10 Hot Female Celebrities With Ugly Partners

Seeing some of the hottest women in Hollywood hook up with plain-looking Joes (read: ugly, by Hollywood standards at least) is actually some sort of a double-barreled shotgun: A part of us (ok, a very big part of us) is asking, “WTF was she thinking?” At the back of our minds, however, there’s always that nagging thought that if these guys can put themselves in a position where they can have sex with these hotties on a regular basis, maybe we can too. In a way, they give us hope. And we have every reason to hope, especially if we’re rock stars, music producers, executives, acclaimed actors or billionaires ourselves.

1. Evan Rachel Wood


What makes her relationship with Marilyn Manson all the more depressing is that she is just the latest in a long line of gorgeous women, including Rose McGowan and Dita Von Teese, who have the stomach to share the shock rocker’s bed.

2. Christina Aguilera


Jordan Bratman is the guy who gets naked all around the house with the Grammy-winning singer on Sundays. Pity the paparazzi who stalk them regularly on that day.

3. Avril Lavigne


She probably got tired of being derided for passing her music off as “punk” that she decided to marry Deryck Whibley, frontman for punk band Sum 41, to get some sort of punk street cred. All she got was more derision for getting hitched with a man who looks like he’s taking the punk lifestyle and philosophy a bit too seriously.

4. Salma Hayek


François-Henri Pinault, billionaire. Enough said.

5. Katharine McPhee


One of the hottest American Idol finalists ever just married a balding, unattractive man called Nick Cokas, who’s old enough to be his dad. Not that there’s anything wrong with being bald. In fact, there are quite a number of hot bald celebrities in Hollywood. Too bad Cokas could never be one of them.

6. Kristen Bell


Somehow, we’re still hoping that Ashton Kutcher would pop up in one of their paparazzi pics and declare that we’ve been Punk’d by Bell’s relationship with Dax Shepard, but that seems highly unlikely now.

7. Felicity Huffman


OK, so Huffman may be the least hot Desperate Housewife, but did she really have to marry William H. Macy, who reminds one of Mr. Incredible’s boss who he punches through office walls in the hit Pixar film?

8. Beyoncé


Married or not, it’s still Jay-Z savoring Beyoncés bootyliciousness. And that’s terribly depressing, to be perfectly honest.

9. Zhang Ziyi


She reportedly got engaged to venture capitalist Aviv ‘Vivi’ Nevo, one of the richest men in New York. Need we say more?

10. Jennifer Lopez


Marc Anthony married and had kids with Dayanara Torres, officially the most beautiful woman in the world in 1993. He then dumped Miss Universe and moved on to Lopez, whose ass has its own universe. Among ugly people, Marc Anthony is indeed a God.

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11 Responses to “10 Hot Female Celebrities With Ugly Partners”

  1. “Ugly” is such an ugly word!
    These guys may not be extremely handsome,but they are successful and they may have some hidden talents.
    Their women love them and that’s all that matters!

  2. Another addition to the list: Mila Kunis.

    What are all those woman doing with these men? They seem to be way of of their league. Who’ll tell us?

  3. [...] If it were the other way around, they’d probably be blaming their moms for hooking up with such ugly partners. [...]

  4. [...] is just so filled with hot women with ugly partners that news of 61-year-old Olmos marrying 30-year-old Nadal from American Gangster is hardly [...]

  5. You forgot to add Heidi Klum married to Seal. She is gorgeous and, while Seal has a great voice, that’s just not enough to make up for his butt-ugliness.

  6. Maybe when people really like/love eachother, looks just take a backseat. Women tend to put emotions first before looks [I do it all of the time]. I mean, I bet that these women do have standards for the physical when it comes to men, but maybe these couples are truly happy. Besides, who’s to say what’s hot and what’s not? I find some of the guys on this list attractive.

  7. Ah, sorry but Christina Aguilera should not be on this list, she is in no way hot

  8. Definitely Mila Kunis along with Kay Perry, while she is not super hot she is pretty hot and Russell Brand is nasty

  9. Okay, I know very few people saw “When in Rome”, but when Dax took off his shirt in the trailer, I fell in love. I’d eat breakfast off that man’s bare chest!

  10. Forgot Christina Hendricks (sultry redhead on Mad Men).

  11. A-Rod and that ugly Carmen Diaz.. She naturally ugly, she need basically same amount of bondo and paint as a wrench car…..

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