was about 2-3 times the victim’s height and about 10cm (4″) thick. The pole was usually greased and it’s sharp tip would be encased in metal sheet. The tip would be brought between the spread legs and put inside the previously prepared hole. Then the pole would be hammered in and through the whole body’s length, next to the spine and missing all internal organs. The tip would exit somewhere between collar bone and shoulder (contrary to the beliefs that it would exit through mouth). This ensured that the victim would not die quickly. If you want full description of this torture/execution, try to get a book named “The Bridge on the Drina” written by Nobel prize writer Ivo Andric (Nobel Prize in literature for the mentioned book). One of the first few chapters describes impalement in great detail (too great detail IMHO lol).

  144. the worst one i think is the saw………………….then again i would not want to get trapped in any of them

  145. All these posters who claim that they want to try these things out are trolls. I doubt any of them are over the age of 17, and are just posting here to get a reaction and trying to be ~edgy~, thus trolling. (Poor spelling, grammar, and anime smilie faces are a dead giveaway.) But in the event they aren’t, they should be subjected to these tortures first before doing it to anyone else. And not a sexual, BDSM kind of torture – I’m talking about the Pear and the Saw. There is something psychologically wrong with a person who would want use any of these devices on another person.

    People like Helen are very misinformed about torture and death being a deterrent to crime. If that were the case, then medieval tortures would have not lasted as long as they did. (Assuming that the torture victims were actually guilty of a serious crime.)

    This is obvious today because many states have a death penalty, and every state has a prison system. And yet people still commit crimes. Some people have psychological problems which is one cause for why they do the sick things that they do. Having the “fear” of torture hanging over their heads would not deter them at all because they are psychologically unable to tell right from wrong, and control their impulses.

  146. i like the page n i would like to experience such thing if i can

  147. Toall those messed up people out there, you try some of these torture instruments and see how much fun you would have afterwards. Shark girl 666, would you have fun if I ripped your tits out?

  148. How human beings could subdue this onto another is beyond belief.

  149. Did you know, there used to be this company that sold little mini turtore devices to kids? I wish i had some of this stuff and people i hate. I wonder what they did to the bodies afterwords?

  150. I think the Saw is absolutely cruel. Cutting an alive person into half while he/she’s upside down. To those people who said they dig torture and would love to try these on people for eg;Mohammad-I would love to see you in these torture devices yourself.

  151. I don’t think I have ever been this disgusted. I can’t believe the violence human beings can instill on others. More over I can’t believe that society accepted it. Today we think the death penalty is inhumane but it would be a better alternative to any of the options listed above that result in death. Pure evil.

  152. It should be noted that the purpose of torture devices isn’t to get people to confess, but to create fear.

    Torture was actually pretty rare in the middle ages. When they did torture someone, though, they made sure the rest of the people knew about it.

    I believe that about half of these have less than 100 confirmed victims, including the Iron Maiden and the Brazen Bull.

    Allow me to add some non-European torture devices:
    1) Force someone to drink lots of honey, then tie them up on a raft. They will get diarrhea, which will attract incests to slowly consume you. Used by the Persians.
    2) Dig a hole near an ant hill. Put person in. Fill in hole. Then hit ant hill with a stick. The ants will come out and eat the person buried, starting with the eyes. Used by Native Americans.

  153. u all r messed up u know

  154. also go get a life

  155. Some people deserve this, all those gays, pedophiles and other freaks deserve all of this and much worse. Breaking the jaw of a liar or ripping of a whore’s breast seems fair to me. The world would be a much better place if we still used these devices. Of course liberals are afraid of these, they know that they would be the ones tortured.

  156. Actually, guys, the Iron Maiden is not a hoax. It wasn’t developed until two or three centuries after the rest, though, so it doesn’t really count as a medieval torture device.

    The rest of these are really good, though…my little brother is doing a project, and this helped A LOT…disorganized little bugger…

    Lol, thanks!

