10 of the Most Bizarre Sexual Fetishes On Earth


C’mon, admit it. Whether you like it or not, every single person on Earth has a sexual fetish of their own. Some get their rocks off by spanking during sex. Others are aroused by bondage of some kind. I, for one, am an omolagniac. But before you think I’m some kind of sick pervert, omolagnia is basically getting turned on by nudity. And who isn’t turned on by people getting nekked? D-uh!

To turn a certain segment of the world’s population on, however, takes much more than showing them a naked human body. While some of the sexual fetishes that exist today are nothing more than just unconventional but harmless sexual practices, there are many that border on the sick, and some are just plain sickening. As far as I’m concerned, these are 10 of the most bizarre sexual fetishes on Earth:

1. Transformation fetish

Strictly speaking, people who have this fetish are sexually aroused by depictions of transformations, usually of people into other beings or objects. I guess that makes Jayna of The Wonder Twins the Jenna Jameson of transformation fetishists.

2. Amputee fetish

I personally have nothing against people who unfortunately lost their limbs for whatever reason, but when a person makes amputees his or her specific object for sexual gratification, it’s just plain bizarre.

3. Hierophilia

People who have this fetish get off on religious or sacred objects. Also known as theophilia. Expect “The Exorcist” to be in the DVD collection of these sacrilegious perverts.

Now here come the really icky ones:

4. Emetophilia

Vomit makes us vomit, right? Well, not people who practice emetophilia. The act of throwing up, especially on a sexual partner, is the biggest of turn-ons for emetophiles. Also called a Roman shower, after the induced vomiting that was supposed to be a staple of those debauched Roman feasts. Again, “The Exorcist” is probably right on top of their must-have DVDs list.

5. Eproctophilia

As far as eproctophiles are concerned, Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles” is their porn. That’s right. These people probably jack off to that infamous and lengthy cowboy farting scene. And since farting gets them horny, cabbage and beans are most certainly a staple on their daily menu.

6. Urophilia

Urophilia fetishists love to pee in public, pee on somebody, or get peed on. Also known as “watersports” and “golden showers”. Now we know what the medical term is for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Ray J.

7. Klismaphilia

Normally, people avoid enemas like the plague. Not for those who practice klismaphilia, a fancy word for those who enjoy getting and administering enemas. Yucky stuff, I know, but look on the bright side: These people have got to have the cleanest anuses in the world.

8. Necrophilia

The sexual attraction to corpses. These sickos just don’t see dead people. They screw them.

9. Coprophilia

This one’s better known as scat. Not the rapid-fire singing style, but the act of, well, deriving sexual gratification from feces. Tell these people to “eat shit” and they will. Barf.

10. Anthropophagolagnia

Rape is a person’s worst nightmare, but falling victim to a sick bastard who enjoys anthropophagolagnia is a fate worse than rape, or even death, for that matter. You see, those who practice anthropophagolagnia rape their victims, then eat them. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is basically the poster boy for these twisted f**ks.

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13 Responses to “10 of the Most Bizarre Sexual Fetishes On Earth”

  1. i am happy i am not the only klismaphiliac.

  2. Man, I’m on this list three times. Urophilic, Klismaphilic Coprophile, that’s me ^^

  3. i am a boobs man

  4. you should add vorarephilia. people who are sexual aroused by being eaten or eating someone else. some people actually act on this one.

  5. ok, who made mission impossible theme song mp3 lyrics and videos link to this?

  6. Yeah, being turned on by people being transformed into things is way more disturbing than being turned on by corpses.

    “some people actually act on this one.”

    Charles manson killed people because he listened to the White Album.

  7. C, Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone actually, he brainwashed a bunch of religious fanatics to do it for him. After having sex with all of them and tripping his shit on LSD of course..

  8. I’m a phone sex operator and I hear about all of these fetishes and even more! Some guys want you to pop ballons, dress up as a clown, or just take their money and laugh at them!

    Even the oddest ones are not what I would call uncommon! People are into all kinds of stuff! I personally enjoy just learning about all the fetishes and fantasies there are and I love trying new stuff so it’s all very interesting to me and I can’t wait to see what people come up with next!

  9. [...] LOT of fetishes out there; many that I have never heard of before but they are certainly described here . Even more interesting is that the photo on the page depicts a heterosexual couple indulging in [...]

  10. urophilia is very common and shouldnt be on this list. its simply not that weird. lots of people get off on watching people pee, imho its not really sick just a little bit messy!

  11. Irratiophobia: The fear of irrational behavior. I don’t know if that is the name for it but my friend definitely has it.

  12. i have a fetish but i don’t know what it is called i love when girls with flat bellies eat so much so fast they get really big i get so horney looking at that stuff. :)

  13. I write horror, and I wrote a story about a man starving a young woman to death. Sure enough, I quickly found out there is a fetish for that. Gotta love people.

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