10 Worst Celebrity Man Boobs – Manboobs

There was a time when only women had boobs. Sometimes bad boobs, sometimes nice boobs, and in rare cases amazing boobs. But alas, now those days are long gone. More and more men are sporting man-boobs, also known as moobs. And male celebrities are no exception. Apparently, these men have finally let themselves go, right to the point where wearing a bra for support could already be an option.

Man-boobs, however, doesn’t mean they have to be floppy or jiggly; although fat celebrities tend to be the main possessors of this phenomenon. Some moobs are quite firm and well-chiseled, and they look good on the men who have them. However, this post focuses on the worst celebrity man-boobs, some of which remind me of the character played by Meat Loaf in “Fight Club”. OK, maybe not, but some do get close. Check them out.

1. David Gest


His moobs are definitely not the only thing wrong with this guy.

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2. John Travolta


Remember that buff and shiny John Travolta in “Staying Alive”? That person is long dead and gone, replaced by a man whose moobs could rival that of her wife Kelly Preston.

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3. Jack Nicholson


For a man with such big man-boobs, he's a chick magnet just the same, and I have no idea why. And he’s like what, 90? Some guys do have all the luck.

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4. Simon Cowell


This guy once fondled his moobs on TV, while at the same time telling a wannabe that she has “some very, very bad habits”. Speak for yourself, Simon.

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5. Tony Blair


Margaret Thatcher may have been the only woman British Prime Minister, but she’s certainly not the only one with boobs.

Image source
6. Jack Black


This funnyman has man-boobs, and proud of them.

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7. Val Kilmer


Check out the eraser nipple.

Image source

8. Kurt Russell


This must have been taken before “Grindhouse”, because he looked OK there.

Image source

9. Chris Noth


Now I understand why he was called “Mr. Big” on “Sex and the City”.

Image source

10. David Caruso

Heaven forbid that kid get hungry for milk while in David’s arms.

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6 Responses to “10 Worst Celebrity Man Boobs – Manboobs”

  1. Chesticles! Yes, I know a think or two about moobies… no I don’t have them. But I work with a Colorado plastic surgeon (a pair of them actually), and I know that the technical term is “man cans.” Couldn’t resist… no, it’s gynecomastia, and they can be the result of everything from obesity and over consumption of alcohol, to steroids, smoking pot, thyroid disease, renal failure, certain meds and even some tumors. So, I’ll let you decide the reasons why for each of the celebs named above. :-)

  2. Caruso should breast feed.

  3. he is so sexy

  4. these people have lots of obesity in them they should less there fat they become a hot celebrity……

  5. [...] Sometimes guys can’t help it, they have breast like tissue that doesn’t go away even if they lose fat overall. 10 Worst Celebrity Man Boobs – Manboobs [...]

  6. This is such horsecrap. Half of them don’t even have anything close to man boobs and the ones that do have them are old guys(yeah, it can happen when you get old).

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