    –Nicole Bender

  157. Another good one is the Water Drip method…where they tied you down so you couldn’t move an inch and a tube dropped a drop of water a second on your head in the exact same spot…it eventually broke through your skull, ruined your brain, and either killed you or made you a vegetable.

    Pretty gruesome, huh?

  158. what if all of these things be applied today? will there be no evils doing and crimes today?…..
    anyway, although these torture items is good for the sinner but i is it not so brutal an very daring to0?,,, so scary dudes!

  159. we know who the anti christ is

  160. this is very interesting to me i mean yeah it is disgusting but it is also interesting to learn that today we are not nearly as cruel as we could be, but it makes me wonder what would it be like here if it wasnt for the civilization of the world with all the science that teaches us about the past andd the progression of animals into humans..that in some ways disproves religion

  161. Man, the people to make this stuff don’t have lives. Who has time to create horrible tortures. If you need another turture there’s one of Vlad the Impalers favorites where they take a knife up the anus then forced it up and out the mouth. They did it without touching vital organs so the person wouldn’t die.

  162. wow all this torture turns me on
    off to find more horny websites

  163. OMG! Could you imagine anyone even thinking about using these? On human beings? Seriously, stop and think about it. I mean, how could someone live with themselves if they were the executioner? Personally, I think any of these or other torture devices would be a horrible way to go, but the one with the rat really freaked me out. If someone was afraid of rats, they might die of fright before anything else happened. My aunt has a rodent phobia. I hate to think of what would happen if they tried to do that to her. Just let me reiterate… slowly…. O. M. G!

  164. One more comment. Weren’t a lot of people on drugs back then, like opium? I know there were diseases too, like the black plague. Maybe the sufferers of hallucinations from these are some of the inventors? I don’t know, but it’s really disturbing to think that normal, healthy, “sane” people all came up with these inventions.

  165. the victims were sick people that deserved death and pain

  166. hey scottie, u right we should try to save ppl from the bowels of hell, but god is forgiving too, altough i am NOT saying we shouldnt help these ppl, cuz we rlly SHOULD!!!

  167. im only ten, and i too have already deeply thought about all this, and i am nauceas, however i will not barf… atleast i think… oh its getting worse!!!!!!!!

  168. damn, I’d be willing to believe in anything just to not be tortured by those things.

  169. this stuff is SOOOOOO AGONIZING, if u rlly think about it, wich i did, and IM TEN!!! the first time i saw this, i got nauceaus, wich i m right now… OMG ITS WORSE THAN LAST TIME ‘o’…. but it might be the coke and whales (just like golfish but better) helping, tooo

  170. Firstly, Mohammad is a liar and not Muslim.

    Secondly, there is no comparing the legal punishments in Islam to any of these barbaric torture techniques used. It is quite disturbing that a religion, let alone one that preaches love, turning the cheek, etc, would be at the forefront of silencing decent by torture (mainly Catholics)

    In Islam, it is simple, people are convicted by witnesses, judge, etc, and are punished accordingly without extreme

    Murderer, rapist, treason: Executed by sword, quick and to the point
    Fornication, theft, etc: Whipped a specific number of times, hand cut off for intentional 3rd theft, etc.

    Perhaps the reason Christians did what they did is due to an ignorance of the Laws of the Scripture before and after them.

    Find out more about Islam and its message:


  171. @Shark_girl 666..
    Really if you love this stuff.. I would like to make you sit on that crocodile pyramid, put a thumb crusher on ur foot and rip your breast apart before putting a pear in ur pussy … WTF,…………..
    We still have sadists on this fking planet..

    I am glad I wasn’t born in the medieval times.

  172. I wonder why did they put the rat cage on the stomach ? They could haveput it on Sharkgirl’s ass !!!!!!!! I bet she would enjoy it.

  173. Welp, here’s my input in this unusual list and… interesting conversation here.

    I agree that, with one exception, these tortures listed were predominately in Western culture during the Medieval Era. Someone else already mentioned the vertical impalements. This was commonly used by one of the most oppressive leaders of the ancient world. His name is very long and I cannot spell it, but he ruled Assyria during the times when Assyria had the Hebrews under captivity.

