101 Most Popular Celebrity Nipple Slip Videos and Clips

We are all obsessed with celebrity boobs, whether we admit or not. Every single time an actress or a singer pops a tit out, it’s news. Even when the star involved has already showed so much more for a film, a TV show, a magazine or a sex tape, we still give the time of day for a split second peek at some starlet’s nipple. Heck, we even pay attention to nipslips involving pornstars.
It’s hard to explain his particular fixation with famous globes from all over the globe. Then again, who needs an explanation when there are more important things to do with our time, like watching the most popular celebrity nipple slip videos and clips below?

Part 1 Nipple Slips Video Collection 1-25

1. Michelle Hunziker’s Split-Second Slip

The Swiss beauty’s slipup takes all of a second. And it’s the most popular of all the clips in this list, with over 18 million views.

2. Avril Lavigne and Her Taped Boobies

That was actually tape, wasn't it?

3. Marian Rivera

Tune out the terrible music and the atrocious singing and the cheesy dance. All that matters is this Filipina celebrity’s top falling off towards the end.

4. Beyonce Slips Again

This time, however, it’s of a hotter kind, nothing painful or embarrassing or anything.

5. Natalie Portman on Letterman

There's a slip alright, but through some thin garment inside Natalie's blouse. More like a pokey to me.

6. Geri Halliwell’s Ginger Tits

Thankfully, this happened when she was actually hot.

7. The Price is Oh-so Right

This one’s courtesy of one of Bob Barker’s girls, who aren’t exactly celebs, but were TV regulars just the same. Now if only someone would digitally remove that party pooping title logo…

8. Emma Watson Downblouse

Nice peek down the dress of the prettiest movie witch ever. And it’s all legal now.

9. Ameesha Patel

Bollywood actress shows her stuff, accidentally of course, in a movie.

10. Aishwarya Rai

Whoever uploaded this video forgot to put a “Telescope Required” notice in the description. But this Bollywood superstar’s slipup is there.

11. Emma Bunton and her Babies

Yet another Spice Girl nipslip.

12. Caroline Flack’s Nips Take a Peek

British childrens' television host showing something kids aint supposed to see.

13. Salma Hayek’s Watermelons on German TV

OK, so there’s not really much of a nipslip here unless you have a very active imagination, but who needs imagination when you have two lovely melons that look like they’re about to burst in Karl Lagerfeld’s face?

14. Another Lindsay Lohan Ooops

It’s strange the uploader called the video a “A SUPER RARE OOPS”, when “oopses” are the rule, rather than the exception, as far as Lindsay’s concerned.

15. Luningning

Over the top dancing leads to a nipple slip courtesy of this popular TV Game Show dancer in the Philippines.

16. Manisha Koirala

What is it with Indian films and long distance boob slip shots? This Nepali-Indian actress’ right tit certainly pops out while running, but the camera’s too far away to get a decent shot.

17. Sophie Marceau Boob Slip Redux

Braveheart star shows her left can at Cannes. This was already posted eons ago somewhere on this blog, but it still deserves a place on this list.

18. Nikki Cox Tease

This one’s straight out of an episode of the defunct TV series Las Vegas. You gotta be real quick though to catch it.

19. Eva Mendes’ Nipple Says Hello

With that dress, she is obviously asking for it.

20. Madonna Shakes her Jugs

This was way back when Madonna still had yummy breasts. One question though: What's up with the ABBA soundtrack???

21. Tara Reid Too Drunk to Notice Her Dress Fall

This is a clip of her nasty boob slip at a P. Diddy party ages ago.

22. Cameron Diaz Slips a Pokey Nip

Leno spent the better part of this interview talking to his desk. Headlights can really be disconcerting, especially when they're practically right in your face.

23. Paris Hilton, For the Nth Time

She really does this on purpose, attention whore that she is.

24. Pamela Anderson

This is the best way to look at Pamela Anderson's nipples. In the dark.

25. Mystery Celeb’s Nipple Slips Out, and Stays Out

No idea who she is or what country she’s a famous person in, but her nipple has already introduced itself to the world. If you know its owner, please say so in the comments!

Part 2 Nip Slip Videos 26-50

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