    I used to have a book on ancient Sumer, and there were some documented methods of severe punishment and torture for crimes that we would consider petty by today’s standards. They appear to be the ancestors of the methods used during the Middle Ages.

    Also don’t forget people getting stoned to death. Still happens now in some middle eastern countries. And I don’t mean drugs. The victim is forced to sit there and let people throw rocks at him (or her) until death. If you’ve ever seen a photo of someone who’s skull has been broken from a large stone (especially if it is in the face), I can tell you it ain’t a pretty site.

    There was also one used in the far east. I’m not sure when it stopped, but the device looked like a large flat wooden collar. The person’s head was locked inside of it, like in a pillory, and had to walk around with this large board around his or her face. The stigma alone and humilation with having this thing around the neck was bad enough, but they could also eventually die of dehydration or starvation if someone was not kind enough to help them eat and drink. The designers made sure the victims could not reach their own faces to feed themselves, not even with a long stick.

    Now, time for my moment of morbid humor so I don’t feel left out. Achem… (puts on a falsetto sad voice) Oh, do what you will with me… Just dont’ make me listen to Brittany Spears over and over again! NOOO! (Screams in agony).

  174. lol yes NO BRITTANY LOL!!!

  175. interesting this is idd interesting this is something i am capable of doing cuz i know what people truly are and yes those people who were put on the devices deserved it its called justice some do it for revenge hehe funny devices but ive seen worse remember people Humans are real animals we are monsters even worse but thats how we are haha

  176. Actually, Peeter, gays are perfectly acceptable members of society, and are in no way freaks. Just because they don’t happen to like the opposite sex makes them, in no way, animals.

    You Nobhead.

  177. also, Chilihead, i think his name was Ashurnarshnipal, or summat like that. Hope that helped.

  178. I think The chinese devices are more cruel than these!

  179. i would give any information up before i even got any chance to try these things.lol…and as for religion…id b hella religious and agree 2 whatever they said if i could avoid any of these punishments!!!


  180. Some parts of the article are inaccurate.

    Some of these torture (or execution) devices are the product of medieval and renaissance era propaganda and did not exist.
    Certain historians and engineers have attempted to reconstruct some of these “torture” devices and found that they could not have worked. For example: “The Saw”. It is physically impossible to sever a human with a manual saw in the way illustrated.
    Refer to the following website. While it is not the best academic source, it will dispel some of the myths associated with the above article.

    “Machines of Malice” – Ancient, Medieval, Modern.


    As appalling as the torture and or execution devices themselves, one wonders about the personality of the person required to operate them, and what they say about the societies in which they exist/ed.

  181. Here’s a modern torture device. Be careful.


  182. These are horrifying and it is terrible that people did this to each other. It’s not surprising that it was done in the name of religion.

    I am sure that many people would still like to use some of these devices on gays nowadays.

    Religion can be dangerously close to insanity, and when hatred is the tie that binds, this is the result.

  183. Mmm.

    First I’d like to say,

    Lol @ all the 12 year old kids saying “I’d like to do that on someone!” Love all them wannabe emos cutting themselves day and night. As for the rest of you religious bashers, go grow some balls. It’s everymans right if he wants to belive in a golden summo wrestler, or none at all.

    For the rest of you civilized people, yes indeed these were absolutely terrible devices of torture, imagining the pain that people had to go through is just unbearable. In my opinion the most brutal were the Rack, (Because of what happens to the protagonists mother on Silent Hill: Homecoming) The Pear because of a in-depth story about a executioners death log that was recovered in Europe, how a woman was sentinced to a personal extremely slow, painful death, and lastly. The Saw. Because they’d have to saw through your manlyness first. As for an edition to your collection of devious instruments of extreme pain.

    The psychological horrors of: Jigsaw Puzzles

  184. Gerad,( above ), got it right when he said that TRUE Christians were not doing they heinous things. I was the evil Catholic Church! And the pedophile priests were in the forefront! Is it any different today when pedophile priests have been—and ARE —sexually abusing young boys in the name of Religion. Revolution 18: 4 says, in part, to “—get OUT of her ( Babylon the Great= FALSE RELIGION ) if you do not want to share in her plagues.” Is it any wonder that people are leaving false religion today in DROVES!!!?

  185. It is the same minds that are at work today.

    Horrible, Horrible torture still occurs in our most free countries of the world by our governments.

  186. a torture that would keep many people from committing crimes is the hot oil torture, can you imagine being strapped down and having boiling oil poured into your vagina, anus or mouth? can you imagine the pain, the disfigurement, the possibility your going to even survive? very painful and surrvival very slim.. cruel but effective, do this to a few people and you’ll keep everyone else in line.. to us it seems like twisted sadistic thinking but to the people of that time a means to an end..

  187. As an MD and a licensed practioner of torture as a corrective measure for teen males, I can tell you the most effective torture is caning, bullwhipping, electros on genitals and toes, and if need be branding with red hot irons. I never fail to get results. I am good at my work, and I enjjoy my work.

  188. heya could yous tell me lot more tortures cuz am doing scool subject need to know hepz

    plz list or tell me more.

  189. This is absolutely horrible, each and everyone one of these are sick and unbelievably cruel.

    I’m just glad we’re out of that era ….

  190. I’d love to perform one of these on someone who played around with my emotions. The Judas Chair and the Wheel would be perfect for her.

  191. Anyone who is sickened by these has lived a sheltered life. Also, anyone who has experienced any kind of loss in there life, can think up more graphic and painful ways to punish those responsible for that loss. But back to the article, these devices were invented by people who knew what they were doing. The fact that they had the drive to invent without the constraints of ethics made some of the devices listed true works of art. Sick to some, but truly ingenious.

  192. Medeival torture is interesting to learn about, even though it is disgusting.
    Here are some ways that witches and heretics were trialed:
    1. Trial by Fire: The accused would hold a hot branding iron and walk four or three paces. If the wound on his hand had healed a little bit in three days, then the accused was innocent, if not, he was guilty.
    2. Trial by Water: The accused hands and feet were bound and he was thrown into a pool of water, if he floated, he was guilty, if he sunk, he was innocent.

    Feel free to correct my history if I’m wrong about the trials.
    Morbid sarcasm in three, two, one: Oh, isn’t superstition just grand?!
    But there is a third one, but I can’t remember what it is. Anyone know?

  193. Hi, these torture methods are very disturbing and im glad im living in the 21st century.
    You may think here that the torturer or executioner has a very twisted mind, but ive read this about it: it was the church and the state that let these severe punishments be used.
    The torturer/executioner himself was just a normal man, a very scared man, scared to be tortured himself if he didnt do what he was told to.
    Ofcourse the person doesnt want to torture but i think the torturers/executioners were picked by the chuch/state, and had no choice because they feared to be punished if they did not obey.

  194. Shark Girl is not female. I think I know who this person is. ;)

  195. Ewww, these are so horrible, but the worst one is missing; the roto roller.

    It’s a tiny thing that looks like a drill. It’s being pushed in the scrotum of the human, and then they switch it on. The result; a drill having a seizure in your ass.

  196. The one thing they didn’t have back then is the ultimate torture… a teenager’s blog…

  197. Okay first of all, please don’t call me sadistic or anything through out this post, because honestly, no one cares, and I will never EVER get a chance to do anything I mention, so, it’s kind of a moot point.

    I think that I would have some bit of fun with some of these.
    Mainly the Lead Sprinkler, and the Wheel. Or both at the same time…Hmmmmm…

    The Brazen Bull looks cool. I would put a slight amount of liquid in a space below the bottom, so that steam would fill up the interior, so they couldn’t see or breathe very well while they cooked.

    I think they left out the torture method Vlad Dracul used for his enemies (and half his own troop). He sharpened a wooden stake, of varying heights, and impaled his enemies at the top, and shoved it through their mouths so they slowly slid down. And the spikes weren’t smoother down or anything like that, and the more he hated you, the taller the spike would be, so you would have farther to slide.

    Please understand that I would only ever do this to someone I despised, or who hurt me/someone close to me, or someone else who deserved it, like a child molester, rapist, etc.

  198. These torture devices are horrible. And Mohammed ur a FUCKER! M a Muslim too and I love islam but Islam is not about violence and headchopping and blowing pol up. IRS assholes like u that give uslam a bad name. I’d like to put u in 1 of these torture devices and send u to heaven mother fucker!

  199. To Satanist:

    You are generalizing: You DO NOT speak for Satanism; and these sadists DO NOT speak for Religion! It’s like blaming guns for killing people when even an idiot knows it’s not guns but PEOPLE who kill people! Everyone knows the Inquisition was a political ‘operation’ WHICH IS STILL GOING ON all over but now wearing a different Church-anointed mask! More than 50 million people thus far since the Reich of anti-Pope Innocent, creatively tortured, put in the bonfire to ‘save’ them from Hellfire! Every monotheistic Belief quotes the Command “Thou shalt not kill”; there are also Commands against blasphemy, adultery, stealing, coveting, defrauding, etc., etc. We teach our children to obey such Commands and we dispense appropriate punishment for transgressions. Yet, while ‘growing up’, somewhere along, we’ve become anesthetized to the reality of divine retribution. So we twist and improvise on Religion (among other persuasive sentiments) to justify our evil deeds and seek to accomplish our purpose. Religion has always been but just one tool in the arsenal of the unscrupulous.

    I don’t disrespect Satanists. I don’t even disrespect Satan! He has God’s reprieve until Judgment Day to mislead the weak, the ignorant, the disobedient, and the gullible. I’ve heard some crock that since we’re all sinners, we’re destined to Hell anyway … so let’s worship Satan now so he’ll arrange for us some comfortable accommodation in Hell! Have we forgotten Who created Hell in the first place; Who created Satan, and Who booted him out of Heaven? Do we TRULY believe that Satan will rule Hell when we KNOW that the Omnipresent has His angels obeying His every Command especially in Hell where Satan’s punishment will be the most severe and he cannot escape? Who do we run to then for our “comforts’ in Hell? Satan? He never promised us anything; even if he did, HE LIED!

    The Door of Repentance is open while you still have breath and have not beheld the presence of the Angel of Death.

    I beg you to reconsider!

  200. Selena, ur right,

  201. I wish they still had these instruments today for the countless heretics & blasphemers. It would some put an end to their drug taking & sexual perversions.

  202. The man I admire most Is Vlad The Impaler. He brought sadism & torture to a hole new level. He loved to roast & Impale his victims.
    The Muslims invaders got their fair share of his finely tuned brand of turture.

    There would not have been any 9/11 with this dude running the show let me tell you !

  203. I’m real fucking sick to my back goddamn teeth with these c****s who think that these instruments of abject horror are good, or funny, or whatever the fuck. To any of you, try being oiled whipped, and having a knobbly thing the size of a Mexican agarve cactus jammed up where only customs men dare to probe (yes, blatant Red Dwarf referance, but 1: its funny, 2: it gets the point across, and 3: if you look past the comedy, its got quite a dark and nasty meaning). Just thoughI’d give you that one.

    Bye now, you torture loving fuckers!

    PS: To those who say these are bad, I totally agree and do not mean to offend you in any way, shape or form.

  204. Oh, and:

    Come on, Princess of evil, just saying it makes you a sadist!

  205. Torture was a pile o’ shit. Whether they were guilty or not, you’d still confess if you had an expanding metal object shoved right up your arse.

  206. [...] visit this page, go to Torture Devices. In addition to reading about the devices, you can also see excellent photographs of most of [...]

  207. So now you know boys and girls, if you believe in me and none of the other numerous gods, then you will not have to be tortured by these clever devises I designed all by myself.

    In the meantime I leave you in the safe hands of all my specially selected paedophile priests who are just dying (suicide ?) to meet you.

    And remember, I shall be watching over you – as always.
    Lot’s of love and all that,


  208. If it were up to me,all of these would still be in operation today.
    You can’t tell me deterrents don’t stop crime. If you were going to have your pecker sheathed in a red hot tube full of blades,then extracted,while you were conscious. You’d really have to do some thinking to figure out,if your crime was worth the risk..OR NOT! Bring it all back! I’ll even operate them. Let’s see how tough todays PUNKS really are!

  209. [...] that's okay, it's better for us to not know they are COVERING UP TORTURE. I mean, thats certainly not been an issue. And entirely not what the USA cites as a huge reason we A) seceeded from Britain A [...]

  210. Does anyone else feel a bit sore after reading this. Dear lord my legs hurt, and not in the usual way. D:

  211. My favorite is the saw. It is the most descriptive.
    Anyone ever here about Chinese water torture?
    Sensory deprivation torture?

  212. Is a fact that paedophile priests are a very insignificantly small number of the whole.

    All the Churches and all religions have the SAME problem and some much worse.

    But, take strength from the fact that official Home Office statistics show that actually the clergy is the lowest profession for abuse of children, all other professions and occupations are much much greater.

    So I guess those critics above ought to take a peep at Mt 7:1-7.

    Happy Christmas to all

  213. I would update the rat torture byt forcing the Rat into the pussy (for females) or the ass( for men) and plug them so the rat had no way out except thru the soft tissue into the abdomen and then out thru the abdominanl Wall

  214. Wohow… The Main Character won!!! Um… What were we talking about?

  215. I am surprised , that no body mentioned the Pendulum . I would rather consider it as one of the best engineering of the medivial period .

    Plus , a psycological trauma is as much a torture as the physical one , perhaps even more .

  216. You want some more modern toys? I’ve heard this one both be called the Cuban and Russian Necktie… Basically you cut open the skin on the neck of your victim, then carefully cut as little of their throat as possible. Tongue is removed and tied into a bowtie… Could be fake but a few people have told me about it…

    Then there i this one I don’t know the name of… It is pretty simple

    Step 1: Drink Vodka
    Step 2: Insert empty bottle into anus of victim
    Step 3: Smash bottle
    Step 4: ?????
    Step 5: PROFIT!!!!!

  217. IS there one were they have 2 being tortured? One when one has to eat the others penis? it would taste horrible and feel horrible!

  218. Wow…people we’re really hard around the middle-ages. The most hard thing would be…i don’t really have an answer. I think the most horrable thing of it is slowly execute people but left them to die to. The rat is my favorite that’s just disgusting.

  219. looks like fun…

  220. The biggest mistake of nature was creation of living beings and in that the biggest mistake was creation of humans.

  221. [...] Originally Posted by TripWire Nothing is that bad………………………………….. Sure there is! There's random torture. There's systematic premeditated murder/torture. There's the grand daddy of them all…long, insufferable and constant torture. Yup, that covers it…covered it like being cooked to death. Heh. Warning do not click here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [...]

  222. [...] Speaking of torture devices, the google search for that term does not lead me to foam rollers. Instead, this creepy stuff, not for the sensitive types: http://www.listaholic.com/12-of-the-most-horrifying-torture-devices-in-history.html [...]

  223. I am a college student doing research for a paper on the torture methods used during the Salem Witch Trials. The sad part about that was it was “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”. If you confessed, you were burned (alive) at the stake. If you didn’t confess, you were tortured until you died or you were left to rot in prison in deplorable conditions and died from your wounds, rampant infection or disease. In any case, if you by some chance survived, torture would leave you crippled for the rest of your life with one or more damaged limbs, organs or facial bones, tongue and teeth.

    I too am GLAD I live in America in the 21st century, where I have guarantee of due process and recourse for brutal treatment.

  224. to lawliet:
    Thats why I chose not to believe, and respect any old religion with the same respect. I have no side. My side is reason.

  225. Yikes!! They are all so freaking horrible I feel sorry for those who had to die by these methods. Probably the worst is The Rat Tortue, Spanish Donkey & Crocodile shears. GROSS!!

  226. during that time do not have a good system of governing, the horrible torture is to give an example of the consequence of being committed in criminal…

  227. Ednonymous, Said:

    … And the number one most horrifying torture device in history?

    Paris Hilton.
    ————————————————————————————- LOL


    @ Lily” ::: its because of psychos like sharkgirl here that people invent such devices to harm others in unbelievable ways.!!!!

  229. @ Bubba Ganoush

    “The one thing they didn’t have back then is the ultimate torture… a teenager’s blog…”

    Hahaha, best thing I read all day. Probably exceeds this blog writer’s level of wit, though, unfortunately.

  230. ow saw looks painful i heard of a torture method wear they cut the sides of with two axes when there hanging from a roof and then another prisoner is laying flat on the floor and gets drowned by their blood might be the worst brett

  231. this is ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! yucky

  232. If you ask me that Spanish Donkey is giving me the chills think about it they keep going and going and your feeling its cold hard pain from the crotch and up. Id say the ladies were lucky at the time

  233. that rat torture is some sick shit but i personaly liked the rack yet the spanish tickler kinda reminds me of freddy krueger i am only 12 but the breast ripper sounds excrusciating i also like the heretics fork.

    sasori nangashi i am glad u like naruto it is my favourite movie ever and i have heard of the russian necktie it is ridiculously painful and the bottle one sounds pretty kool

  234. brett i am with u paris hilton is torture

    ps if anyone doesnt like paris hilton u have got to watch Meet The Spartans it has got her in it but she looks stupidly ugly and the movie is hilarious

  235. I found this interesting. Sure it is horrible pain, but torture has been around a long time, and is popular today. I accept all erotic stuff.
    I am curious enough I would watch a session, as I admit to some sadistic tendencies. I know a guy who tortures studs regularly and I don’t disapprove–his thing.
    For so many not approving, it was a long thread, so I think it goes on everywhere. Teen boys are tortured all the time, and older men swarm to see.

  236. @ what Heather about republicans “fixing” people….

    Yeah, we’re going to believe that alright….

    Coming from the democrat side (I’m assuming) who has a literal, PROVABLE voting history of trying to keep slavery intact. You know it was the republicans who wanted to end slavery, right? Why would the party that stresses personal freedom want to….well, become democrats? Nice try though.

  237. The maker of the brazen bull showed this to the kind, in order to impress him with a new way of torture! The kind was very impressed too bad for the maker that he didnt have to look far for someone to test it out on.

  238. you know what i found funny…that theres people commenting on here saying that everyone who has left a comment on here need to get a life but they also left a comment…lol what dumb asses

  239. By calling the trolls who condone torture “sick”, you are feeding their fall sense of ego and perpetuating such silly comments.

    The only reason humans feel “guilty” about torture is because of a subconscious fear of karma; the fear that what they dish would come back to haunt them. That’s all. Humans/animals are all selfish, sadistic creatures, only difference between them is the fact that humans are smart enough to come up with and manipulate torture and/or make art/sex from it.

    Either way, this obsession too shall pass once everyone adopts torture as a trend… let’s see what’s next to come… maybe love? I doubt it.


  240. …Because that’s all it is; a trend. Kids can’t find anything else to find attention these days so torture does the trick and turns peoples heads. Stop paying attention to it and realize that it’s very normal and very natural, and they won’t troll about it.

  241. We as humans abuse each other so badly – we are the most evil creatures on the planet. I’m not attempting to incite mass suicide here, but we are the worst thing to happen to earth since… well, nothing, frankly, we are the worst thing ever. (Sob)

  242. @ Jeff Singer. Most big cities have a dungeon society (BDSM Club) and many are very open about who they are and what they do. Some of them have monthly luncheons that are open to the public. Google it and check it out.

  243. the worst torture is/////////// you get a guilty guy and a guilty girl and use the crocodile shearsheat the teeeth ( now metal and electrified) and the chair with spikes on (exept for penis size) and make the straps tight then spank their backside until purple and guy sobbing ( and then smash his bollocks) (FOR THE GUY )/////////// then get the girl whip her tits until purple and sobbing and then rub them with sandpaper then stretch the girl on the stretcher and at the same time use the pear of anguish and get them begging for death then put them on the judas chair and and drop the rope so they are fully sat on their vagina on the point and then spank her backside until its bleeding and then get a rusty sharp knife and slit their vagina and then get the guy and the girl to have sex then repeat until death PLUS IF REPEATED FOR A DAY CUT OF THE GUYS PENIS AND GET THE GIRL TO SUCK IT AND THEN TIE THEM TOGETHER AND ROAST THEM OVER A FIRE WHILST STRAPPED TO A SPIKY VERSION OF A STRETCHER! THAT SALL LOL

  244. Fvcking psychotic people. I hope you get help soon. I won’t say I’ll have fun torturing those who’s in favor of torture because that doesn’t make me differ from them. I just hope you get medical help. To God be the Glory.

  245. This is an informative and graphically impacting article regarding medieval torture tactics.

  246. [...] 12 of the Most Horrifying Torture Devices in History … they then used to place the victim (naughty boy) in there then sew it up and as he was digested …. The 2200 pictures from Gitmo and other secret torture prisons operated around the globe by … [...]

  247. [...] 12 of the Most Horrifying Torture Devices in History … they then used to place the victim (naughty boy) in there then sew it up and as he was digested …. The 2200 pictures from Gitmo and other secret torture prisons operated around the globe by … [...]

  248. Funny how you mentioned SAW in the beginning because the only reason I stumbled onto this little list was because I was researching torture devices to create my own fan-made SAW trap. I’m sad to say, the list didn’t help.But I don’t know if you’ve seen all the SAW films since you were badmouthing the series but they’ve actually used variations of these torture devices in the movies. For example, in SAW 3 they used sort of a combination of “The Rack” and “The Wheel” where the victim was strapped standing to a rack and had each of his limbs twisted (including his head) until the bones in them snapped. In SAW 5, they used a variation of “The Thumbscrew” where the victim’s hands were slowly crushed to dust by a similar device, the only difference was that the victim was able to remove his hands from the device. And in SAW 3D, they used a variation of “The Brazen Bull” the device was pretty much exactly the same but, for some reason, it was in the shape of a Pig. So, I guess SAW isn’t as Crappy and Unrealistic as you said…

  249. Humans are the most violent and cruel animals. If you ask me, this planet, along with it’s intelligent inhabitants (us) should be wiped from the face of the.. Universe. Ok, maybe it’s not the planet’s fault, but the human race definitely doesn’t deserve to exist.

    But that’s just me =p

  250. That’s some seriouly messed up stuff

  251. [...] hundred or so years ago. Or we would have known the joy of being hung upside down and vertically sawed in half from the crotch [...]

  252. Ouch!

  253. THIS IS MY 3RD TIME WRITING THIS SO I’M PRETTY UPSET, STUPID MAIL AND SPAM PROTECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways, on to the topic sure you can think that this would be a good idea to bring back at first, but really ponder it, a world ruled by fear, and nothing but fear I: so if you still think there a good idea to bring back, then you have a real problem and i am not being stupid or ignorant, but you might want to go to a counselor to help you not think of human torture everyone deserves second chances! and forgiveness, and i’m speaking my mind, so agree with me or not, its your choice, but really think about the logical outcome of the torture devices coming back, i’m only 12 and i know that people should not be subjected to such shear pain. how would you feel if you woke up and found the pear coming out of your mouth? or being ripped in half by many things! like the spanish donkey, or being literally sawed in half!!! hhow gruesome!

  254. sounds like a party…

  255. These are actually things MEN think about. They’re so freaking vile and disgusting.

  256. Christians were really fucked up in the head during the dark ages.
    Than again many today still are.

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